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Chapter 1168: DNA Paternity Test

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The Mo Family’s backyard was big and beautiful. The evening breeze was gentle and a faint fragrance of flowers could be smelled in the breeze.

Mo Yesi held Qiao Mianmian’s hand and walked slowly.

The two chatted as they walked.

“I think Grandma really likes Chen Chen.” Qiao Mianmian thought about how protective the old lady was just now and smiled. “She treats Chen Chen very well. I didn’t expect him to be so popular with Grandma.”

Mo Yesi thought about the information he had gathered and slowly stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Qiao Mianmian turned around and met his thoughtful gaze.

Mo Yesi seemed to be deep in thought. He looked at her for a moment before saying slowly, “There’s something I think I should tell you. Although it’s not confirmed yet, you have the right to know.”

“Mm?” Qiao Mianmian’s intuition told her that something had happened to him today, but she wouldn’t ask him about it.

She had always felt that if he wanted to tell her, he would definitely tell her.

It was useless to ask what he did not want to say.

From the looks of it, was he prepared to tell her?

“It’s related to Chen Chen. Chen Chen doesn’t look like you at all. You said that he doesn’t look like your parents. Didn’t you suspect anything?”

Qiao Mianmian was stunned.

A few seconds later, her eyes widened. “W-what do you mean? Are you trying to tell me…”

Mo Yesi looked at her. “Previously, someone said that Chen Chen and I looked alike. Actually, you didn’t see my Second Uncle. If you did, you would definitely be shocked. He and my Second Uncle look almost identical when they were young.”

“This, what does this have to do with your Second Uncle? Mo Yesi, what are you trying to say?”

“I want to say that Chen Chen might not be a member of your Qiao family, but our Mo family.” After Mo Yesi said that, he saw shock and disbelief in her eyes.

As if she had heard that the end of the world was coming.

Mo Yesi could understand her feelings.

She had always thought that Qiao Chen was her biological brother.

“I can’t be completely sure yet, but from the information I have gathered, there’s a seventy percent chance that Qiao Chen belongs to the Mo family. He was brought back by your parents from the orphanage. The reason why you two don’t look alike is that you’re not biological siblings.”

Qiao Mianmian was shocked beyond words.

After a long while, she found her voice. “You investigated Chen Chen? Why did you suddenly…”

“It’s not sudden.” Mo Yesi explained to her, “That day, Grandma saw Chen Chen and thought that he looked exactly the same as my Second Uncle. Chen Chen has the same age as my Second Uncle’s lost child. Even the month of birth is the same.

“That’s why Grandma was so cautious and asked me to investigate.”

“Then, you found out that Chen Chen was brought back from the orphanage by my parents?”


Qiao Mianmian was still in disbelief. “But-but even if Chen Chen is adopted, he might not be your Second Uncle’s child.”

“That’s right.” Mo Yesi nodded. “That’s why I brought Chen Chen here this time to further verify it.”

Qiao Mianmian looked at him blankly. “How?”

“DNA paternity test. The most accurate way to verify it.”

Qiao Mianmian still found it unbelievable.

Why did her brother become adopted when everything was fine?

Furthermore, it could be the Mo Family’s child!