I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 89

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Virginia didn\'t understand what Eric was saying, quizzically she said: ""

Eric nodded, and didn\'t explain in detail, nor could he explain to her what 10880 Malibu means.

In his past life 《》, Tony Stark\'s Malibu super sea view mansion impressed Eric a lot. Afterword, he and many fans, tried to inquire online on the mansion information, but they found that the film company chose the location of the mansion to be in Malibu, but they produced the mansion using CGI.

Later it was said that the mansion really exists, but the address was in California, Santiago, and that the owner will list the land for sale. However, the crowd of internet users soon found that it was just a publicity stunt, the house in Santiago indeed have a good Ocean View Villa. But compared with the house in the movie, is like comparing a wild duck with a swan.

As for the more fancy Stark Building in New York is unlikely to be built, New York now is like a hedgehog back there\'s no open land to build in. but iron man\'s Malibu mansion is within the scope of Eric\'s ability. It\'s only a question of how much money he have to spend, and for Eric now, money is not a problem. It is expected that 《》 will bring him almost a hundred million dollars in revenue, all that money is enough for him to build 100 villas in Malibu.

He turned and looked at the beautiful girl behind him, Eric smiled and reached out to touch her breasts, feeling the soft creamy skin in his palm: "Vicky, go and help me make breakfast, because I worked all night, I\'m so hungry now."

"Go ahead, Prepare toast with fried eggs, and then hold an apple and lay on the table, so I can eat you too."

"As you wish, your royal highness." said Virginia, smiling she kissed his cheek, and when she wanted to kiss Eric in the mouth. Eric suddenly thought of something, and tilted his head to the side: "Do not."

With a loud thud, the chair he was sitting on fell to the ground, the papers and pen that were on his knees were scattered all over the floor.

Virginia quickly lifted up Eric slapped the dust on his clothes: "What\'s the matter with you?"

Eric pointed to Virginia Small mouth at night: "you eat that last night, and you haven\'t brushed your teeth yet?"

Virginia immediately understood what Eric meant, and Angrily glared at him: "You are so hateful, making me eat such disgusting thing, that was disgusting."

"It\'s not like you eat poison, it won\'t hurt you." Eric smiled and started helping pick up the papers from the ground, and used a paper clip to bind them. When Virginia rushed to prepare breakfast, Eric sat down to work once again.

More than ten pages of the manuscript were out of order, Eric fiddled with the papers trying to rearrange them. When he accidentally glanced at the top of the page, he saw a striking two words "Steel Magnolias".

《》 ah!

Eric quickly arranged the order the manuscript again, and began reading them from the first page.

Although it was only an audition manuscript, it wasn\'t a complete script, and there wasn\'t any screenwriter or director information writing on it. Eric determined after reading the small lens clips that this is indeed the 《》 he was trying to find. The little fragments he read in the manuscript was obviously the parts for the timid Beautician Annelle played by .

"Fortunately, my luck attribute points are really high, perhaps I should go to Las Vegas to try my luck!" Eric smiled as he mumbled, "since the script appeared in Virginia\'s bedroom, then the auditions should be a Recent thing, I hope the roles haven\'t been settled yet."

With the script in hand he went downstairs, have changed her outfit, and now was wearing an apron, busy at work in the kitchen.

Noticing that Eric appeared behind her, Virginia turned and smiled at him: "breakfast will be ready soon."

Eric raised the script and asked: "Vicky, when did you participate in this movie audition?"

Virginia turned over the eggs in the frying pan with a spatula, and said to him: "are you talking about 《》? ah, on Friday, the day before yesterday."

"Can you tell me what you know about this movie?

Virginia scooped off the omelette and turned off the fire, and said: "Okay, Eric, let\'s go to the dining room to talk about it."

Eric nodded and helped her take the breakfast to the dining room.

poured Eric a glass of milk and said: "This is movie my agent recommended to me, the director is ... ... I have heard that was planing to invest, but because TriStar is owned by , and Columbia started the negotiation with , they worried that if they produced and distributed the film and the film flopped at the box office, will cause their stock prices to fall. And because Columbia wasn\'t optimistic about many other film projects, many of them have been suspended, Herbert Ross had to pull the investment alone. and because the budget was small, I got a chance to audition."

Because of Eric promise last night, she was no longer sad about failing to get the role, in a very flat tone she said: "Unfortunately, I think ... ... thought that I was too old for the role, so I failed the audition."

When she Mentioned her age, showed a worried on her face, and looked up at Eric, she was thirty years old, and can no longer afford to keep wasting her years.

Opposite of her Eric sat eating slowly, but his mind was quickly calculating, since gave up the film, he may be able to take over the project. If Firefly want to grow and develop, it will have to stop producing only the movies made by Eric. Investing in more projects is a must,and 《》 may be a good choice.

Of course, next Firefly will have to gradually establish their own distribution channels, in his past life because had no distribution channels, they had give their films to the six giants to issue, resulting in most of the benefits going to big six, which led to DreamWorks not making enough profits, and finally had to be sold to .

In fact, also had it\'s own distribution channels, but the films made by take a large budgets to produce, and with their ability to issue, if they tried to force distribute their films, then they will have to get $200 million at the box office globally just to be able to recover $100 million. That\'s why Eric hasn\'t thought about releasing his own film for the time being.

The Weinstein brothers too start on the road of small cost movies, they too had the ups and downs of but because they only invested in small budget films they made a lot of money, but in the end they ended up losing , their place in Hollywood was weaker then before even after that they established , and that\'s because they didn\'t have good distribution channels.

He would willingly give close to half of the profits to Fox, because only with Fox giant distributing ability, will he be able to get the film to achieve it full potential at the box office. Even if he had released the movie himself, and achieved the same number of screens as Fox, it is impossible for him to achieve the same high box office. Because there are too many things involved in getting a good box office.

Gradually, Eric clarified how firefly should develop in the future, he will not keep giving his own movies to the big company\'s, for now he will keep investing in movies with small budgets, he will use those "cannon fodder" films to slowly accumulate resources and experience. until he develop to a certain extent, then he will start releasing his own movies.