I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1182 - Seems Like She Underestimated Her Opponent This Time

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Chapter 1182: Seems Like She Underestimated Her Opponent This Time

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Now, they were inexplicably cursed to death by Little Xiao’s fans. Who wouldn’t be angry?

Passersby were only afraid of trouble, but they weren’t to be trifled with.

Moreover, Little Xiao’s fans didn’t know that the passerby they had inadvertently cursed was a Weibo verified account. Although he didn’t have as many fans as Little Xiao, his appeal was very strong. Moreover, that person had a very good reputation on Weibo. It didn’t matter if they did not anger him. Once they angered him, regardless of whether he was a celebrity or not, he would still curse them.

Soon, the passersby gathered the vicious curses of Little Xiao’s fans in the live-stream.

Furthermore, Xiao Xiao’s public apology to Qiao Mianmian was further analyzed.

Big V’s fans weren’t like Little Xiao’s fans. Most of them were teenagers.

Most of his fans were in their twenties or thirties. They had already entered society and were mature fans with decent jobs.

It was also a type of work area with coverage.

Once these fans started fighting, how could a group of children compete with them?

Moreover, this Internet celebrity also had a lot of other Internet celebrities as friends. When he attacked Little Xiao’s Weibo post, many Internet celebrities who had a good relationship with him reposted it.

Every Internet celebrity had 10 million fans, and 10 Internet celebrities had close to 100 million fans.

No matter how many fans Little Xiao had, she was no match for a group of Internet celebrities.

The power of these verified accounts was terrifying.

Because the Weibo account of the passerby had been published less than ten minutes ago, Little Xiao and her fans were already on the hot search list.

Unlike before, this time, Little Xiao was trending on negative news.

And all of this, Little Xiao, who was still at the event site, did not know.

“Little Xiao, I think Mianmian really doesn’t know. Let’s just let this matter pass.”

“Yes, yes, Mianmian is very sincere.”

“We’re all in the same circle, so it’s best to make peace.”

After discarding their prejudice against Qiao Mianmian, some female artistes who wanted to befriend her started speaking up for her.

The others chimed in when they saw this.

They initially spoke up for Little Xiao, but now they were all speaking up for Qiao Mianmian.

Little Xiao wanted to take advantage of this live broadcast to vent her anger and make Qiao Mianmian the target of public criticism.

Unexpectedly, the tables had turned.

Instead, she became the person who refused to let go of the matter and was not magnanimous enough to the younger generation.

Little Xiao was extremely angry. Thinking that they were still live-streaming, she could only endure her anger. She took a deep breath and squeezed out a dry smile from the corner of her mouth. “You said it was a misunderstanding. Naturally, there’s no need to shake hands or make peace.

“There was never any conflict between us.”

Qiao Mianmian bit her lip. “If Senior doesn’t mind, can we shake hands?”

Little Xiao: “…”

She cursed the little b*tch in her heart.

It seemed that she had underestimated her opponent.

This little b*tch wasn’t as easy to bully as she looked. She was a scheming person.

She must have done it for others to see.

And these stupid people actually believed her and even spoke up for her.

Little Xiao held back her anger and forced a smile as she extended her hand. She was extremely angry in her heart, but on the surface, she had a tolerant and generous appearance. “Of course.”

“That’s great.” Qiao Mianmian immediately held her hand tightly. “Then, Senior, can we be friends? I really like you.”