I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1142 - Are You Willing to Give Up For Me?

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Chapter 1142: Are You Willing to Give Up For Me?

“Mo Yesi, what’s wrong?” Qiao Mianmian looked at him pitifully. “You hurt me just now. I don’t like you like this.”

Even if she knew that he was angry because of those scandals.

However, she still felt aggrieved.

She didn’t want anyone to release those scandals.

Moreover, he knew that those things weren’t true. Someone was spreading rumors to smear her name.

Even if he was angry and unhappy, he couldn’t vent it on her.

Mo Yesi’s lips were also red and swollen. The kiss just now had no emotions other than venting. Qiao Mianmian felt uncomfortable, and so did he.

Looking at her aggrieved expression, he knew that he shouldn’t have done that just now.

Those things had nothing to do with her.

She was innocent.

He shouldn’t have vented his anger on her just because he was unhappy after seeing those scandals.

But he couldn’t help it.

From the moment he saw her and Gong Zeli having a scandal, from the moment he found out that the endorsement she had taken on was a brand under the Gong Corporation, a fire burned in his heart. He couldn’t suppress it no matter what.

The moment he saw her, this nameless fire instantly ignited.

Only then did he realize what was blocking his heart and making him uncomfortable.

He looked at the girl beside him whose eyes were red from being wronged. Although his heart ached and he blamed himself, he still hardened his heart and said, “Mianmian, if I ask you to quit the entertainment industry and never come into contact with it again, are you willing to give up for me?”

He had never liked her entering the entertainment industry from the start.

He knew very well how messy and complicated this industry was.

A pure and beautiful girl like her was not suitable to stay in such a complicated circle.

Now that she still had his protection, she was often defamed by others. He really did not dare to imagine what it would be like if she went out alone.

She’d have been bullied to the point of being helpless.

She would never be able to clear her name.

He was glad that she had officially stepped into this industry after knowing him. At the very least, he could help her settle anything that happened to her.

He thought that since she liked acting so much, he would let her do it.

Anyway, with him around, this dirty circle wouldn’t affect her much.

As long as she was happy.

So, even if he didn’t think that being an actress was a suitable job for her, he didn’t stop her.

He never wanted her to leave the entertainment industry after marriage.

He could ask her to do this for Qiao Chen.

She would definitely agree for Qiao Chen’s sake.

However, he knew very well what would happen if he did that.

But now… Mo Yesi was wavering.

Those endless scandals about her and the other men…

Even if he knew that they were just rumors, he still minded them.

Especially after he found out that Tu Yilei and Gong Zeli indeed had such thoughts about her, he was even more offended.

He hated seeing her name appear with another man.

He hated that when he saw her having scandals with other men, he could do nothing but mind it and help her delete them.

He couldn’t use his name to refute the rumors.

He couldn’t openly tell everyone that he was her husband.

He hated the feeling of having an affair.