I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1186 - Then, Let’s Do 520

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Chapter 1186: Then, Let’s Do 520

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Wei Zheng walked over and asked carefully, “President Mo, do you have any instructions?”

Mo Yesi threw his phone on the table and signaled him to pick it up.

Wei Zheng picked up the phone obediently and looked down. The first thing he saw was Qiao Mianmian, who was answering the host’s questions on stage. He was about to praise Young Madam for her dress when he saw the fans’ comments.

After reading the comments, Wei Zheng’s expression changed.

“President Mo, someone attacked you and Young Madam.”

Mo Yesi glanced at him coldly. “I know.”

“Does President Mo want me to arrange for someone to retaliate?”

“You know how to get that tip?”

Wei Zheng was stunned. “Huh?”

“I want to reward your Young Madam. How do I reward her?”

“To reward Young Madam?”

Wei Zheng soon realized that he was watching a live-stream.

Furthermore, people were continuously sending gifts in the live-stream.

But they were all fans of the female artiste called Little Xiao. All the gifts were named Little Xiao.

Wei Zheng quickly understood what Mo Yesi wanted him to do.

It seemed like President Mo was trying to give Young Madam face.

After analyzing his boss’s thoughts, Wei Zheng immediately said, “President Mo, the reward is very simple. You can choose a gift to give after you charge the account.”

Mo Yesi nodded. “How much is the most expensive gift?”

Wei Zheng opened the gift section. The most expensive gift was a heart angel. It cost ten thousand yuan each.

He told Mo Yesi.

Mo Yesi tapped his long fingers on the table and narrowed his eyes. “What kind of number can represent love?”

Wei Zheng: “Huh, the number of love? It’s usually 520. It sounds like I love you.”

Mo Yesi: “Then, let’s do 520.”

Saying that his wife had no fans?

Saying that his wife’s fans were not good enough?

How could others look down on his treasure?

Wei Zheng was stunned.

“President Mo, do you really have to give so much?”

Although 5.2 million was nothing to President Mo.

But there was no need for him to spend so much money to win against those insignificant characters.

Besides, he had just seen it. Although Little Xiao’s fans had been spamming gifts, the amount of money they spent was not much. Most of them were one or ten yuan. Together, they were probably only ten thousand yuan.

He felt that if he wanted to stand out for Young Madam, a million yuan gift was enough.

“Why, do you have a problem with that?” Mo Yesi was dissatisfied with his tirade and frowned. “Pay up immediately. Also, donate 50 ambulances to your Young Madam using my Weibo account.”

Wei Zheng: “…”


President Mo was truly a crazy wife protector. He couldn’t bear to see Young Madam suffer a little.

He was so nice to Young Madam that even a man like him was envious.

If a man treated him so well, especially a handsome man like President Mo, he would probably be able to accept it.

After all, who could resist such a handsome, rich, and doting man?

This was truly throwing money for a smile.

The boss wanted to save face for the lady boss, and this matter couldn’t be delayed. Wei Zheng didn’t dare to delay any longer. After he immediately filled up his account, he started to spam “Heart Angel” on the live-stream.

He changed the nickname of the gift to “Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fan”.