I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1137 - President Mo Can Suppress Everything

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Chapter 1137: President Mo Can Suppress Everything

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Linda had seen the hot searches on her way back and realized the seriousness of the situation. “Besides, you can’t blame her for this. Someone wants to mess with her. Can she defend herself?

“Since it’s Little Xiao’s fanbase, don’t you know her manager? Can’t you just call her and let her make a statement?”

“You think I haven’t thought about it?” Zhao Kai frowned even harder. “I’ve already made a call, but Little Xiao is unwilling to make a statement. Her manager can’t do anything about it.

“Actually, I can understand her. MC decided to renew the contract with her, but now… it’s normal for her to be angry.”

“Little Xiao is unwilling to make a statement?” Linda frowned.

Zhao Kai nodded. “She’s not willing. She’s probably still angry. How could she be willing to speak up for Qiao Mianmian?”

Linda was silent for a while before her eyes lit up. “If you say she doesn’t want to, what about someone else?”

“Someone else?”

“That’s right. If she doesn’t want to give in to you, what about President Mo? She doesn’t have the guts to do that.”

“You mean… to call President Mo?”

“Yes, at a time like this, only President Mo can suppress everything. Plus, this matter has blown up so much that President Mo probably already knows about it.”

Just as Linda had said, Mo Yesi found out about Qiao Mianmian’s many scandals not long after they were trending on Weibo.

In the office, Wei Zheng was reporting to him.

“Those rumors about Young Madam’s high school… I’ve already found the IP address. When the time comes, we’ll get Huanyu to file a lawsuit against them. As for the rumors about Young Madam and Young Master Gong, we’ll get someone to delete the relevant Weibo content.

“There’s also the matter of Young Madam stealing the MC endorsement. The account is indeed the Weibo account of that artiste called Little Xiao. Her fans’ appeal is very strong. Now, her fans are constantly changing the topic. Not long after the trending searches were deleted, they went up again.

“The first two things are easy to solve, but that artist called Little Xiao…”

Wei Zheng had just finished his report when his phone rang.

He took it out and glanced at it. He raised his head and said, “CEO Mo, it’s Huanyu’s CEO. It should be related to Young Madam.”

Mo Yesi said coldly, “Answer it.”

Wei Zheng picked it up immediately.

He hung up a minute later.

“President Mo, President Zhao from Huanyu said that we need that artiste called Little Xiao to release a statement, telling her fans to stop bringing up the tempo. Otherwise, this matter won’t be settled for a while. He said that Little Xiao was still angry that MC gave the endorsement to Young Madam, so she refused to give him face. I’m afraid this matter can only be resolved after President Mo settles it.”

Mo Yesi said coldly, “Then get this done immediately.”

“Yes, President Mo. What if… that female artist still doesn’t agree?”

“Then tell her.” Mo Yesi’s gaze turned cold, and the pressure around him dropped a few degrees. “If she doesn’t make a statement, she won’t have to work in this industry anymore. If she’s smart, find a similar endorsement deal for her.”

“I understand, President Mo. Little Xiao is Xinghan’s artist. I’ll call Xinghan’s CEO now.”

Wei Zheng immediately made a call.

He followed Mo Yesi’s instructions and told them what to do.

A moment later, he hung up the phone. “CEO Mo, I’ve already conveyed your intentions to Xinghan’s CEO. He promised that within half an hour, Little Xiao will definitely issue a clarification statement.”