I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 97

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However, also know why Cruise was so careful, the other side has been taking the idol route, if he suddenly appeared on the screen dressed as a woman, it\'s likely to cause some fans to be unhappy

Eric did not immediately answer Tom Cruise\'s request, but instead asked: "Tom, if I remember correctly, you should be 27 years old, right?"

nodded and said in a proud voice: "I started making movies at the age of sixteen, when I was younger than you. By now, it\'s been almost ten years."

As a kid who grow up in a single parent family, and become a Hollywood superstar in only ten years, by virtue of his own diligence and hard work, and without any background help, was very proud of himself.

"Well, Cruise, Every actor needs to undergo a transformation. Especially an actor who\'s taking the idol route. Hollywood actors have a longer shelf life than actresses, they don\'t need to expand their range when they go over the thirty-year-old mark. But someday the situation will come, so I think, this is an opportunity for you, to show that you are attempting to change."

Cruise retorted: "Eric, there are many kinds of things to try, not necessarily playing a woman. Actually, the question you said just now, I\'ve been thinking about it, and my agent also recommended some types of films to me."

Eric shook his head slowly and said: "It\'s the same as never changing, In all the movies you starred in before, many are biased towards literature and art, but till now you didn\'t get an nomination, the reason is that although those movies were excellent, but your screen image hasn\'t changed much. Think about it from this angle, it\'s been ten years since you debuted, and you haven\'t got any Oscar nomination, don\'t you want to get the recognition of the academy? I think, if you play this role well, coupled with this small sacrifice, the Academy will at least give you the nomination for the best actor."

In his past life, Andy Lau by virtue of 《》, he won the Hong Kong film award for the first time, fulfilling the wish he had for many years. This was a result of Andy Lau\'s good acting, and his boldness in playing this important role.

The is a ridge every member of Hollywood can\'t go around, and as long as someone is a member of Hollywood, It\'s impossible for him to be indifferent to the Oscar. Especially the actors, In order to get the Oscar\'s recognition, acting girly is the lightest thing you can do, self-destruction of your image is more commonplace, whether it\'s acting like a psychotic or a killer, as long as you can win the prize, then anything is possible.

In his past life, the beautiful in order to win the Oscar, she got fatter, shaved her eyebrows, and resorted to every conceivable means, and she ended up getting the Oscar for her role in 《》.

Poor worked so hard to get his Oscar, the movies he stared in were all different from each other, to the point that the perfect image he had after 《》 was completely chattered in the hearts of his fans.

Sure enough, after Eric finished, Tom Cruise no longer directly rejected, but got into a short silence. How could he not know where his problem was?, but he was reluctant to admit it, and didn\'t dare to change.

He crawled up from the bottom, and was more afraid of failure than those born in a good background, no one wants to go back to their old days of life. The fear of falling again almost made Cruise forget, with his present status in Hollywood, he has qualified for a failure.

But the temptation was huge, Cruise has been working in Hollywood for ten years, if he didn\'t understand the meaning of the Oscar, then it will be impossible for him to reach today success.

Eric was keen to seize the shaken Cruise, he lost no time to add fuel to the fire: "Cruise, the role of Andy, in my opinion, is a more of a tragic figure than the count of Monte Cristo, he was left with only a few weeks left to live, and in order to get revenge for his father, he played a desperate chasing game with Sean, if he slightly neglected anything in his plans he may suffer a big lose. In this case, the audience will pay more attention to Andy\'s final fate than what he is wearing."

"I arranged for him to dress as a woman in order to promote the development of the story, not to make a vulgar comedy that deliberately destroy the image of the actor, just to amuse the audience, this is a very serious performance, I think, as long as it is your fans, they will understand"

After a full two minutes of silence, perhaps because of Eric\'s words played a role, or perhaps the Oscar temptation overcome the worries in his heart. Finally, nodded slightly.

This matter settled, the atmosphere in the conference room lightened a lot.

Cruise and Hanks began expressing their views on some of the details in the script, thought that Sean\'s character in the script was slightly blurred, he asked why didn\'t Sean like the female executive from the Interpol who was interested in him? ... ... No girls, no nightclubs, even workaholics need to marry and settle down? And why will a powerful elite police officer, be delegated to a small police station.

Because the time was tight, Eric spent only one day to write the script, all is according to the memory of the movie in his mind, and didn\'t do too much modification. Some of the bugs found by Cruise and Hanks, Eric has thought about them too, but he just didn\'t have the time to change them yet.

Although Cruise always seemed to act superior and talk in an arrogant tone to Eric because he was younger than him, and Hanks likes to ask about the details of the love life of the character almost rendering Eric speechless. Eric was still very patient with the two actors, after all, the two of them have participated in many Hollywood movies, with them participating in the script revision, Eric will not only save a lot of energy, but he can also ensure that the script will adapt more to the rhythm of Hollywood films.

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"Hey, Johnny, you wouldn\'t be wrong, It\'s been almost four hours. Why haven\'t and come out yet?"

Outside the firefly office building the paparazzi were squatting for nearly four hours, \'Hollywood Reporter\' paparazzi Kent finally couldn\'t help but go back to the convenience store to ask Johnny. Although the paparazzi for the news, can stay overnight in front of the doors of Hollywood superstars, but that\'s in the case they had a clear target.

Now, he did not see the shadow of the two stars, he couldn\'t figure it out, why would Cruise and Hanks spend the whole morning in firefly office. Therefore, suspicion is unavoidable.

"No, no, Mr. reporter, I promise I didn\'t make a mistake. You see the two cars over there, the one on the left is Tom Cruise, and the one on the right is Tom Hanks car. It\'s almost noon now, they will definitely come out for lunch."

"All right" Kent played with the camera on his chest, and said: "I hope you are not mistaken, That will make everyone unhappy. Otherwise, the 700 dollars will be returned."

Johnny subconsciously covered his pocket, and swore.

"Then I\'ll wait a little longer, do you have soda? Give me a bottle, please."

"Yes," Johnny nodded quickly, he was about to go and fetch the soda for Kent, when he suddenly saw the other three paparazzi stood up and pounced toward the door of the firefly office building.

"Mr. reporter, they are out."

Kent turned around and found his colleagues outside the door rushing across the street, cursing, he quickly rushed out the door. Although they belong to the same tabloid, the editor will pick just one picture, and the one who take the best picture, will get the commission.

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