I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1151 - This John Doe Is Too Awesome

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Chapter 1151: This John Doe Is Too Awesome

How could a person who was addressed by the Young Master of the Yan family be ordinary?

Not anyone could be the Young Master of the Yan family.

Besides, Yan Shaoqing wasn’t the only one who reposted that post. Even Bai Yusheng and Lu Rao reposted it.

These people were all big shots in their respective circles.

Among the top four wealthy families in Yun Cheng, the Yan, Bai, Gong, and Mo families, two of the heirs had reposted Nameless’s Weibo post.

Although the Lu family wasn’t considered one of the top four wealthy families, they still held a high position in the medical world.

In terms of social status, they weren’t inferior to the big families.

He had just registered his Weibo account today, yet so many big shots were following him and reposting it for him. It was obvious that his status was definitely not lower than Yan Shaoqing’s group.

Hence, everyone thought that Gong Zeli was the one who helped Qiao Mianmian settle the rumors and scandals.

Actually, it wasn’t?

The person who helped her settle it was this nameless person?

Then, the rumors between her and Gong Zeli were all untrue?

The reason why she was able to get the MC endorsement was that she was this Nameless’s girlfriend?

Because the young master of the Gong family had a good relationship with Nameless, he made an exception and gave her the endorsement?

Everyone had all kinds of guesses.

What they guessed the most was who Nameless was.

Internet pal A: “F*ck, this John Doe is too awesome. It hasn’t even been a minute since the registration, but the big shots like the Yan family’s young master and Bai Yusheng actually followed him at the same time and reposted his Weibo to express their support. Who exactly is he?”

Internet user B: “Unknown. His name is quite low-profile, but his stance is not low-profile at all. This is the first time I’ve seen Yan Shaoqing show such a flattering side. Yan Shaoqing actually calls him Boss. Could it be that his identity is even more impressive than Yan Shaoqing’s?”

Netizen C: “Didn’t you guys realize that the Gong family’s young master also followed him and reposted his Weibo? Oh my god, among the top four wealthy families in Yun Cheng, the heirs of the three big families have appeared. Who exactly is this Nameless?!”

Less than a minute after this netizen finished exclaiming, the sharp-eyed netizens realized that the Mo Corporation’s official Weibo account was also following Nameless.

Then, they reposted his Weibo to show their support.

Mo Corporation V: “Supporting Nameless. The Mo Corporation will assist Nameless and file a lawsuit against anyone who has bad intentions and is trying to smear Nameless’s reputation. You can create any rumors you want, but don’t even think about escaping if you do. The Mo Corporation’s gold medal lawyers are waiting for you.”

The netizens: “…”

Even the Mo Corporation’s official Weibo account supported him?

He even said he wanted to use the Mo Corporation’s top legal team to help him fight the lawsuit?

Could this be considered as the gathering of all four major families in Yun Cheng?

Oh my god, this John Doe was too awesome.

The top four wealthy families had all appeared at the same time to support him. His appearance was too impressive.

Could he be a member of one of the top four wealthy families?

No matter who he was, after this incident, there was no need to doubt his identity.

Nameless’s appearance and the support of the successors of a few large families caused those haters who had been too quick with their words to panic. They were afraid. They quickly cleared all the information on Weibo, afraid that the Mo Corporation’s lawyers would find them.

Everyone knew how terrifying the Mo Corporation’s top lawyers were.