I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 88

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Eric went to the living room and sat down on a sofa, after finished hanging the clothes she come and sat with him, their eyes met, and the atmosphere started to warm up, Eric could not help but grab her waist and pull her to him.

"Take off your high heels."

Virginia obediently like a little lamb kicked off her high heels, feeling her waist and shoulders being caressed by his strong hands, she said in a low voice: "Eric, can I take a bath first?"

He did not answer her question. After Virginia took off her short high-heeled shoes, Eric was still not satisfied, he pushed her slightly with his hands, her eyes flashed a few times, and obediently knelt on the carpet.

Feeling the satisfied look of the man looking at her, put her little hands on Eric thighs, with her upturned charming face, and almond misty eyes, she said in dissatisfied small voice: "Does all males like the females to surrender under their feet?"

Eric stroked her face softly, and said in agreement: "yes, but most of them do not have the power to make women surrender completely... ... What\'s wrong with your hair? I remember the last time it wasn\'t like this."

Virginia with a puzzled look touched her blond hair, which was deliberately imitating Marilyn Monroe\'s hairstyle: "What\'s the problem?"

"This color doesn\'t look good on you. Let\'s change it tomorrow."

His tone made her somewhat resistant: "But my hair stylist said that this color matches my eye color."

"I like golden brown."

Virginia looked at Eric with grievance, and said: "All right."

Eric slipped her dress shoulder strap off, removed her bra, and started wantonly playing with her abundance: "are you signed with any brokerage firm now?"

Virginia gasped and shook her head: "I only have a broker, he ... ..."

Eric interrupted her words: "you have worked for so many years without any improvement, that person is not qualified, fire him, and then go to UTA to find Kapoor, I will let him take care of you personally."

"Kapoor Sid?" Virginia raised her head excitedly, she certainly knew who Kapoor was. In Kapoor Sid hands now there\'s only three artists. The girl who have an ambiguous relationship with Eric , the actor who made a comeback with 《》 , and one who the media recently started calling "Hollywood Cinderella" .

never dreamed that she would become the fourth, until now, she has been worried that after Eric played with her tonight, he will not keep his promise, or will give her a small role to send her away.

"Eric, thank you."

Eric laughed and pull her to him and said: "now, your task is show me where is the bedroom?"

Under the guidance of Virginia, Eric picked her up and came up to a bedroom in the second floor, he throw her petite body on the bed. and soon their clothes flow away.

... ...

Eric was awakened by the sound of the waves of the sea, and the light of dawn shining though window curtains. He Looked at the girl curled up in his arms, although the natural reaction between his legs that happen to him in the morning, was hopping to thrive, but he did not want to disturb the sleeping Virginia.

Last night, they played too much, and Virginia was exhausted by him. He basically tried a lot of things he saw in porn in his past life. Ripe peaches are indeed much tastier then the smaller ones, and have much more endurance. Plus the girl wasn\'t afraid to express herself, which made Eric feel good about himself.

After putting on some clothes he went to the balcony, only to find that the scenery here wasn\'t as bad as he thought the night before, he can view the distant sea from this place, with the sun just over the horizon, the distant sea was stained with a layer of orange.

A hint of sharp corner suddenly appeared in his southwest field of vision, he narrowed his eyes and looked carefully, Eric suddenly remembered what that place was.

His mind started moving fast, Eric returned to the bedroom, and started searching for papers. he found a stack of A4 papers in the cabinet bedside Virginia, it was a script for a movie, Eric was to lazy to look at them, anyway a script that can be sent to is certainly not a script of a good movie, next he found a pen. Eric carried a chair to the balcony, and put the stack of A4 paper on his knees and started working.

Looking carefully at the topography of the sharp corner not far away, and comparing it to the memory in his mind, Eric bowed his head and started sketching on a blank paper.

The rustling sound as he draws on the paper rang for more than half an hour, when the sleeping girl woke up and found the bed empty, Virginia panicked for a brief moment, but she calmed down when she found his figure sitting on the balcony carefully sketching.

She put on a Sheer gauze robe to cover her delicate body, and went to the balcony,

Virginia leaned over and hugged his shoulders affectionately and said: "Good morning, Eric."

"Morning, Vicky, are you going to use this script?"

Virginia shook her head: "it\'s no use, I prepared for a long time for the role, but I didn\'t pass the audition."

Eric nodded and continued sketching.

"Eric, what are you drawing?"

Eric tore off a page with bird\'s eye view drawing from the script and showed it to her, pointing out to the sharp corner in the southwest.

Virginia looked at the paper in wonder: "This is ... ... Home design drawing?"

"Well, it\'s a plan for a luxurious mansion, I\'m going to buy that land and build myself a house just like this."

Virginia smiled and give back the paper back to Eric and said: "But there\'s a park there"

Eric took the drawings: "It\'s not the Central Park, I will think of a way to buy it, I\'m going to buy close to a hectare of land, I\'m sure the Los Angeles county government will be happy to add extra money to their budget."

One hectare, Virginia did not notice that Eric was not using imperial units of measurement, she awkwardly attempted to convert the metric system units in her head, a hectare is about 100,000 square feet, and her small villa was only a little more than 1000 square feet.

Oh, my God, one hundred times the size of her villa, clearly exceeding the limits of imagination. If this man belongs to her ... ... No, even if she was only his lover, it will be wonderful to live in such a luxurious mansion.

"Eric, the geological situation there doesn\'t seem to be good for the construction of a mansion. Otherwise, rich people must have tried to buy it. I think it\'s better if you pick a land with a private beach. Why do you want that place anyway?"

Eric once again looked at the picture spread on the white paper, and said with a mysterious smile on his lips: "because there is ." he paused, then added: "My "