I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1214 - So Angry That She Almost Vomited Blood

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Chapter 1214: So Angry That She Almost Vomited Blood

However, Bai Yusheng didn’t seem convinced. After hearing Shen Rou’s words, he narrowed his eyes and did not respond.

Shen Rou’s expression changed.

Just as she was feeling embarrassed, a voice rang out and gave her an out. “Hey, Rourou is here.”

It was Madam Bai.

She walked over from behind and held Shen Rou’s hand. After sizing her up, she smiled and said, “Rourou is really pretty tonight. This red dress looks really good.”

With Madam Bai’s timely help, Shen Rou’s expression eased.

She also held Madam Bai’s hand and said with a gentle smile, “Thank you for your praise, Auntie Bai. Auntie Bai is also very beautiful tonight. No one can look better in this cheongsam than Auntie Bai.”

Madam Bai was delighted by her coaxing and beamed. “You’re such a sweet child. You know how to coax people.”

Shen Rou immediately acted like a little girl. “No, I’m telling the truth. Aunt Bai, you can ask Brother Bai if you don’t believe me.”

“Okay, okay, I believe you.” Mrs. Bai smiled and said a few words to her. She then turned to look at Qiao Anxin and casually asked, “Rourou, is this your friend?”

Qiao Anxin saw that Madam Bai had noticed her, and her eyes filled with excitement. She immediately smiled and introduced herself warmly. “Madam Bai, hello. I’m Qiao Anxin, Rourou’s friend.”

Madam Bai had previously investigated Qiao Mianmian.

During the investigation, they naturally found out that she did not have a good relationship with her stepmother and stepsister.

Not only had her fiancé been snatched away by her stepsister, but she had also been suppressed by her stepsister in the industry.

As a result, in the two years that she had been in the entertainment industry, she could only be a minor character.

Her career had never started.

After knowing this, Madam Bai disliked Qiao Anxin from the bottom of her heart.

Therefore, Madam Bai responded indifferently to Qiao Anxin’s warm introduction. She only acknowledged her and turned to talk to the others.

Qiao Anxin’s smile froze again.

The disdain in Madam Bai’s eyes was obvious.

Her reply was perfunctory.

She looked like she didn’t want to talk to her at all and was not interested in knowing who she was.

But in the blink of an eye, when Madam Bai spoke to Qiao Mianmian, her tone and attitude were clearly different.

Not only was her face full of smiles, but her voice was also gentle and soft. It was completely different from her attitude when facing her.

Qiao Anxin almost vomited blood.

Her face turned green and red. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Especially when she saw Madam Bai and Qiao Mianmian’s tone and expressions, she clenched her fists so tightly that her nails almost broke.

It was obvious that Madam Bai really liked Qiao Mianmian.

And this was without knowing that Qiao Mianmian was her biological daughter.

If she found out…

Qiao Anxin could imagine how much Qiao Mianmian would be doted on in the Bai family.

She would be able to get whatever she wanted.

With her status as the daughter of the Bai family and the love of the Bai family, wouldn’t she be able to get whatever she wanted easily in the future?

Right now, even if she dated a man with a prominent status, she might not be able to marry into a rich family.

After all, she did not have a high status.

But once she became the daughter of the Bai family, she could choose any single young man in the upper-class society.