I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1138 - In Young Madam’s Will

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Chapter 1138: In Young Madam’s Will

Mo Yesi’s face was still dark.

Looking at his boss’s gloomy face and feeling his increasingly suffocating aura, Wei Zheng felt very stressed.

He didn’t even dare to breathe.

President Mo was obviously angry.

Sigh, no wonder.

Young Madam had been criticized by others every few days. One moment, they said she was a mistress, the next moment, they said she had an abortion in high school and that she was Young Master Gong’s little lover…

Young Master Gong was President Mo’s brother.

No man would be able to accept his wife being called his brother’s lover.

Plus, President Mo, the real husband, couldn’t openly refute the rumors.

Because of Young Madam’s occupation, he couldn’t reveal his relationship with her.

Thinking about it, President Mo was quite sullen.

If it were any other woman, they would definitely be eager to publicize their relationship with him.

Those who came up with ideas had to make it public with him.

Who would want to hide their relationship with the CEO of the Mo Corporation?

They all wished they could announce it to the whole world.

After all, it was rare for President Mo to find a good woman.

Once a woman met him, she would want to hold on to him tightly.

But Young Madam…

She did not seem to be worried that President Mo would be snatched away by another woman and was especially assured of him.

He could tell that President Mo wanted to announce it to the world, but she did not have such intentions.

President Mo was arrogant and doted on Young Madam.

Naturally, it was up to Young Madam’s wishes.

However, everything that had happened was because Young Madam and President Mo had yet to reveal their relationship. That was why so many people were spreading rumors about Young Madam and other men.

If they knew that Young Madam was the Madam of the Mo Corporation.

Who else would dare to defame Young Madam all day long?

Unless they were tired of living!

“President Mo, don’t worry. Xinghan knows that it’s your idea. They won’t dare to not give you face.” Wei Zheng thought that Mo Yesi was still angry about Qiao Mianmian’s scandal, so he quickly said, “The company’s public relations are already handling the relevant matters. Young Madam’s scandals will be removed very soon.

“Regarding those people who started rumors and created trouble, we have also gotten information about them from Weibo. We will definitely punish them severely.”

After Wei Zheng said that, Mo Yesi looked up at him with a pair of dark eyes. “MC is a makeup brand under the Gong Corporation?”

“Huh?” Wei Zheng was stunned for a moment before he immediately nodded. “Yes, the makeup endorsement Young Madam signed is under the Gong Corporation.”

“A-list makeup?”

“Yes, A-list makeup.”

“Then, do you think that under normal circumstances, a first-tier makeup brand would look for a newbie to be their spokesperson?” Mo Yesi’s expression was normal when he said this. He was just asking casually.

But Wei Zheng did not ignore the coldness in his eyes.

He reacted quickly.

Was CEO Mo… jealous of Young Master Gong?

Under normal circumstances, with Young Madam’s current fame, she definitely wouldn’t be able to get the MC endorsement.

Every MC spokesperson in the previous years was the most popular A-list celebrity, and they had never used a newcomer before.

Young Madam was probably the first newcomer the MC brand had used.

Even the netizens on Weibo felt that Young Madam had gotten the endorsement through a backdoor.

This caused the rumors between Young Madam and Young Master Gong to become more and more ambiguous.