I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1159 - You, Su Ze, Are Not Qualified

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Chapter 1159: You, Su Ze, Are Not Qualified

Su Ze said hatefully, “I said it was them who caused the Su Corporation to become like this. The good girl in your eyes is ruthless to our Su family. So what if you treat her well? So what if Dad and you treat her like your own daughter?”

Jealousy and anger caused Su Ze to lose his rationality. “She’s on his side right now. Why would she care about the life and death of our Su family? She might even wish for us to go bankrupt and to fall from grace.”

“Su Ze, shut up. Don’t think that everyone is as dirty-minded as you. I never wanted to deal with the Su family. Even if you did those shameless and disgusting things, you’re the only one I’m disgusted with. Auntie Su and Uncle Su are still the same in my heart. I’ve never complained about them.

“I can’t do anything to the Su family because of you.

“If I really had to deal with anyone, it would be with you alone.”

Although Qiao Mianmian wanted to pretend that Su Ze was invisible, she couldn’t take it anymore.

She looked at him in disgust. “Anyone can say that I’m bad, but you, Su Ze, have no right. Don’t you know what you’ve done? If I’m not a good person, then what are you? You’re not even human!”

Qiao Mianmian didn’t want to say that in front of Mother Su.

But Su Ze was too disgusting.

So disgusting that she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Su Ze didn’t expect her to suddenly explode and even say such nasty words. He was stunned for a few seconds before clenching his fists with an ugly expression. “You forced me! If not for you…”

“B*stard, shut up! Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?!” Mother Su slapped his face. She was so angry that her face turned red. Pointing at his nose, she rebuked, “How dare you blame Mianmian? Do you have any conscience at all? How could I have such a bastard son like you!”

With Mother Su’s slap, many people around looked over.

When they saw Su Ze being slapped, they started discussing.

Su Ze covered his face and looked at Mother Su in disbelief. “Mother, you…”

He couldn’t believe that Mother Su would actually slap him in such a place. She really did not leave him any face at all.

“What about you? I don’t think there’s a need to eat dinner tonight. I’m so angry that I’m full from being angry at you.” Mother Su angrily slapped him, then turned to Qiao Mianmian and said in a self-reproachful tone, “Mianmian, it’s Aunt Su’s fault for raising such a bastard. I let him wrong you and hurt you. Aunt Su didn’t teach her son well. I’m ashamed.”

Mother Su’s eyes turned red.

Qiao Mianmian quickly comforted her. “Aunt Su, it’s not your fault.”

Su Ze was indeed a bastard, but none of that was taught by Mother Su.

Mother Su shook her head and smiled bitterly. “Since I gave birth to him, I have my responsibility. In short… our Su family has let you down. Now that you have a new home and such an outstanding person, Aunt Su is very happy for you.

“Mianmian, you must be happy. When you get married one day, I must attend your wedding. Don’t forget to send an invitation to Aunt Su then.” Mother Su looked at this girl whom she used to dote on like a daughter and felt deeply regretful.