I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 92

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After listening to reporting Coca-Cola CEO conditions, Eric felt that there was a big pit waiting for him, Otherwise, how could such a good thing happen to him?

Providing enough budget funds, not meddling in the film production, and even providing him with a team to help him make another movie to cope with Fox contract, and after that, he will still be able to get 30 percent of the domestic box office, and 10 percent of overseas Box office.

This condition are simply insane, even can\'t get such favorable treatment.

"Amy, giving this condition kinda seems unreasonable. You know that the last time I worked with Columbia wasn\'t a pleasant experience, so it\'s hard for me to believe that there is no ... ... trickery?"

Amy said sternly: "Eric, believe me, in order to promote this cooperation and prevent anyone from obstructing it, the board of directors deliberately removed Mr. Blunt Cohen from the position of president, which is enough to show Columbia\'s sincerity."

Eric was still not convinced, although he was happy about Blunt Cohen leaving, but that wasn\'t enough to convince him that Columbia had done so because of him: "I need the real reason why?"

Amy hesitated for a moment, then said in detail: "Because we are negotiating with Japan\'s the acquisition if Columbia, we need best selling movies to stimulate the stock prices, and you are by far the most secure movie director, the three films you participated in all achieved amazing results at the box office, and with your continuous accumulation of box office appeal, the audience has formed a certain viewing inertia, when your next film is released, many people by habit will go to the cinemas to have a look. As long as your next movie is up to standard, then once again getting a $100 million at the box office is reasonable thing."

Seeing Eric\'s gradually showing an enlightened look on his face, Amy continued: "So, don\'t think will do business at a loss, this is a win-win cooperation. Eric, before 《》 pushed Columbia\'s stock price from $12 to $14. And the market value from $2.2 billion to $2.56 billion."

Eric calculated in his head, because 《》 box office was good, Columbia market value increased by $360 million.

Under normal circumstances, although this growth is encouraging, but the shareholders will not sell their shares because the stock price increased by two dollars, after all what they look at is the long-term interests, their main income is the annual dividend. because once a film they invested in failed, the stock price will fall again.

But after Sony decided to acquire Columbia, the situation would be different, each increase in the stock price would translate into real money.

Remembering his past life, when acquired they spent nearly $5 billion, SONY was definitely royally screwed. Because Columbia\'s real assets didn\'t even amount to $2 billion. The acquisition only took a year, and after that Columbia\'s stock prices again fell to normal levels, with the market value falling by more then $2.7 billion, $2.7 billion directly evaporating, he was sure that Sony\'s Board of directors shed a few tears that year.

Regardless of what happened in his past life, he did not have a good impression of the Japanese, and seeing the fat sheep going to the Slaughter house, how can he not participate.

Of course, on the surface he still played hard to get, because his own interests always come first.

"Amy, if that\'s the case, I\'d love to work with Columbia again, but I\'ve signed a partnership agreement with for three movies. As for what you said, about Columbia providing me with a team to make a movie to deal with Fox, I certainly will not agree, this is my personal reputation on the line, there have been many people questioning my age and my ability to make the first few movies."

Hearing what he said, Amy asked: "Eric, do you already have plans in mind?"

Eric smiled and said: "It is estimated that you have already seen the specific content of the contract, so if I want to get out of it I will have to pay a price, although domestically I get 5% less than Fox, but compared to the price paid by , their price is still very reasonable. " Amy cheeks got slightly hot, Eric and Fox\'s contract, although the content isn\'t strictly confidential, But it has not been disclosed, and to get to see the contract they\'ll need to do some commercial espionage and spying.

Eric has no interest in such gossip, he continued: "Since the content of the contract has already been known by Columbia, then you should be clear that Fox mainly want to acquire 《》 sequel distribution rights, many of the details in the contract have been specially formulated just for that. as for the the other two movies they didn\'t care too much, so ... ... "

Amy Pascal said excitedly: "So, it doesn\'t matter if your next movie isn\'t handed over to Fox, As long as you give three movies by the end of the year, right?"

Eric nodded, then shook his head again: "Although this does not violate the agreement, but Fox is not so accommodating. Fox has scheduled my next film to be issued in the summer, and because doesn\'t have many films to distribute this year, once I quit, then Fox will directly have to withdraw from the summer box office competition, which will cost Fox tens of millions of dollars, and as much as a hundred million dollar in profits"

showed a distressed frown, although between the big six there is both competition and cooperation, but can not come up with enough chips to let Fox give up so much profits.

Glancing at the boy sitting across her, Eric shrugged helplessly. He could not think of anything to say for the time being, this year summer stalls has been saturated, especially big production movies. Although Eric can fight for a place with them, by directing a film for , others may not have this opportunity, only someone with a golden touch like him can get it.

However, in this case, if this extra film was issued in may, the film will run against 《》, and if he chose June he will face 《》. And as for July, he will be competing with his own film, which is bound result in a lose-lose situation.

But at the same time, he is not willing to give up the generous conditions giving by . Now even if his film only get $200 million at box office, he will be getting $10 million less then , while Columbia is willing to pay $30 million as a production cost.

What\'s more, he is not so confident about his new film, although if he can invite and , plus his box office appeal, braking the $100 million mark is certainly no problem. But specifically how much the movie can get he doesn\'t know, because there\'s no previous box office reference in his past life, because his next film isn\'t from his past life Hollywood movies.

"Amy, give me a couple of days. I need to talk to first. It will be for the best if I can get Fox to understand and reach a settlement. Anyway, If it is impossible to reach a settlement, I won\'t breach the agreement."

"Do you need to do something?" Asked Amy Pascal.

Eric didn\'t say yes or no: "What can Columbia do? Can you go to Barry Diller\'s office and say to him: Hey, we\'re going to start negotiating with the Japanese, and we need some chips, so how about giving us the next movie made by Eric Williams?"

"This ... ..." Amy smiled and shook her head: "Well, I\'ll be waiting for your good news, you can contact me directly if you need any help."

Before they parted ways, they exchanged their contact info, Eric went home directly after that and called office phone, but he was told by his assistant that Barry Diller was in Europe on a business trip, and will come back four days later. Although the assistant give him barry Diller contact info in Europe, but Eric chose not to call him directly, and made an appointment for four days later.

After all, this matter is difficult to tell on the phone, with the two of them separated by more then ten thousand miles, in case the phone call didn\'t go smoothly and ended up breaking, that may cause more harm than good.

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