I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 90

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Putting down the phone, Eric turned to Virginia and said: "OK, go to UTA and find Kapoor. He will know what to do."

At this time has changed her clothes to a rose colored suit with a skirt, and a small hand bag, making her look professional business woman: "Aren\'t you going to go back with me to the city?"

"No, I\'ll wait here for my lawyer to come over. And it won\'t be good if the paparazzi spot us together."

She took out a spare key and handed it to Eric: "this is a spare key to the villa, if you want to ... ... you can come here at any time."

Eric smiled and took the key from her and put it in his pocket: "Trust me, I will come here often." he could not help but reach out and stroke her chin: "you look really sexy in this skirt, next time wear it to bed."

gave him a wink and said: "It \'s only eight o\'clock now, maybe we can go out later."

Eric wrapped his hand around her waist and give her a little slap on the ass, laughing he said: "Don\'t tempt me, or I will not let you out of the door for the next three days, now go."

"Oh, you crumpled my skirt." she swatted his hand away, and straightened her skirt: "Then I will go first."

Virginia left soon after that, and a few minutes later a black Mercedes parked at the gate of the villa. Eric\'s private lawyer took careful note of the address, with a puzzled look rang the bell.

"Eric, did you buy another house here?" Edward Lewis asked, when he saw him open the door.

"No, this is a friend\'s house." Eric explained.

Edward followed him into the living room, even without looking at the feminine home decorations, just with the faint scent in the air, he was sure it was a woman\'s house.

Eric led Edward to the balcony on the second floor, pointed to the sharp corner and asked: "Edward, what do I need to do if I want to buy that land there?"

Edward put on his glasses and squinted his eyes looking at the place Eric pointed at, shaking his head he said: "Eric, it\'s too far away. Let\'s go and have a look."

"No problem," Eric picked up the script with the design draft, and followed Edward out the door.

... ...

The two of them stood at the edge of a cliff, they were surrounded by the exposed brown rocks and weeds, and In front of them there was the beautiful blue sea.

Edward was holding the design draft in his hand, although it was sketched with a pen, but by virtue of Eric solid sketch skills, the building on the paper looked so vivid.

Giving some words of praise in his heart to the how luxurious the building looked, if it is built, it will certainly become the most iconic building in Malibu: "Eric, are you sure you want to build such a luxurious mansion?"

"Why not?"

Edward nodded: "There is two private villas on both sides. Although I don\'t have a lot of knowledge about building engineering, but with a little guess, you can know the reason why this place was converted into a park, this land isn\'t suitable for building, otherwise no one will let acres of land stay vacant."

"As long as you can get this piece of land, I will take care of the rest." Eric said: "no matter how much money it takes, I have to build it. If the land isn\'t suitable for building then we will use cement reinforcement, if we need soil, we will ship it from the outside, if the land is hard to dig then we will use explosives."

Edward smiled and shook his head.

Eric also felt that he was acting like a nouveau-riche wannabe, laughing he said: "Edward, You won\'t be calling me a \'fool" in your heart, will you?"

"Of course not, I just don\'t think it\'s necessary, you look at those houses." referring to the two villas for the second tome: "living in that kind of villa is very comfortable, but here there\'s nothing but rocks and weeds."

Edward finished saying, and looked at Eric, with a look of curiosity, he wondered why he suddenly wanted to build such a luxurious mansion here.

"This is one of my dreams." Eric understood that his private lawyer wanted to know if this was a real or a fake excuse: "When I was a child me and my father moved from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, he took me once to this park to play, at that time I thought that having a house here will be wonderful. Then I gradually forgot about it, until this morning, when I saw this place again, I started thinking of the past. And now that I have enough economic power, why not realize that dream."

With that, Eric pulled blade of grass from the ground and put it in his mouth. "From childhood to adulthood, I had countless ideas, but most of them were lost, so why not achieve a few now, so I won\'t regret it in the future... ... Edward, do you have any unusual dreams or ideas you wanted to achieve?"

Eric words seems to have effected Edward by bringing back past memories: "In high school I wanted to be a rock star, I used to skip classes to learn, but I was caught by my father and got a month of confinement, after I was released I obediently applied for Yale Law School."

Eric laughed and looked at the man with the refined temperament: "now you look nothing like a rock star."

Edward sighed: "of course, it has been almost thirty years. at that time the Beatles had just been established, and Elvis Presley also was very influential, now all those legend are gone."

Elvis and the Beatles were too far away in Eric\'s mind, but he still enjoyed hearing Edward talking about his memories and nostalgia, he Reached into his pockets searching for something.

Edward took a look at his actions, and took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket: "Are you looking for this?"

Eric took a cigarette and lit it. "I thought you didn\'t smoke."

Edward instinctively looked around, then lit his cigarette: "I smoke occasionally, when I was in high school I used to smoke heavily, my father found out and beat me with a rattan cane ... ... that was very painful, which gradually formed a psychological shadow in my mind. Even after I left home and was no longer under the control of my father, I still sneak around when I want to smoke ... ... a lot of people think I don\'t have this habit."

The two of them with a mental age of more than 40 years chatted while smoking, facing the sea breeze for more than half an hour, Edward finally stomped the last cigarette butt off, and put the empty cigarette pack in his pocket and said: "For a long time I haven\'t relaxed like this."

"Then you can come here often to relax."

"Too busy," Edward shook his head, then said: "Eric, get the check ready. I\'ll do my best to help you get this piece of land."

"Thanks a lot."

"You don\'t have to thank me. I\'m going to get commission." Edward joked, "but, you\'ll need to find a financial manager, Today, this kind of thing, is strictly speaking beyond the scope of my services."