I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1172 - The DNA Test Results Are Out

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Chapter 1172: The DNA Test Results Are Out

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After sending Qiao Chen back to school, Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi also went back.

The moment he reached home, Mo Yesi received a call from the Mo residence.

The old lady’s excited and trembling voice came from the phone. She even sounded like she was crying. “Ah Si, I guessed right. Chen Chen is our Mo family’s child. The DNA results are out. The possibility of him and your Second Uncle being father and son is as high as 99%.”

The DNA appraiser was already waiting at the Mo Residence.

The few strands of hair that Mo Yesi had pulled off Qiao Chen’s head were enough to determine whether he and Mo Xingshu were father and son.

DNA paternity testing was the most authoritative. Once the results were out, the accuracy would be as high as 99.9%.

Hence, Qiao Chen was really from the Mo family.

Mo Yesi wasn’t too surprised to hear this, but he was still a little surprised after confirming Qiao Chen’s identity.

The Old Madam’s excited voice was heard again. “I knew it. Chen Chen is definitely my grandson. He’s so obedient and sensible. I’ve always hoped that he would be my grandson. Ah Si, what do you think we should do? Chen Chen has suffered too much in the past. He was originally a child of the Mo family and should have led a comfortable life since young. However, he was sent to the orphanage and became an orphan. Not long after he went to the Qiao family, his father got a stepmother. That stepmother didn’t treat him and Mianmian well, either. He didn’t feel much motherly love since he was young. Later, he got such a serious illness that his body collapsed.

“When I think about how much this child has suffered since young, I feel terrible. I really want to make it up to him now, but I don’t know how to do it.”

“Grandma, calm down.” Mo Yesi could understand what the old lady was feeling right now, but he was also worried that her emotional fluctuations would be bad for her health. “I’m not busy with the things I want to make up for now. How should I tell Chen Chen about this and make him accept it is the most important thing.”

Qiao Mianmian had already guessed what was going on when she heard Mo Yesi and Old Madam’s conversation.

Even though Mo Yesi had warned her, she was still very surprised.

Was Qiao Chen… really a child of the Mo family?

Now that the Mo Family had confirmed his identity, was he going to acknowledge his roots and ancestors?

On the other hand, the Old Madam was silent for a while after hearing Mo Yesi’s words. Then, she said, “You have a point. The most important thing now is for Chen Chen to accept this matter. I just talked to your Second Uncle, and he wants Chen Chen to acknowledge his ancestors as soon as possible.

“You don’t know how excited Your Second uncle was. In the past, I asked him to adopt a child, but he didn’t agree. All these years, he had no intention of having a child. I thought he didn’t like children, but after the test results came out, he was so happy that he almost cried.

“Indeed, this biological son of mine is different.”

Mo Yesi frowned slightly at the thought of his troublesome and jealous Second Aunt.

He believed that if Qiao Chen returned to the Mo family, his Second Uncle would definitely treat him well.

After all, he was almost 50 years old. Now that he finally had a son, there was no need to talk about his feelings.

Only, to Mo Xingshu, this was a huge surprise, a gift from heaven.

But to his wife, this was terrible news.