I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 86

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After the champagne, the party officially begins. As a film project that could bring Fox hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, including revenue from peripheral video tapes, even Fox current president Barry Diller had to personally attend 《Pretty Woman》 celebration.

And in addition to 《Pretty Woman》 crew members, Fox also invited dozens of big and small stars to come, the party scene can be described as night sky filled with stars. There were a lot of big shots on the scene, hundreds of people in the ballroom danced together, some guests gather together in small groups, trying to forge new ties to make their positions in Hollywood stronger.

"Eric, the Super Bowl Trailer thing, Fox promotion department is indeed too conservative, I guarantee you that in the next movie release, Fox will fully cooperate with you. And also, we will included this in the expenses, we will make sure that you get reimbursed later."

Eric with a smile on his face: "Mr. Diller, don\'t mention it. The $1.5 million in the Super Bowl ad is really a big expense, it\'s understandable that FOX was cautious."

Barry Diller smiled, and didn\'t mention it any more.

The topic was once again moved to Eric\'s next film, though not yet seen, Fox have already decided to publish the film in the summer.

This summer many big movies will be released, Warner Bros will release 《Batman》, Paramount 《Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade》, Colombia 《Ghostbusters II》, these three movies are destined to be big at the Box Office.

And because FOX put too much attention on developing their television network, leading to this year number of film productions totaling only 10 movies, ranked last in the big six movie studios list.

In order not to be in the bottom, Fox was bound to give full support to Eric\'s film, especially after the success of 《Pretty Woman》.

With the big blockbuster movies released this summer, wanting to get a cut of the box office is not easy. Eric can not put 《Home Alone》 sequel to compete with those big blockbusters for the summer box office, he thought for a long time before deciding on a movie from his past life.

"I already have a preliminary outline of the plot for the next film, I intend to invite Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise as the stars, It will be a play between two men."

Barry Diller eyes narrowed slightly, if successful, just the name appeal of Tom Cruise and Eric are enough to boost the box office to over 100 million dollars. And with 《Home Alone》 sequel this year Eric will have three big hits, so FOX was no longer afraid of his film performance, they can now safely focus on the development of their TV network.

"Eric, if you want to invite the two Toms, Then their pay will be no less then $10 million each, what is your budget?"

Eric thought for a moment: "The budget should not exceed 30 million, this is a drama, and doesn\'t need any big scenes, or any special effects, the movie run entirely on the two actor\'s personal play, so $30 million is a very Loose budget, and we probably won\'t be able to finish it."

"I heard that you have just spent a lot of money to buy Steve Jobs studio?"

Although Barry Diller was talking in an indifferent tone, Eric immediately understood his meaning . Fox still wants to play a part in the new film investment.

"Yes, I had Pixar make the logo for my film company, after seeing it i was very satisfied with their work. When I heard that Steve Jobs wanted to sell the studio, I bought it. However, the animation cycle is very long, and 3D animation is still in the exploratory stage, so I don\'t know when the first animated movie will be made."

Eric ignored the frustrated look on Barry Diller face, anyway, if he was going to beat around the Bush, Eric also was going to play the idiot card.

Listening to the small fox in front of him playing dumb, Barry Diller had to pick the topic: "Eric, I mean, if you don\'t have enough funds to produce the film, Fox can be responsible for part of the investment, which can also reduce your risk. Do not worry, Fox will not link the cost of investment with the sharing agreement we signed before."

Barry Diller said the matter bluntly, and Eric didn\'t directly reject the offer, of course, he will not hand over his own rights submissively. If he can successfully invited Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, with the box office appeal of the three of them, the film can not fail.

Finally, Eric could only say: "No problem, Mr. Diller, If we need outside investment, Fox is definitely my first choice."

When Barry Diller heard Eric halfhearted answer, he understand that the possibility of Fox investing in the movie is almost close to zero. But he will not make the same mistake like Columbia did before, now the cooperation between them is still in the honeymoon period, although in accordance with their previous agreement, Eric will earn a little more than Fox, but Fox also will make huge profits that make others which they were in their place.

After Talking about some other topics, The two separated to go entertain other people. When Barry Diller walked away, Eric instantly felt a lot of eyes focus on him.

... ...

Okay, girls, the first one to throw herself at me will get a role in the next movie. a ridiculous idea emerged in Eric head, giving him a remarkable feeling. After all, he was a layman in his past life, if he can\'t enjoy his position now, then what the hell is he going to do?.

And soon the first person to start a conversation come to him.

Bald head, six feet long, with a sturdy frame, and a crooked smile on his face, Ah ... ... it\'s a man.

"Eric, you finally came back, I want to know what you\'re thinking, Julia got a lot of movie offers, and I think quite a few of them are good. But why did you rejected them all?"

It was difficult for Eric to finally decided to indulge himself, but he was helplessly pulled out from his fantasy\'s by Kapoor.

"Kapoor, I don\'t think you have a sense time and place."


"Will you look around?""

Kapoor with a puzzled look on his face, glanced around suspiciously, he found several beautiful girls looking at him, not concealing the hostility in their eyes.

Although Kapoor is a workaholic, but he was still very proficient in the traditional code of conduct, or he wouldn\'t work as a broker, shrugging he said: "I\'m sorry, Eric, I don\'t mean to delay your hunting. But if you don\'t tell me about it, I won\'t be at ease."

Eric also wanted to tell him that Julia in his past life successful movies, were mostly romantic comedies, therefore she temporarily can\'t take any of those movies.

He felt that the most suitable movie for Julia right now is 《Steel Magnolias》, the movie that let her win the Golden Globe nomination, and made close to $100 million at the box office.

Unfortunately, when he did inquire about the film he found that until now TriStar Pictures haven\'t started the project, either because of the butterfly effect caused by him, or they just didn\'t start working on it yet.

He can not write the script again. In The previous three movies, he was 100% sure that the original script has not yet appeared, or appeared but didn\'t have a close resemblance to his film, like in the case of 《Pretty Woman》, so he could make them with a peace of mind. But now he can\'t guarantee that there won\'t be any problem.

"Kapoor, wait a few more days. I\'m going to go to the writers\' union to see if any good scripts have been registered, and I will pick one for Julia."

"Eric," Kapoor said: "do you know how many registered scripts the Writers union has? Thousands of them. It\'s like going to San Francisco to pan for gold, a lot of work with almost no results."

It\'s easy to know where the gold is buried. All Eric have to do is find the screenwriter of 《Steel Magnolias》.

"Trust me Kapoor, be patient. I\'ll give you an answer soon."

Eric also made up his mind, if he can\'t find 《Steel Magnolias》 script, he will pick another high-grossing movies for Julia from his memories, anyway, with Julia fame now, as long as the character is appropriate for her, and she have the intention to participate in the movie, no director will reject her, and many production companies in order to get her in their movies, will pay generously.