I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 93

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"You wrote the entire script, in just four days?" Jeffrey picked 《》 script, and asked Eric.

"This is only the first draft, when shooting the film a lot of changes will be made according to the specific circumstances." Eric replied, and took a few steps back to sit comfortably on the sofa, and asked: "did you send the script outline, to and , and did they responded to the invitation?"

Jeffrey flipped though the script, and said: "All of them responded, we sent Sean\'s character offer to Tom Hanks, But Hanks wants to play the part of Andy, He felt that the role is kinda paradoxical, and doesn\'t give more acting space. And also expressed a strong interest in being a part of this movie, but he hopes to be able to modify Andy\'s dressing as woman scenes, he doesn\'t want to damage his image in the eyes of his fans."

The next film Eric is going to make is a movie called 《》, made by a Chinese company called Milkyway Image.

When writing the script, he chose to keep the names of the two male leads as they were in his past life.

If he was going to replace Andy Lau and Sean Lau by Hollywood actors, then is there any two actors more suitable than and ? Those two strong actors are kinda similar to the original actors.

Of course, now Hanks is still somewhat handsome, But only so-so, and he will change a lot as he ages. But if Hanks replaced Andy Lau? By virtue of his present image, Can he make a girl fall in love with him at first sight? ... ... Doesn\'t he have some self-awareness.

"Jeffrey, they should not know about each other getting an invitation. You should tell them this news, and see if you can make an appointment with the both of them to talk."

"Okey, I would contact them later." Jeffrey replied: "Also, accepted firefly investment in 《》, but Kapoor insisted that salary be $5 million, if so, the film production cost will reach at least $13 million. Before Herbert Ross put $4 million in investment, and fireflies need to add $9 million, I think you should talk to Kapoor, to lower Julia paycheck, after all this is a group drama, and Julia won\'t have too much screen time. Anything more than $3 million, is too high, and will cause more harm than good."

"I\'ll call Kapoor," Eric nodded: "Make a copy of 《》 script and give it to , to let him start preparing. In addition, send this script outline to , and . And see if anyone of them have the intention to director of this film."

After Jeffrey took notes, he finally out the last script and read the name: “《》?”

Eric nodded, this film had another name in china "Island Cry" But Eric felt that the original English name 《》 was more appropriate.

As for the three directors he named, is the director of the famous 《》 and later he Directed the 《》 series.

is the director of 《》 in 1973, a horror film that was once known as the best Hollywood horror film, of course, that tittle was lost after the rise of Japanese horror films.

Finally, now is still a small director, but in parallel time and space, in two years he will direct 《》 .

The reason he chose the two already famous masters and the still unknown , was for sake.

Eric did not doubt that 《》, this big horror film with a twisted ending, will not be recognized by the first two horror films masters who have been famous for years, but he was not sure if the two famous ones will accept Virginia as the heroine. At this point, Eric does not intend to compromise. As for , he has no room to bargain with Eric.

"Should we give them the same conditions, or they all have the same?" Jeffrey asked again.

"Send them at the same conditions, and remember to say that the heroine has been set, there is no room for negotiation."

Jeffrey gave an ambiguous smile, and said: "Eric, which girl are you eyeing?"


Jeffrey remembered the big chested actress, that left with Eric at 《》 celebration party.

"Eric, I have to remind you," Jeffrey advised him: "When investing in movies you need to be very cautious and prudent. You can\'t because of a one-night stand, give the role of the heroine, it\'s not worth it. Even if you have to give her a huge check, you can\'t give her a promise like that easily. Because once the film fails because of the heroine, you\'ll have to pay millions or even tens of millions of dollars in losses. With that kind of money, you can get thousands of call girls."

Eric will never be angry or ignore those who persuade him with goodwill, he patiently listened to Jeffrey\'s advice, and explained: "Rest assured, Jeffrey, I was very careful in this regard. Before I have asked Kapoor to sign , and if she did not have such potential, I wouldn\'t waste my time, weren\'t you and Kapoor not optimistic about , how about now?"

"Then it\'s fine, if you know what you\'re doing."

"Well, I\'ll be leaving things here to you." Eric stood up and said: "I told you about why called to me before, I have an appointment with Mr. today."

"You seem to have got used to the phrase \'I\'ll be leaving things to you\', I\'m considering whether or not to apply for a raise?" Jeffrey jokingly said, in fact, he was enjoying his busy and fulfilling life now. Compared to his first time meeting Eric, Jeffrey now looks a lot younger and full of vitality.

Eric knew he was joking, the other side current position now is the president of fireflies, plus he gets a lot of dividends from the movies firefly produce, although he has not yet obtained firefly shares, but his income in Hollywood can definitely be considered to be on the top of the pyramid: "If you must, add a dollar"

Laughing at Eric Joke, and sent him out: "Don\'t have a fall out with , and try to be tactful."

Eric shrugged and said: "This thing involve tens of millions of dollars in profits, being tactful is useless, who let Fox not attach more specific details to the contract ... ... Anyway, I wouldn\'t miss this chance given by Colombia, I would like to put in my seat, I\'m sure his choice be the same as mine."

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