I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 91

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Eric also had plans to find a financial manager, but this is not an easy thing. Although he hasn\'t received any dividends from his movies yet, but no one can deny that he is now worth more than 100 million US dollars

But only he knows, that in his hands, he has the 《》 copyrights, and if succeed like it did in his past life he will be sitting on a gold mine, these things will make his assets easily exceeded the billion dollars mark in the future.

Under such circumstances, he could not hand over his assets to an outsider. If the manager didn\'t have good professional ethics, he won\'t be able to have peace of mind.

Hollywood stars getting deceived by their financial managers are not uncommon, for example bankruptcy in his past life, Although Cage personally liked to squander his money on things he can\'t afford, but it\'s hard to say that his financial manager didn\'t contribute to the problem by letting him do what he wanted without trying to stop him, otherwise This kind of thing is not easy to happen.

The more complex and confusing the financial situation of the employer, the easier it is for the manager to fish in troubled waters. And if the accounts are well organized, then your financial managers can only get his salary and rewards.

Taking a ride back to Los Angeles with Edward, Eric went back to the Hilton Hotel parking lot to retrieve his car and drove straight to the Firefly headquarters.

In the time he left Los Angeles, Jeffrey have already got the right to adapt 《》, before Eric could write the script. Jeffrey also raised another issue, that is, Firefly\'s financial situation.

When filming 《》 Eric invested all the money the company had in the movie, And to get the money back, as usual, he will have to wait until the movie stop screening a few months later, Although he has a good relationship with , but he was sure, if he opened the topic of money with , the other side is sure to want a piece of the pie.

To get a $50 million loan Eric put the contract of 《》 as a collateral, to buy he spent $20 million, and he left $10 million as funds for 《》, and now he only has $20 million left.

The money isn\'t enough for him to invest in the next movie, not to mention he also has several other movies planned.

Eric signed a $20 million check to the finance manager of the company, and then told Jeffrey: "The first thing you should do is prepare for 《》, I\'ll write the scripts these days."

"What about your movie?"

Eric shrugged: "We can only continue getting loans."

Anyway, this kind of thing, even if you resist at the beginning, but by borrowing once, you get used to it and it becomes a habit. Anyway, he won\'t let other film companies intervene in his film projects.

"By the way Jeffrey, this is ... ... a good script I found by luck, the director is , he is still in the casting stage, I\'ve heard they have a problem with the budget. You should get in touch with him and see if we can win this project, Fireflies are willing to invest with him, and also you\'ll have to convince to join the film."

Jeffrey looked at the script that Eric handed him, and read a few paragraphs, he didn\'t see anything special. But he chose not to raise any objections, long ago he decided to no longer question Eric\'s taste in films. And as Eric said, he was more suitable for the role of a producer.

"No problem. I\'ll contact as soon as possible."

... ...

After a day of work, Eric was planning to go home, when he heard a knock on the door. Jeffrey walked into his office and said: "Eric, do you remember ?"

"Of course, if it wasn\'t for her, 《》 wouldn\'t be released so smoothly. I haven\'t been able to see Amy to thank her."

"She called," Jeffrey said, "I didn\'t hang up, she wants to talk to you."

Eric quickly followed Jeffrey to his office.

... ...

"Amy ... ... Long time no see, I always wanted to say thank you all this time. But unfortunately, you suddenly quit your job ... ... Sure, no problem ... ... then, see you later."

After hanging up the phone, Eric and Jeffrey looked at each other.

Jeffrey took the lead to say what he knows: "Amy returned to Columbia, as a Vice President for the time being, and Blount Cohen have already left, I heard that he choose early retirement, it is said that he went to France."

"Did she just tell you these things?"

Jeffrey nodded: "I talked to her before. What did she want?"

"She wanted to invite me to have a meal."

The two of them shared a few more words, trying to find what\'s going on, until Eric looked at his watch and said: "Then I will go to the appointment, Jeffrey I will leave 《》 and 《》 things to you, In the next few days I won\'t come to the company, I will stay at home, if there\'s anything call me."

... ...

When he come to the designated restaurant, Eric found had been waiting for him. She wore a professional black suit, her shoulder-length blonde hair was curly. It was said that a woman\'s hair can tell you about her mood, but he did not know what her hairstyle represented.

The Two of them gently hugged, and Eric said: "Sorry, Amy, The traffic was so bad that I let you wait for me."

"It doesn\'t matter" Amy smiled and said: "You\'re not late. In fact, I came too early."

They sat down at the table, she handed him the menu: "What would you like to eat?"

Eric took the menu and said: "This feels strange. The order of things is completely reversed, I feel like I should be the one saying that."

"Well, big boy, this time it\'s my treat, so don\'t be a macho man."

Eric shrugged and did not refute her, he didn\'t have much contact with Amy Pascal before, so she didn\'t know how mature his character is, so she habitually treated him like a young man.

After casually choosing what to eat, Eric handed the menu back to her, as for her she didn\'t look at the menu, and expertly made her request, and handed the menu to the waiter.

"Do you often come here to eat?"

"Yes, the food here is delicious."

Amy did not rush to explain her intention to him, and Eric didn\'t worry, until they finished their lunch, all they did was casually chatted about tings like the weather, and current events. Only after ordering the coffee, did Amy start talking about her purpose.