I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1211 - Isn’t That Qiao Anxin?

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Chapter 1211: Isn’t That Qiao Anxin?

“Oh my god, this man is so good-looking. I thought that Young Master Bai and Young Master Yan were the best. I can’t believe there’s someone better.”

“Speaking of quality, have you forgotten about the young master of the Mo family? He’s the best in the world. Do you think Mo Shixiu will come to the banquet tonight? I came for him.”

“Mo Shixiu? I advise you to give up. This man is indeed top-notch, but he’s like his younger brother who is said to have an aversion to women. He’s not interested in women. He’s almost thirty this year. I heard that he has not found a girlfriend yet.”

“Those two brothers of the Mo Family are so heartless. They have really wasted the good capital that God gave them.”

“What do you know? This kind of man is more interesting. Don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment if you can take them down?”

“Forget it, I still don’t want to be abused. Didn’t you hear that Eldest Miss Shen liked Second Young Master Mo for more than twenty years and acted as if she would not marry anyone else but him? But in the end, he still hasn’t accepted her. Even she can’t do it, let alone others? I think that Second Young Master Mo doesn’t have any so-called misogyny.”

“No misogyny? Then, why doesn’t he have a woman by his side?”

“Maybe he’s not interested in women and is interested in men instead. Otherwise, with Eldest Miss Shen’s good qualities, how could she not succeed in wooing him for more than twenty years? Who would be able to reject such a beautiful and outstanding woman?”

“That’s true. Doesn’t that mean that Eldest Miss Shen is quite tragic? She’s fallen for a gay.”

“Shh, lower your voice. Speak of the devil. Eldest Miss Shen is here.”

Several socialites who were gossiping raised their heads and looked towards the entrance.

Shen Rou, who was wearing a red dress, walked in proudly.

Her red dress was extremely eye-catching, attracting everyone’s attention the moment she appeared.

Shen Rou was dressed very exquisitely today.

Whether it was looks or clothing, she was flawless.

In high society, the eldest daughter of the Shen family was famous for being a great beauty. She was also known as the number one beauty in the wealthy circle.

With her outstanding looks, prominent background, and her academic qualifications, she was one of the top socialites.

Wherever Eldest Young Lady Shen appeared, she would be in the limelight.

No woman could steal her limelight.

But today, it seemed a little different.

Eldest Miss Shen was naturally still very beautiful, and her appearance was still stunning.

It was just that today, she would not be the one with the most limelight and the strongest halo.

Someone had already surpassed her.

It was a little girl who was prettier than her.

It was said that women loved to compare themselves with each other. They wondered how Miss Shen would feel when she found out that the young lady was even more outstanding than her.

For a moment, everyone couldn’t help but look towards Shen Rou with the mindset of watching a good show.

“Hey, who’s that woman beside Miss Shen? She looks unfamiliar.”

“Why do I find her familiar? I think I’ve seen her somewhere before. Eh, I remember now. Isn’t that Qiao Anxin, the female celebrity who was dating the Young Master of the Su Corporation?”

“Qiao Anxin? Didn’t Miss Shen always look down on people from the entertainment industry? How did she get to know her? The two of them even attended tonight’s banquet together. It seems like they have a good relationship.”