I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 9

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Chapter 009: See live

“This Brad Pitt is taller than Erik, more over is somewhat old?” Brad Pitt went out of the door,the audition stopped a while temporarily, James Brooks started to discuss with several heads.

Penny Marshall said: “Yes, 7th Blake Quinn good.“

Several other heads also express their view.

Erik read the 7th material, a 17–year–old Caucasian youth of golden hair, height 1.7 m, are somewhat emaciated, truly tallies very much with previous generation Alex‘s image , but is actually not Erik wants.

Erik cannot bear opened the mouth saying:“Penny, I thought that Blake Quinn appeared tooweak, although fits very well with bullied high–school student image very much, but to the film second half, if this kind of emaciated boy dominates in the basketball court , to audience afalse feeling. I just graduated the high school , is very clear high school basketball team is impossible to present this weak male student, impossible to be picked by the scout.“

James Brooks hears Erik‘s analysis also nods assent: “Truly is this, does Erik, which actor youthink will do?“

“How about Brad Pitt ?“

Penny Marshall said: “But Brad Pitt is a little taller than you.“

Erik shrugs, said: “Height is not the issue, child is taller than parents this matter is common.Moreover his image can make Alex’s change does not seem unexpected.“

James asked: “How did this say?“

“First, we determined Brad Pitt‘s performing skill does not have the issue,although has not played the lead in the movie,has actually performed in many soap operas,moreover he performed well in audition. Therefore, he can definitely show that inferior, spiritless disposition in the movie earlier period . Later on, after Mike‘sencouragement and training, showed courage, pursued own girl. You lookedthat he already had this potential, after erupting, the audience will not think its false, insteadwill think, Alex is this!“

The surrounding several people nod assent Erik‘s viewpoint, Erik can look that James Brooksalso somewhat moved, immediately had not actually decided but said: “Good,we will discussedthis issue again. Then starts the audition of actress.“

The first audition naturally is Angelina Jolie, to the questions about performance she answered gracefully, but performance is not satisfactory, has been full of dramatic style,causing Erik who played her opposite almost fall into the ditch.If Eric has casting choice, then perhaps try to give Julie a small role, after all, in his movie collection it will be very interesting, but this time he did not have much right to speak.

After following several girls, Drew Barrymore entered.

The symbolic delightful childish face, the upper body wears the white vest, the black strap of bra is often partly visible along with Drew‘s movement, the lower part of the body is one tothe white pleated skirt to the knee, reveals a section of fair calf, on the foot treads the blacksmall leather boots. If you just look at the appearance, this is just a little precocious youth invincible girl, her words did not seem like someone with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Sits down on the opposite chair, Drew Barrymore has stroked her hair ,discovered thatsits beside several 40–50 year middle–aged men and women young Erik, his face with distinct edges and sharpness appears exceptionally handsome. Drew with a charming smile shown him a flirtatious look , that does not belong to that group age girls, which made his heart shiver.

James and others as if by prior agreement look to Erik, Erik looked innocently, hello, why youstared me, I was very innocent, I was played okay?

Finally James opens the mouth saying:“Was good, Drew, ready, we start.“

“Does not have the issue, Mr. Brooks.“Drew showed sweet smiling face, turned into a neighbor girl instantaneously.

Erik wants to shout one really: This is unfair.


“Stop, Maggie, I am not that kind of person.” This scene is in the bedroom of Ned Family,Maggie and Mike‘s another match play, Mike keeps avoiding his daughter’s pursuit.

“Yes, you are.“

“No, I am not”

“You’re right, you are a good person, you are different from them.“

“I and they are different, I and they have very big difference.“Mike is thrown into confusionsaid.

The lioness of being in heat suddenly,as if understood, cannot bear sits on the beddisappointedly, looking distressed: “, I ……I get it.“

“What, did you get it what?“

“Your hair was always perfect and it has highlights.“

“What are you talking about ?“Mike had doubts.

