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Chapter 1203: I Really Like It

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She had just tidied herself up when Mo Yesi returned.

The bedroom door wasn’t closed tightly, and Qiao Mianmian could hear the maid calling out respectfully, “Hello, Young Master.”

Then, the bedroom door was pushed open.

Qiao Mianmian looked up and saw Mo Yesi walking in.

The moment their eyes met, she saw amazement in Mo Yesi’s eyes.

Mo Yesi stopped in his tracks and stared at her for a while before walking towards her with a frown.

Stopping in front of her, he lowered his eyes and sized her up again. His deep eyes narrowed. “Didn’t I tell you to be more casual?”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

She was already very casual.

She looked at him innocently. “No matter how casual I am, I can’t go bare-faced. This is too disrespectful. Besides, I’m already very casual.”

Even her makeup was simple.

She didn’t know what else to do.

Mo Yesi was speechless.

He took a closer look just now. She was indeed considered casual.

Her makeup was not exquisite, and she wore a light layer.

The hairstyle was not meticulously designed, either.

However, even though she was dressed casually, he still felt that she was so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

His wife was too beautiful.

Mo Yesi really wanted to hide her.

Looking at her bare neck and earlobe, Mo Yesi took out a box from the bag he was carrying.

He handed it to her. “Open it and see if you like it.”

Qiao Mianmian looked at the box in his hand and asked curiously, “What’s this?”

Mo Yesi said, “You’ll know when you open it.”

“… Alright.”

Qiao Mianmian opened the box and saw a set of beautiful jewelry inside.

It was a pair of earrings and a necklace.

The earrings were inlaid with stars, and the necklace was inlaid with a moon pendant.

The design of the jewelry was not cumbersome. It was simple and elegant, and it did not look expensive.

But Qiao Mianmian liked it.

“Do you like it?” Mo Yesi’s hand landed on her head. Afraid that it would mess up her hairstyle, he gently caressed her head and said gently, “On the way back, I thought that you hadn’t picked out the jewelry for tonight’s banquet, so I went to the mall to pick one for you.

“I was a little rushed. I didn’t know what you liked, so I picked a set that I thought was pretty good.”

“I really like it. Thank you, Hubby.”

Qiao Mianmian knew that she had to express her goodwill after receiving the gift. She stood up and carefully tiptoed to kiss him.

Mo Yesi looked at her dress and was afraid that she would fall. As soon as she stood up, he reached out to hold her waist.

“I’ll put it on for you.”


Qiao Mianmian sat back down at the dressing table. Mo Yesi picked up the necklace, brushed away the strands of hair on her neck, and put it on for her.

Qiao Mianmian put on the ear stud herself.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was a little fond of the twinkling star earrings. She reached out and touched them. “This set of jewelry isn’t expensive, right? How much did it cost?”

“It was not expensive. Each set costs less than 100,000 yuan.” Mo Yesi put on the necklace for her and looked at the beautiful girl in the mirror. Once again, he wanted to hide her from anyone.

She was so good, so beautiful…