I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1122 - What Kind of Physique Did She Have?

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Chapter 1122: What Kind of Physique Did She Have?

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“Didn’t the school forum expose her abortions some time ago? But at that time, it was said that someone was spreading rumors to smear her name. I remember the IP address of the person who posted it was also exposed. At that time, it was Qiao Anxin who posted it.”

“I whispered, ‘I’ve also heard about the abortion in high school. However, it’s better if you don’t discuss it further. Be careful that she sends you a lawyer’s letter.’”

“Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. Let her send a lawyer’s letter. I’m not afraid.”

Very quickly, the old dirt that had sunk for a period of time was trending again.

#Qiao Mianmian’s green tea b*tch, three-timing

#Qiao Mianmian’s three sugar daddies

#Qiao Mianmian’s unspoken rules

#Qiao Mianmian’s high school abortion

And other such topics were all trending.

In an instant, there were fewer and fewer people discussing the Su Corporation and Qiao Anxin terminating their contract with Starlight.

All sorts of scandals about Qiao Mianmian became a hot topic of discussion.

Many netizens who claimed to be from the same school in high school and middle school, or friends and classmates from the same school, came out one after another to expose the truth about her high school abortion.

A lot of netizens were just passers-by who only cared about gossip.

They didn’t know much about Qiao Mianmian.

All of a sudden, many people came out to expose Qiao Mianmian’s abortion, and all of them said it with certainty. Their initial doubts about this matter turned into trust.

An underage abortion was a bad thing.

Qiao Mianmian didn’t have many loyal fans.

Her few fans who were willing to speak up for her had just posted a comment to help her when they were immediately attacked by a large group of netizens and had their comments quickly deleted.

They no longer dared to speak up for her.

Instantly, a wave of scolding on Weibo ensued.

More and more people were discussing her “high school abortion”.

In less than an hour, she was already at the top of Weibo’s 24-hour trending list.

When Qiao Mianmian scrolled through Weibo, her trending topics were already very high.

When she saw the “Qiao Mianmian had an abortion” trending topic, Linda received a call from the company.

A few minutes later, Linda hung up the phone and looked up at her with a frown. “Mianmian, you’ve been defamed again. But don’t worry, the company called me just now and said they’ll suppress the dirt as soon as possible.”

Qiao Mianmian also saw it.

She exited Weibo with a speechless expression. “Sister Xie, has the company really thought it through? If it’s not too late to regret now, I can…”

She didn’t even know what her physique was anymore.

It seemed like every now and then, she would be covered in dirt.

“It’s just a small matter.” Linda consoled her. “Don’t worry, the company will settle it soon. Actually, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for you to be embroiled in scandals.”

“Not a bad thing?” Qiao Mianmian still couldn’t completely ignore any negative news about her. She was affected by the negative news just now, and even the joy of signing an endorsement contract with MC had dissipated.

She looked depressed. “Am I the most troublesome artist in the company now?”

She knew that if Zhao Kai hadn’t found out about her relationship with Mo Yesi, he would have terminated her contract with Huanyu already.

Linda smiled at her glum expression. She looked relieved as if she hadn’t been troubled by her new scandal.