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Chapter 1217: Alright, Shut Up

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Other than the second young master of the Mo Family, who else could make someone as arrogant as Shen Rou show such an expression?

Furthermore, that man’s surname was also Mo…

Even though Qiao Anxin felt that she had already guessed the identity of the mysterious man, she still wanted to verify it with Shen Rou.

She still didn’t want to believe that Qiao Mianmian would be so lucky.

It was rumored that he did not get close to women, and there was even the Second Young Master of the Mo Family who had “misogyny” who would become her boyfriend and dote on her.

“Miss Shen, was that person just now… the Second Young Master of the Mo family? The Second Young Master of the Mo family who took over the Mo Corporation and became the youngest CEO in the history of the Mo Corporation not long after he returned to the country?” Qiao Anxin clenched her fists and waited for Shen Rou’s reply nervously.

Shen Rou retracted her gloomy gaze and gave a faint “mm”.

It was really him…

Qiao Anxin clenched her fists. At this moment, the jealousy in her heart was like a fire that had been ignited. The wind blew and the fire grew stronger and stronger, almost swallowing all of her rationality and calmness.

But even if she tried her best to control it, her expression was still twisted and hideous from jealousy.

She originally had six parts of her looks, and the rest of her looks were based on various packaging.

As soon as this jealous expression appeared, she couldn’t even maintain her original six points.

She looked especially ugly.

“But… but didn’t they say that Second Young Master Mo doesn’t get close to women? Why would he and Qiao Mianmian…” Qiao Anxin stopped mid-sentence when she saw Shen Rou’s expression darken.

If Shen Rou really had a one-sided relationship with Mo Yesi for many years.

Seeing Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi being so loving, she must be very angry and upset.

She shouldn’t have mentioned that little b*tch at such a time.

Qiao Anxin was afraid that Shen Rou would get angry at her and was even more afraid that something would happen to her when she replaced the daughter of the Bai family. She immediately apologized to Shen Rou nicely. “Miss Shen, I didn’t mean to mention that little b*tch in front of you. I just feel that that little b*tch is far from you. She doesn’t even have the right to carry your shoes. I really don’t know why that Second Young Master of the Mo family…”

“Alright, shut up.”

Her words made Shen Rou’s expression turn even uglier.

Yes, everyone thought that she was better than Qiao Mianmian and that she and Mo Yesi were the most suitable couple.

Even she felt the same way.

But in the end, the man she had liked for so many years would rather choose a woman who was inferior to her in every way than give her a chance.

What did she do wrong?

How was she inferior to Qiao Mianmian?

Qiao Anxin’s expression changed when she heard Shen Rou’s words. There was a flash of coldness in her eyes.

She looked at Shen Rou’s arrogant face and the sense of superiority that she displayed in front of her and was extremely unhappy. What was there to be arrogant about? Wasn’t she just relying on her good family background to act like a big missy in front of her? Ha, when she became the daughter of the Bai family, they would be equals. So what if she was the daughter of the Shen family? When that time came, she wouldn’t look at her face anymore!!

However, before this matter was completely settled, she could only endure it.