I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1134 - So What If Her Fate Was Good

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Chapter 1134: So What If Her Fate Was Good

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From now on, she would be the envy of the upper-class socialites and heiresses.

If she became the daughter of the Bai family…

How could Qiao Mianmian compare to her!

So what if she hooked up with Gong Zeli?

Gong Zeli was just playing with her.

But it was different now that she had the identity of the daughter of the Bai family.

The man she looked up to now would become a match for her in the future.

The Mo, Yan, and Gong families’ young masters were all outstanding men whom she couldn’t reach.

She could also get to know a man as outstanding as Gong Zeli in the future.

She could also stand on equal footing with these elites. To her, they were no longer unreachable figures.

“Miss Shen, can-can you really make me the daughter of the Bai family?” Qiao Anxin’s voice trembled. She was afraid that she would be too excited and couldn’t help but confirm again.

“Of course.” Shen Rou despised her in her heart, but she displayed an elegant smile on the outside. “As long as you do as I say, I can make you the daughter of the Bai family. Why, don’t you believe me?”

“No, of course not. How could I not believe Miss Shen?” Qiao Anxin hurriedly said. “I’m just afraid that the Bai family won’t be easy to fool and I will be exposed.”

“As long as you listen to me and follow my instructions, you won’t be exposed,” Shen Rou said impatiently. “If you don’t believe me and think that I don’t have the ability, you can reject me.

“Qiao Anxin, I can think of a way to make you the daughter of the Bai family. I can also make others the daughter of the Bai family. I’m only looking for you because I feel that we’re on the same side, and it’ll save me a lot of trouble. But you have to know that you’re not the only one I want.”

Qiao Anxin’s expression changed when she heard this. She was afraid that Shen Rou would really change her mind, so she immediately smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Miss Shen. I’m definitely on your side. No matter what you want, I’ll do my best to cooperate with you.”

“That’s good.”

Shen Rou looked at her arrogantly. “Wait for my call. I’ll get someone to inform you after I’ve arranged everything.”

With that, Shen Rou turned and left the room.

After she left, Qiao Anxin’s smile faded.

After making sure that Shen Rou had already walked far away and couldn’t hear her voice, she scowled and said, “What’s so great about that? Isn’t it just fate that allows you to have the status of the daughter of the Shen family? When I go to the Bai family in the future, what’s there to show off in front of me?”

Qiao Anxin couldn’t accept that Qiao Mianmian had a good background.

But at this moment, she hoped that the daughter left behind by the Bai family was really Qiao Mianmian.

Only then would she have a chance to replace her.

Qiao Anxin was excited at the thought of that day.

She had snatched many things from Qiao Mianmian.

But all the things she had snatched from her over the years added together couldn’t compare to what she was about to snatch.

Who would have thought that the little b*tch could be from the Bai family?

The little b*tch was actually so lucky.

But so what if she was lucky?

So what if she was really the daughter of the Bai family?

In the end, these things would become hers.

After Qiao Mianmian signed the contract with MC, MC’s official Weibo posted the news of her signing as the spokesperson for the next season and tagged her.