I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 87

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After he sent away Kapoor, Jeffrey come to him, After that several executives from came to say hello, when he finally finished socializing with them. ran over and said that a few producers want to meet with him.

No problem, continue!

He spent more then an hour smiling to the point that his face have gone stiff, when things finally quieted down. Exhausted, he took a glass of wine and went directly to a couch in the corner and sat down.

"Mr. Williams can I have the honor of dancing with you?"

Eric subconsciously showed a stiff smile, the girl on the opposite side had no time to be happy only to see Eric shaking his head.

"Sorry, miss. I\'m too tired."

"Oh, I\'m sorry." The other side turned and left.

After rejecting a the first two bold girls, no other girl come to disturb him, until a blonde with beautiful eyes and and a gentle tone come to him.

"Mr. Williams, my name is ... ..."

Eric fought back his instinct to take a defensive stance.

I don\'t want to know what your name is. I just want to be alone for a few minutes. Is that so difficult?

"Excuse me, can I stay alone by myself for a while?"

"Oh, sorry ......"

My mood can\'t be so bad, Eric clutched his forehead.

After enjoying the quiet for a few seconds, a voice sounded again.

"Eric, would you like some fruit juice, for your hangover?"

Eric looked up, only to see a girl with a lovely face, carrying two glasses of orange juice.

"Of course, thank you, Miss ," Eric took the juice from her.

sat down beside Eric, and slowly leaned towards him, and started softly rubbing his arm, and said in a tone filled with resentment: "I\'m glad you still remember me, Call me Virginia, okay?"

"Okay, Virginia, eh ... Vicky?"

"Whatever," She said with a smile: "I see you have been rejecting a lot off girl, are you gay ..."

Eric subconsciously raised his voice and denied: "absolutely not."

"Oh, what a big reaction! don\'t worry? I don\'t discriminate against homosexuals. I have seen a lot of directors who are like this, I think gay men are more delicate."

"Vicki, would you mind changing the subject?"

Virginia carefully looked at Eric expression and nodded: "So you really are not ah, then what\'s going on with you?"

"Didn\'t you see it?"

She shook her head: "I went to the Restroom, when I came out all I saw is you rejecting the poor girls."

Eric explained; "I was so tired that I had to turned down the invitation to dance with them. Maybe this move made them misunderstand something."

"Oh, fortunately I didn\'t invite you to dance, or else you may have driven me away."

Eric didn\'t want to talk about it. It was a bit rude of him to refuse their invitations.

"By the way, what movie have you been working on recently?"

When heard his question a feeling of strong loss grow in her heart, she often think of her first encounter with Eric, and of the words Eric said, she really thought that Eric based the movie 《》 on her as an inspiration.

Unfortunately, she didn\'t get the heroine role, more than once Virginia saw the crowds treating like a princess, she couldn\'t help but feel a little envy in her heart.

Julia had not been famous before, but now the lucky girl has become a world-famous Hollywood actress. If she had taken the initiative that evening, perhaps she well be the one enjoying the fame. Thinking of this, Virginia was determined to seize Eric this night.

"I just finished shooting a film, playing a rich businessman\'s wife, I ended up driving myself to the river to die."

"Really! hhhh ... ... sorry."

Eric was embarrassed and didn\'t know how to answer. she didn\'t seem to be blaming him. she wasn\'t really dead. then why does it sound like he was the killer?

Think about it, Eric Assured her: "You will be fine."

"It\'s hard to see hope. I\'m almost out of options. I can\'t act as a pure girl. and in another two years, maybe I could only play the role of a housewife."

Hearing the pure girl two words, Eric laughed, it seems that Virginia have kept the words he said a few months ago firmly in mind. At that party, he just casually said, that her temperament and beauty doesn\'t work for pure and young characters.

He didn\'t care about thought, Hollywood has always been a patriarchal world, a woman who have neither power nor backers and want to succeed, will have to play by the rules and always try to please the ones on top.

Thinking about his past life, even after ten years of work, he wasn\'t even able to jump over the wall, and only staying in the periphery of the industry circle.

"Vicky, do you want a chance?"

Virginia eyes lit up: "of course."

Erik looked up and down at the ripe flesh of the woman dressed in a black dress: "But I\'m not an angel. What can you give back?"


The party has been going on for several hours, and many men and women were leaving in pairs, perhaps they have feelings for each other, or it was just a simpler one-night stand, and perhaps they have reached a deal. Anyway, in a Hollywood party, it\'s hard to produce a love at first sight like in fairy tales, and there have always been news of people getting cheated by crooks from time to time.

The two of them took the elevator together to the underground parking lot, with the night temperature this season reaching about 10 degrees in Los Angeles, wearing a thin dress, with the cool breeze blowing late at night, Virginia sobered up a little, she regretted recklessly accepting Eric deal.

She felt that she should at least try to string the young director along to wet his appetite, so she can reliably get the benefits, but now she only got a promise, if the young man afterwards didn\'t keep his promise, she would be played by him like a fiddle with nothing to show for it.

Suddenly Eric gently covered Virginia body with coat to keep her warm.

Well, it is a one-night stand, at least, the little man was very thoughtful.

They quietly negotiated for a while and decided to go to home in . If Eric came out from the hotel door he will be surrounded by the paparazzi, they wanted to know if Eric will bring a woman home tonight, he was sure that the paparazzi will be camping outside of his Beverly mansion. Now if he go outside with her it\'s like him taking the initiative to provide Virginia to the paparazzi on a silver platter.

It took him almost an hour to drive from the Hilton Hotel to Malibu with no traffic jams on the way. Fortunately, the two of them were talkative people, so awkward silence didn\'t appear along the way.

He Followed her directions to a small villa north of the coastal highway, far away from the beach, it is estimated that even in her second floor balcony it will be difficult to see the sea, Eric casually asked her: "why do you live here?"

Virginia put Eric coat on the hanger and said frankly, "It\'s nice to have such a small villa in Malibu. You don\'t think that after I filmed a few movies I will be able to afford a villa in Beverly hills like you?"

Eric shrugged, realizing that he had asked her with sarcastic tone. thinking back to his past life, after the first debut of Virginia in a movie made by director called 《》 in 1984, she didn\'t star in any remarkable film since then, even after the nineties she didn\'t have any good work, she later shifted he focus to TV dramas.

As an actress, although she was famous to some degree, but she had no box office appeal, therefore all the films offers she received were low-cost movies, where the paycheck only reach tens of thousands of dollars.

After tonight, another woman\'s fate will be changed by him.

After all, after his appearance, Hollywood history was bound to become mess, so why not change history to his own enjoyment.

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