I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1153 - Release the Statement Immediately!

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Chapter 1153: Release the Statement Immediately!

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Hearing her words, President Zhang was so angry that he wanted to throw the cup on the table at her.

But thinking that Little Xiao was also the company’s money tree now and that this matter was really not her fault, he endured it.

However, he still didn’t look too good. “Why do you care about her? Why do you care about MC’s sales volume? This has nothing to do with you! Immediately post on Weibo and say that you rejected the endorsement yourself. It has nothing to do with Qiao Mianmian.”

“What?!” Little Xiao widened her eyes in disbelief and said angrily, “Why should I say that? It’s obviously…”

“Shut up.”

President Zhang finally couldn’t take it anymore and flared up at her. “Do you know who Qiao Mianmian’s backer is?! Don’t even talk about snatching one of your endorsements, just a few of your endorsements and the female lead of a few movies, you have to bear with it!

“If you still want to continue working in this industry, make a statement immediately!”

President Zhang seemed to have run out of patience.

Even if Little Xiao was the company’s money tree, he couldn’t indulge her this time.

If he indulged her, the company would be gone.

Forget about letting Little Xiao make a statement.

If he had to sacrifice her, he would abandon her without hesitation.

“President Zhang, who exactly is Qiao Mianmian’s backer? Even you’re so afraid of him?” Xiaoxiao looked indignant, clearly unwilling to make that statement.

She didn’t think she had done anything wrong.

She was the one who had been wronged and had her endorsement snatched away.

However, not only did the company not comfort her and make it up to her, they even made her issue a statement to help that newbie.

Why should she suffer this grievance?

Was that newcomer’s backing that impressive?

Didn’t she just hook up with the young master of the Gong family?

But given the status of the Gong family’s young master, he was just playing around with her.

Those rich young masters had many lovers. They would change one in two to three days. How much could they take a lover seriously?

She didn’t believe she would suffer any serious consequences if she didn’t make that statement.

When President Zhang saw that she was still unwilling, he secretly scolded her for being an idiot and said angrily, “Her boyfriend is the CEO of the Mo Corporation, Mo Yesi. How can I not be f*cking afraid? Can I f*cking offend the CEO of the Mo Corporation?

“Can I afford to offend him?

“One word from him and the entire Xinghan Entertainment will be finished. You’re still talking nonsense now. Are you trying to make my company bankrupt?!”

Because Little Xiao was Xinghan’s money tree, President Zhang usually treated her very well.

This was the first time President Zhang had yelled at her.

Little Xiao froze at the roar. A few seconds later, her eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“The CEO of the Mo Corporation? That newbie’s boyfriend is the CEO of the Mo Corporation?” Xiaoxiao thought that Qiao Mianmian had at most latched onto Gong Zeli’s thigh and become his lover. When President Zhang said this, she was so shocked that she didn’t recover for a long time.

How was this possible?

CEO of the Mo Corporation…

Wasn’t he the youngest CEO in Mo Corporation’s history who had just returned to the country?!

But, didn’t they say that Second Young Master Mo was misogyny?

“Release the statement immediately!” President Zhang glared at her. He was no longer as friendly as usual. “Don’t let your fans attack Qiao Mianmian anymore. Otherwise, if you anger Mo Yesi, I won’t be able to protect you!”