I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1192 - Slowly Be Touched by Her Words

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Chapter 1192: Slowly Be Touched by Her Words

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“If I don’t go to the Bai family, Qiao Mianmian will be the one to go. If she becomes the daughter of the Bai family, will we still have a good life in the future? So, I’m not just doing this for myself. If I don’t do this, our future will be very difficult.”

“Anxin, you…” Lin Huizhen had no idea what she was talking about. “Why are you involved with that little b*tch again? What exactly is going on?”

“Mom, listen to me first.” Qiao Anxin held Lin Huizhen’s hand and got her to sit by the bed. She then slowly told her what happened.

Ten minutes later.

Lin Huizhen widened her eyes in shock.

She said in disbelief, “That little b*tch’s biological parents are actually from the Bai family? That little b*tch actually has such good luck? Is this true?”

“It’s true.” Qiao Anxin felt extremely indignant. “Miss Shen called me just now and said that the paternity test results are out. She and Madam Bai are biological mother and daughter.”

This incident had a huge impact on Lin Huizhen, and she couldn’t recover from it even after a long time.

“The daughter that the Bai family has been looking for more than ten years is actually Qiao Mianmian. No wonder your father treats that little b*tch like his own daughter. He must have known that she’s of high status and treated her well. But since Qiao Mianmian is a daughter of the Bai family, why didn’t your father bring her to the Bai family to acknowledge her?”

Qiao Anxin went silent for a moment before pursing her lips. “I’ve investigated. The Bai family hid their identities. When they were still in Yun Cheng, their surname wasn’t Bai. When they came back later, they came back with their original surname. So, Dad probably didn’t know that the Bai family was his old family.”

“I see.”

Lin Huizhen suddenly thought of a problem and frowned. “Other than that little b*tch, Qiao Chen isn’t your father’s biological son. Don’t tell me he has some impressive background too.”

“How is that possible?”

Qiao Anxin denied it without thinking. “Qiao Chen is a bastard orphan that no one wants. His sickly body won’t live for long. He might even report to the King of Hell one day.”

Lin Huizhen pursed her lips with a grave expression.

“Mom.” Qiao Anxin looked at her pleadingly. “You already know Qiao Mianmian’s true background. If she’s taken back to the Bai family, will we have a good life in the future? She’s always hated us, so she’ll definitely think of ways to take revenge on us.

“As long as I replace her and become the daughter of the Bai family, we will have a good life for the rest of our lives. Think about it. If I become the daughter of the Bai family, I can have whatever I want in the future. At that time, I won’t be the only one enjoying life. You will also enjoy life.

“You’ll become the adoptive mother of the daughter of the Bai family. All these years, I’ve been indebted to you. Would the Bai family treat you badly?

“In that case, you and Madam Bai will be sisters.”

Lin Huizhen was gradually moved by her words.

Her eyes began to glow at the thought of being able to address Madam Bai as her sister and live the rest of her life in luxury.

Lin Huizhen wasn’t a great mother who valued her children more than herself.

Even if it was her biological daughter, in front of benefits, benefits were more important to her.

“This matter you mentioned will definitely succeed?”