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Chapter 1173: Are You Unhappy?

After all, his Second Aunt had always wanted Mo Xingshu to acknowledge a nephew of hers as his adopted son. She had even placed that nephew of hers into his Second Uncle’s company to take up an important position.

He couldn’t say that in front of Qiao Mianmian.

If Qiao Mianmian knew his Second Aunt’s character, she would definitely worry for Qiao Chen.

Mo Yesi didn’t mention it.

The old lady was still very agitated and could not calm down for a while. “Don’t delay this matter. Since the test results are out, Chen Chen is a member of our Mo family. Let him know about this sooner. However, who should tell Chen Chen about this?”

Mo Yesi thought for a while. “Grandma, let Mianmian and I tell him about this. Since we’re going to let Chen Chen acknowledge his roots and ancestors, you guys can prepare now. We’ll call you tomorrow when we see him.”

“Okay, okay, okay. But Ah Si, do you think Chen Chen will accept his real identity?” The old lady was happy. After being excited for a while, she started to plan ahead. “Will he blame us? He’s so young, yet he became an orphan.

“What do you think we should do if he refuses to accept his identity as a member of the Mo Family?

“It wasn’t easy for your Second Uncle to have a son, and I really like Chen Chen…”

“Grandma, don’t worry about this. Chen Chen is a very sensible child. As long as we tell him what happened back then, I believe he won’t blame others.”

“Sigh, I hope so. But if he really complains, it’s understandable.”

Mo Yesi said a few more words to the Old Madam before hanging up.

He turned to look at Qiao Mianmian. “The results are out. Chen Chen is indeed my Second Uncle’s son.”

Qiao Mianmian had already come to terms with this reality.

She felt complicated.

She was happy for Qiao Chen, but she also felt a little sad.

Although it didn’t matter if Qiao Chen was her biological brother or not, as it wouldn’t affect the relationship between the siblings, she still felt a little melancholic.

After all, she had always thought that Qiao Chen was her biological brother.

Now that something like this had happened…

It was impossible for her to feel completely unaffected.

She was happy for Qiao Chen because once he acknowledged his ancestors, he would have a very respectable status in the future.

No matter what, it was a thousand times better than being the son of the Qiao family.

The Mo Family could give him the best things.

His future path would only become smoother and better.

She looked at Mo Yesi in a daze without saying anything.

“You’re unhappy?” Mo Yesi could tell that she was a little down. He reached out to touch her head and said gently, “Are you worried that Qiao Chen will break up with you when he returns to the Mo family?”

Qiao Mianmian pursed her lips and remained silent.

She was indeed… worried.

She knew very well that no matter if Qiao Chen was a child of the Mo family or the Qiao family, he was still her brother in her eyes.

Her feelings for him would remain the same.

But that was just her thought.

She didn’t know what Qiao Chen would think.

If he knew that they weren’t biological siblings, would he not treat her as intimately as before?

Although she knew what kind of person Qiao Chen was.

But she still worried.