I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 96

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An obscure black business car parked in Firefly\'s office building parking lot, a tall man with sunglasses on and curly black hair and his agent got off the car, and hastily walked inside the office building.

Across the street, Johnny, the owner of a convenience store, glanced idly through the glass window and immediately recognized the man identity, .

Johnny is also a movie fan, almost every week he go to the cinema to watch a movie or two, although he was almost forty years old, past the age of chasing celebrity\'s, he was still familiar with the big and small stars in Hollywood, such as Tom Hanks, although he was only wearing sunglasses, he had no intention to disguise himself, that\'s way Johnny could recognize him with just a glance.

In the big and small movie studios in Burbank, it\'s normal to run into one or two big stars, Johnny didn\'t feel anything weird was going on. He knew that the owner of the film company opposite his shop is the latest Hollywood upstart Eric Williams, he thought perhaps and the little miracle kid will be working together on a new film.

After five or six minutes later, when Johnny was entertaining a few customers, he saw another business car parked across the street.

Curious, Johnny fixed his eyes on the door, and soon another two people came out from the car. A man wearing sunglasses and a woman, Although this man was slightly shorter than Tom Hanks, his reputation in Hollywood was much higher than Hanks. it is one of the most popular star in Hollywood, .

"Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise" Johnny touched his chin and thought, perhaps the paparazzi might be interested in this.

If a single person comes here, then it\'s hardly news, although the the paparazzi pay attention to every move of Hollywood stars, but they aren\'t particularly interested in their normal daily activities.

Who have time to focus on where a star by his clothes or what restaurant he go to or who he meets, unless you are a stalker. All the paparazzi care about now is what they are working on, sex scandals, divorce, drug abuse, arrest ... ... Any star that have this problems will be besieged by the paparazzi. When 《》 was originally released, Eric was chased all over by the paparazzi, because at that time, the public was interested in this small young director, if a newspaper carry Eric news, curious people will rush to buy it.

But now, the two hottest stars in Hollywood appeared in firefly studios, and coincidentally, the two of them were named Tom, because of their similar age, Hanks hasn\'t suffered much yet, but the two of them are in a competitive position in the acting circle, he was sure the news of them and the young director getting together is certainly a worthy topic in the entertainment news.

After Johnny thought these thing, he excitedly found a tabloid newspaper, to get the number of the newspaper hotline. In order for the newspapers to collect news materials, many newspapers pay a certain amount of money to those who provide clues. Johnny certainly didn\'t call the Los Angeles times or any well-known large newspaper, Because they aren\'t short of news, and their price wouldn\'t satisfy him.

"Hello, is this the Hollywood Reporter? ... ... Yes, I have a big story ... ..."

A few minutes later, Johnny excitedly put down the phone, "Hollywood Reporter" was keen to judge the great value of the news, so they generously paid Johnny $500. But the condition was that Johnny could not sell this news to other newspapers, after Haggling over the price, he finally got 700 dollars, for Johnny who work at a small convenience store, this was a windfall.

In less than twenty minutes, the paparazzi sent by the newspaper rushed over, after learning from Johnny that and has not left yet, they readily paid him. Then patiently waited outside firefly office building.

... ...

After reaching an agreement with , Eric started contacting the two leading men. After the success of three consecutive films, Hollywood is no longer discriminating against Eric\'s age, and no star will directly reject Eric\'s invitation to cooperate, even superstars like Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks are no exception.

More so, after reading the script outline, the two stars were keenly aware of how wonderful this story is, In this case, there is no reason to refuse.

Before, both of them were not aware that the other party had also received an invitation. But after Hanks offered to play the robber, and Cruise made a list of his own modifications to the script. so Eric revealed the new to the two of them, and was hoping to talk to them face to face.

The two Toms also know, if they can successfully cooperate, with the fame of the three of them, the box office appeal will be immeasurable. Not to mention 《》 wonderful story, perhaps this film can be just like Eric first two movies, and once again create a box office miracle.

Everyone wants to become a protagonist of a box office blockbuster, hence today\'s meeting.

... ...

Eric, and sat alone in a Conference room, Jeffrey and the two Tom\'s agents were waiting outside, Although Cruise and Hanks are now CAA\'s artists, but after arriving at their present level, the CAA almost have no constraints on them. So the two agents can only obediently do their job, and dare not place obstacles in his way.

Of course, once they completely determine to cooperate and the fee negotiations time come, the two brokers who are eagerly waiting for that moment to come, will show their true colors.

Eric put the complete script in front of Cruise and Hanks, until now the two stars only read the outline of the script. It took them half an hour to read the full script, after finishing Hanks touched his face smiled and said: "Eric, I now know that I\'m not suited for playing Andy. If I wanted to change my appearance to a woman, the difficulty is indeed a little big."

Eric laughed, but did not seem to hear Hanks joke, he still had a slight frown on his face: "Eric, I still find it more appropriate to change the plot, in the scenario setting, Andy is a make up artist, then having him disguise himself as another man will also be a good choice, right?"

Sitting opposite Tom Cruise, felt that Cruise\'s behavior is too conservative, dressing as a woman is not a serious thing, as an actor, even if the director makes you dress like a dog, as long as the request is perfectly logical and reasonable, he will do it.

He has just done some analysis of the script, this plot is not done deliberately, Andy dressing as a woman was done to let the villain relax his vigilance, Andy dressed as a woman and come to the transaction place with a second man to pick up the ransom from the villain. if he was a dressed like a man, he felt that the villain is more likely take the gun and kill them. Two men appearing at the scene of the transaction, isn\'t that weird?

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