I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1171 - It Was Like Seeing Him When He Was Young

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Chapter 1171: It Was Like Seeing Him When He Was Young

Qiao Chen and Mo Xingshu looked too similar.

Mo Yesi said that Qiao Chen looked exactly like his second uncle when he was young.

But now, although they didn’t look exactly the same, their facial features seemed to be printed from the same mold.

Mo Xingshu was old while Qiao Chen was still young.

However, anyone who saw them would immediately wonder if they were father and son.

Because the two of them were really too similar.

Mo Xingshu, who was called over by the old lady, was shocked when he saw the young boy beside the old lady.

He looked at Qiao Chen in shock. He didn’t need anyone’s introduction to know who the Old Madam wanted him to do a paternity test with.

Before coming over, Mo Xingshu did not take the paternity test seriously.

He did not have much hope of acknowledging his son.

He had sent people to investigate for so many years, but they didn’t find any clues.

In his heart, he felt that his son, whom he had never met before, was no longer in this world.

Old Madam had only asked him to come for a paternity test because she saw a child who looked a little like him.

But the moment he saw Qiao Chen, Mo Xingshu finally understood why the Old Madam had insisted that he come.

When he looked at Qiao Chen, he seemed to see the younger him.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that there was someone who looked so much like him in this world.

Mo Xingshu stared blankly at Qiao Chen. He had initially held no hope, but now he felt that Qiao Chen might be his son.

His calm mood became agitated.

He looked at Qiao Chen with excitement.

At the same time, when Qiao Chen saw Mo Xingshu, his face showed unconcealed surprise.

“Xingshu, you’re here.” Old Madam saw Mo Xingshu staring at Qiao Chen in shock. Without even blinking, she couldn’t help but say, “You haven’t seen Mianmian and Chen Chen, right? Let me introduce you. This is your second niece-in-law, Mianmian. This is your niece-in-law’s younger brother, Chen Chen.”

“Chen Chen?”

Mo Xingshu quickly turned to look at Qiao Mianmian and then at Qiao Chen. Seeing that Qiao Chen was equally shocked, he softened his voice and asked gently, “Your name is Qiao Chen?”

Qiao Chen paused and nodded.

“Chen Chen, why do you have white hair at such a young age?” At this moment, Mo Yesi walked over and reached out to pluck two strands of Qiao Chen’s hair. “I’ll help you remove them.”

Qiao Chen was stunned again, but he didn’t notice anything amiss. He turned to Mo Yesi and said, “Thank you, Brother-in-law.”

After Mo Yesi plucked his hair, he quietly kept it in his palm.

When the old lady saw this, she smiled and patted Qiao Chen’s shoulder. “Chen Chen, this is my second son. You can call him Second Uncle. I have something to discuss with your Second Uncle alone. You still have school tomorrow, right? Do you have to go back early?”

Then, the Old Madam gave Mo Yesi a look. “Ah Si, send Chen Chen back to school later.”

Seeing that it was getting late and that the Old Madam was busy, Qiao Chen nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll visit Grandma next time.”

“Okay, good child. When you come over next time, I’ll get someone to prepare your favorite dishes. Look at how thin you are. You need to nourish yourself. If you weren’t in school now, I would want you to move in with me. I’ll help you nurse your body.”