I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1148 - You Will Support Me in the Future

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Chapter 1148: You Will Support Me in the Future

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She frantically placed her hand on his chest to stop him from getting closer.

Mo Yesi had no intention of getting closer. His deep gaze locked onto her flustered and blushing face, and his well-defined fingers gently pinched her chin. “So, you’ve figured out what’s the most important thing?”

Qiao Mianmian looked at the handsome face in front of her, and her heart couldn’t help but beat faster. Although she was nervous, her gaze didn’t waver.

She looked at him and said with a burning face, “Yes, I understand. Mo Yesi, you’re the most important to me.”

Mo Yesi was stunned.

A few seconds later, a fire seemed to burn in his eyes. His eyes were clear and bright.

Qiao Mianmian could feel the grip on her chin tighten.

“Say it again. What’s the most important thing to you?” The man’s voice was coaxing and gentle.

Qiao Mianmian looked at him and said again, “Mo Yesi, I realize that you’re the most important to me. I know you don’t like to be with me secretly, so let’s be together openly from now on.”

Mo Yesi was completely stunned.

His pupils constricted. “You mean we should announce it?”

“Well, publicly.”

“Baby, say it again. You want to go public with me? Are you sure?”

Qiao Mianmian was already feeling a little dizzy from the close proximity of her husband’s gorgeous face. Listening to his extremely gentle voice, she felt that if Mo Yesi told her that he wanted her life, she would probably be able to explain herself.

If a man like him had the heart to seduce anyone, it would definitely be fatal.

She swallowed her saliva and looked at the scarlet lips that were so close to her. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and kiss him.

She expressed her determination with her actions.

Mo Yesi closed his eyes.

At first, he could only endure it passively. However, in the end, he could no longer control himself and took the initiative instead. He reached out to pull her into his arms and gently kissed her back.

This kiss was completely different from the previous one.

Both of them were deeply in love with each other.

A few minutes later.

“Don’t you regret it?” Mo Yesi caressed her fair cheek and asked in a low voice.

Qiao Mianmian had already thought it through before she posted it.

Since she had decided to publish it, she wouldn’t regret it.

She didn’t do it on impulse.

Now, she still felt that he was the most important.

“No regrets.” She shook her head, her voice firm.

“Aren’t you afraid that publicizing it will affect your career?”


Just as Linda had said, she had never thought of taking the path of an idol.

She did not debut as an idol so she had to be chaste for her fans.

She entered this industry because she liked acting.

To her, nothing else mattered. The most important thing was to focus on acting.

She firmly believed that as long as her works were good, the audience would like her.

She had just thought it through.

She didn’t regret posting that on Weibo. The only person who felt sorry for her was Linda.

No matter what, her actions were considered to have violated the contract.

Qiao Mianmian looked up and saw that he was moved. She couldn’t help but joke. “Anyway, even if Huanyu terminated my contract, you’ll still be able to support me in the future. My husband is so capable and rich, he can just invest in a random production. I can still continue acting and be the female lead, right?”