I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1145 - : Mianmian, You’ve Already Posted It on Weibo?

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Chapter 1145: Mianmian, You’ve Already Posted It on Weibo?

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Qiao Mianmian saw that he had posted on Weibo and hesitated for a moment before clicking on it.

Gong Zeli: “Last statement. All the rumors online are untrue. Since you’re not afraid of the consequences, prepare for a lawsuit. If you don’t send a few people in, I’ll change my name.”

A minute after he posted this Weibo post, there were thousands of comments.

When some of his female fans saw this Weibo post, they cheered in the comments section. “Young Master Gong, you’re finally willing to come out and refute the rumors. I knew those rumors were definitely fake. How could you have such bad taste and fall for a woman like Qiao Mianmian?”

“Master Gong, well done! These shameless rumor makers should be taught a lesson so that they won’t dare to spout nonsense again.”

“Young Master Gong is really serious this time. Those who spouted nonsense are going to be in trouble. Hahaha, we can’t be soft-hearted towards the haters. Let’s support Young Master Gong to teach them a lesson!”

“Young Master Gong personally refuted the rumors? It looks like those rumors were all fabricated by the haters. That’s great, I can finally relax. I knew that Young Master Gong wouldn’t fall for a rookie who isn’t even a C-list celebrity. Although that rookie called Qiao Mianmian does look pretty, she looks materialistic. Young Master Gong definitely wouldn’t like such a woman.”

“Young Master Gong, we all know that those rumors are fake. But can you explain to everyone why MC signed with Qiao Mianmian? MC is indeed the Gong Corporation’s cosmetics brand, and they always used A-list celebrities. With Qiao Mianmian’s current fame, it’s really hard to believe that she got the endorsement herself.”

“That’s right, if your scandal with Qiao Mianmian is fake, then how did she get the MC endorsement? Xiaoxiao is more suitable than her in every aspect, isn’t she? And didn’t MC already decide to renew her contract with Xiaoxiao? The endorsement she got was really hard to accept.”

Some fans believed Gong Zeli’s denial.

Some people did not believe it.

He said that he was helping Qiao Mianmian by refuting the rumors and that he had an unusual relationship with her. He also said that he was just trying to cover it up.

A dramatic scene unfolded.

A few minutes after Gong Zeli posted his denial, a Weibo user who claimed to be a bystander posted a video.

The video was of Qiao Mianmian being pestered by Su Ze that night and Gong Zeli appearing to help her.

Once this video was released.

Those who had already believed the rumors started to doubt her relationship with Gong Zeli.

Because many people knew that Gong Zeli was not a busybody.

With his status, it was impossible for him to help someone he was not familiar with.

The clarification on Weibo at the start, the help in the video, and now the post…

The netizens linked everything together and unanimously agreed that their relationship wasn’t simple.

Even when she met Gong Zeli on the plane, the netizens said that they came back from a vacation together.

The rumors about her and Gong Zeli were once again trending.

Qiao Mianmian looked at it all and was even more certain of what she was going to do next.

She really didn’t want to have an ambiguous relationship with Gong Zeli anymore.

She didn’t look at the messy discussions anymore and went straight to her Weibo account. After thinking for a while, she wrote a Weibo post and posted it.

A minute after she posted on Weibo, her phone rang.

She glanced down. It was Linda calling.

When Qiao Mianmian was posting on Weibo, she had already expected the consequences. She took a deep breath and picked up the call.

“Mianmian, you’ve already posted on Weibo?”