I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1135 - Qiao Mianmian Became the Third

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Chapter 1135: Qiao Mianmian Became the Third

She forwarded it to Weibo.

Qiao Mianmian: “It’s an honor to work with my favorite makeup brand. Thank you, MC, for giving me such a good opportunity. I’ll perform well and not let everyone down.”

The moment the MC’s official Weibo account signing Qiao Mianmian as its spokesperson was posted, thousands of comments appeared within a few minutes.

In the comments section, everyone was cursing MC for being blind. Not only did they find a newbie to be their spokesperson, they even found a newbie with scandals all over her.

Many netizens also clamored to boycott MC. If they dared to use Qiao Mianmian as their spokesperson, they wouldn’t buy any of MC’s products anymore.

In short, the comments section was filled with criticism.

They were all asking MC to change their spokesperson. Otherwise, they wouldn’t buy MC’s products anymore.

Internet pal A: “Is there something wrong with MC’s brain? In the past, they always looked for the most popular A-list celebrities to endorse them. This time, they actually found a newbie who isn’t famous at all. Furthermore, Qiao Mianmian’s character is so bad, and there are so many scandals. Isn’t MC afraid of ruining its brand image?”

Netizen B: “Who doesn’t know that MC doesn’t use newbies? This is the first time they’re using newbies, right? I don’t understand why they looked for Qiao Mianmian. She has a lot of dirt on her now, and she doesn’t even have a good piece of work. How can such an artiste be the spokesperson for a first-tier makeup brand? What does she rely on? Her face? Isn’t she afraid that the netizens won’t buy it?”

Netizen C: “MC must be crazy. Aren’t they afraid that they won’t be able to sell their products in the future? Even if they want to use a newbie, it won’t be Qiao Mianmian’s turn.”

Netizen D: “What’s so strange about that? Don’t you know that MC is a brand under the Gong Corporation? The Gong family’s young master is Qiao Mianmian’s golden thigh, so what’s wrong with giving an endorsement to a company under him?”

Internet pal E: “I just checked, MC is really a subsidiary of the Gong Corporation. No wonder they used an unknown newbie. Isn’t the young master of the Gong family afraid that he will ruin MC’s reputation by promoting his little lover?”

Internet pal F: “I heard that the Gong family’s young master and the Eldest Miss of the Shen family are a couple. If Qiao Mianmian really has an affair with Young Master Gong, what’s the big deal? Is she trying to interfere with their relationship by having sex three times?”

Very quickly, the comment about Gong Zeli and Shen Rou being a couple was trending online.

Because of this comment, Qiao Mianmian was trending again.

The topics #Qiao Mianmian being the third# and #Qiao Mianmian interfering in the relationship of the Shen family’s Eldest Miss# went viral.

She alone occupied the top five trending topics.

Because the artiste that MC had previously signed with had revealed that he wanted to continue working with MC, but the artiste that MC had announced was Qiao Mianmian, many netizens went to that artiste’s Weibo to ask her what was going on.

After MC officially announced Qiao Mianmian as the spokesperson for the next season, the artiste Xiao Xiao also posted on Weibo.

The content on Weibo was to tell the netizens not to make wild guesses, saying that whoever MC signed with would be free for them. Although she was regretful that she couldn’t continue working with MC, she could understand MC’s actions.

These words didn’t seem like much on the surface.

However, if one were to carefully read it, they would be able to understand another meaning.

These words sounded like she understood MC’s decision, but she was actually complaining.

After a while, a Weibo post suspected to be Little Xiao’s alternate account was dug out by netizens.

The netizens dug out Little Xiao’s small account and complained that MC had already talked to her about the endorsement for the next season. They had even talked about the fee. They were just short of signing the contract.