I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1178 - Never Seen SuChapter an Arrogant Newcomer

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Chapter 1178: Never Seen Such an Arrogant Newcomer

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Little Xiao was a top actress.

Amongst the younger generation of artistes in the entertainment industry, she could be considered as a big sister.

Other people who entered the industry later would respectfully call her senior.

No one had ever acted like this in front of her.

So, when they suddenly saw Little Xiao bowing and apologizing to a newbie, everyone present was shocked.

They looked at Qiao Mianmian with even more fear.

Little Xiao had already publicly apologized on Weibo, and her sincerity was enough.

But now, not only did she have to apologize publicly, she even had to bow?

This newbie was too much of a bully.

No matter what, Little Xiao was still her senior.

This was simply arrogance to the extreme.

Seeing how humble Xiaoxiao was, before Qiao Mianmian could say anything, someone walked over and looked at her angrily. “Qiao Mianmian, you’re too much. Didn’t Xiaoxiao already apologize to you? You actually made her, a senior, bow and apologize to a junior. Don’t think that you can be so arrogant just because you have a powerful boyfriend.”

Seeing someone taking the lead, the others also began to criticize her. “Yes, Little Xiao has already apologized. Where there is mercy, there is a way. To bow and apologize in person is too much.”

“This is too much of a bully.”

“I’ve never seen such an arrogant newbie. She doesn’t leave a way out for herself when she does things. If she doesn’t have that man backing her up in the future, how can such a person continue to stay in the entertainment industry? Every dog has its day. Don’t be too smug too early.”

“If I were Little Xiao, I wouldn’t do that. Why should I? The endorsement was snatched away by her through connections. In the end, Little Xiao, the victim, has to apologize to her. It’s really too much.”

“Don’t say that.” Little Xiao saw that so many people were speaking up for her and hurriedly explained to everyone. “This has nothing to do with Mianmian. She didn’t ask me to do this. I wanted to apologize to her in person.”

When Little Xiao said this, her eyes became red, showing her grievance.

“It really has nothing to do with Mianmian. Don’t blame her. It’s my fault. It’s because of me that so many people scolded her. I should apologize to her.”

Nana looked at Little Xiao’s series of performances and exclaimed in her heart.

What a scheming bitch.

On the surface, she was apologizing and speaking up for Qiao Mianmian, but in reality, she was trying to make everyone hate her.

If she apologized sincerely, would she put on a pitiful expression and look like she was about to cry?

It looked like Qiao Mianmian was forcing her to do this.

It was obvious from the way so many celebrities were blaming Qiao Mianmian.

Little Xiao did it on purpose!

She was purposely making everyone hate Qiao Mianmian!

She must have felt uncomfortable about being forced to make a statement on Weibo yesterday.

Was this revenge?

Nana could tell that Xiaoxiao was doing this on purpose, and Qiao Mianmian could feel it even more deeply.

From the moment Little Xiao bowed to her in public, she felt that something was wrong.


Just as she had expected.

In fact, when she saw Little Xiao’s clarification statement yesterday, she felt her dissatisfaction.

She didn’t expect that Little Xiao would bow and apologize to her in public in such a place today.