“I mean ……dude, your jeans are really tight ?“

Mike has doubts looks at the lower part of his body, suddenly said: “No, I am not gay, I’m in love, Margie, I’ve been in love with same girl since I was 17.“

Feeling relieved Margie stands up, quickly asked: “Does she go to our school, do I knowher, tell me her name, I just want to know her name?“

“Good,“ Margie draws close to Mike, is playing his face like a mother does with her child and said: “You told your girlfriend should better keep a close eye on you!“


In the room the people are enthralled looking that two people enter the play performance, ifnot the scene , they will believe its real

Some people even unable to bear sigh said that God is really unfair, gives these two peopleso splendid talent, the people are responsible for auditions , they’ve been in this professionmany years, saw many actors to perform in many years of play, was nothing less thandiligently.But the performance talents of these two young people seem to be inherent as if they were natural born actors.

“Erik, your performance is really splendid,heard that you are also screenwriter of thismovie,was really too fierce.“When the play is over, Drew looked at Erik to say curiously.

Erik nodded: “Many thanks, but you are more outstanding than me, Miss Drew.“

“Thank you for the praise,“ Drew extends her hand toward him casually.

Erik also shook her hand, felt what the girl did in his palm, Erik showed a faint smile,he is not a fool that he cannot understand what she was suggesting, perhaps Drew thought he had theright to speak in casting, and wanted to get that role this by teasing him.

After Drew Barrymore leaves, several heads somewhat are silent, they know Drew will come to audition, wanted to deal with her, finally naturally eliminates her.Unexpectedly,Drew displayed the best performance until now.

The following audition, including Erik, all people somewhat are absent–minded.

After nearly one hour, toward noon time, Erik discovered the last name in audition list:Jennifer Aniston.

Oh, less than one second, Erik heart reacted with exclamation

The American sweethearts, live!


James Brooks opens the mouth saying:“Miss Aniston, please first introduce yourself?“

Jennifer Aniston keenly felt across the only young man looks strangely, it is a slightly feverish mood, which made her a little proud at the same time a little stiff, introduced herself, the director let her play a few paragraphs before the end of the audition.

She can see from their not interested behaviour that they already have a candidate for this role. Aniston thinks with disappointment, her parents are also in this circle, so she knew how things work here. However,she still continues, getting some other roles are also good.

Only after Jennifer Aniston leaves audition room, Erik reluctantly looks back. Similar tomaterial such that the previous generation sees, this time Aniston somewhat is truly plump,actually cannot say fat. Moreover after 1.67 m height wears the high–heeled shoes, she looks graceful.

But under the lens this shortcoming will be enlarged.

“What‘s wrong, Erik, do you like this girl? Have to say she has a sweet smile”

Penny Marshall teases him, other people also note Erik‘s embarrassment, has smiled.Erik recovers, somewhat awkwardly scratches the head saying:“Penny, do not ridicule me, I am only …………“

James Brooks reorganizes the material in hand to say with a smile: “How can be the ridicule,Erik, if you like her, now could pursue to deliver her to go home. You looked that the audition had finished, certainly, if you want you can remain and accompany our these old fogies to eat lunch together.“

“I see ……forget it.“Erik fellt somewhat awkward, if caused Aniston‘s resentment it’ll be bad.

“Hey, Erik, be bold,“ James Brooks encourages saying:” Its a vast world, once some goodgirl miss, was difficult to meet. Although this girl somewhat plump , but that sweet smiling face can actually make up for this. If you pursue now, I can give her a small role, one of theMarggie three good friends. This can make you have the opportunity to contact her.“

“Real? Thank you very much,James, I ……First left.“Erik wanted to request Jamesto give Aniston an opportunity, has not opened the mouth, James Brooks on own initiative offered.

Erik said tidy up his backpack, rushed out of door with laughter of encouragement in back

Jennifer Aniston in 1989 (There are no pictures of her in 1988)