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Chapter 1177: Bow and Apologize

Most of them were Little Xiao’s fans.

Some objective passersby also spoke up for Qiao Mianmian.

The milk tea was really delicious: [Let’s not talk about the others, how could Huang Yilin blame Qiao Mianmian for that? Huang Yilin broke the law, so how could she wash her hands of it? Also, splashing sulfuric acid on a girl is too vicious. It’s a good thing she didn’t succeed. Otherwise, it would ruin her entire life. Moreover, Huang Yilin’s dirt is all true. She colluded with a married woman to destroy someone’s family. How much harm did she do to the original wife? Even if you want to defend your idol, you should be more objective.]

Little fox: [From a passerby’s point of view, I feel that you guys are too biased towards Qiao Mianmian. She’s always been the one being defamed, and she wasn’t the one who got people to hype up those rumors. Speaking of which, she’s also a victim. Even if she retaliated, it’s normal. Don’t tell me that when you guys are bullied, you just quietly let others bully you without saying a word. Besides, if your boyfriend sees you guys being bullied, he won’t even say a word? Do you still want such a boyfriend? And didn’t Tu Yilei say that everything was voluntary? How can you blame Qiao Mianmian? She didn’t make him do it.]

Little Fox had just finished her comment when someone immediately replied: [Maybe this evil woman pushed our Leilei to help her block the acid. After that, she threatened Leilei and said that it was voluntary. After all, our Leilei is such an innocent person. How could he afford to offend her boyfriend?]

Very quickly, other Tu Yilei fans left comments under this comment.

The netizens called “Little Fox” saw that more and more people were replying to her. In order to avoid trouble, she quickly deleted her comment.

The few passersby who spoke up for Qiao Mianmian in the comments section were also attacked by fans.

With the mindset that it was better to avoid trouble, and that they really couldn’t afford to offend these crazy fans, passersby all chose to delete their comments.

Hence, when anyone clicked into the comments section of the live-stream, it was full of people criticizing Qiao Mianmian.

Qiao Mianmian, who was in the midst of a charity event, didn’t know about this.

The first few minutes of the public service announcement.

Qiao Mianmian saw someone who surprised her.

When the others saw Little Xiao, their first reaction was to look at Qiao Mianmian.

Just as the event was about to start, Xiaoxiao suddenly walked towards Qiao Mianmian hiding in the corner.

She didn’t greet anyone else.

She walked up to Qiao Mianmian and bowed 90 degrees.

Such an action shocked everyone.

Nana and Qiao Mianmian were also shocked and took a step back.

“Mianmian, I’m sorry.” Little Xiao bowed and looked up, her face full of apology and pleading, looking pitiful. “The statement posted on the Internet before wasn’t enough to express my apology. I’ve always wanted to apologize to you in person.

“Because of me, you’ve been scolded by so many unknown people. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I’ve already made things clear with my fans and told them to stop creating trouble, but they refused to listen to me.”

She looked scared. “Although they’re my fans, I really can’t control their actions. Mianmian, you… you won’t blame me for this, right?”