I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 85

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Pausing, Eric felt a little thirsty, he got up and went to the refrigerator and took a can of beer and drank a few mouthfuls, then returned to the sofa, he was about to continue his scolding, but when he took a look at the girl across him, he immediately shut his mouth.

She was crying ... ...

He helplessly reached under the tea table, to pull out a box of tissue paper, and pushed it in front of her.

"Please don\'t cry, I won\'t say anything anymore."

This sentence had the opposite effect, Julia took a few sheets of tissue paper and covered her little face, and Let her tears out with more enthusiasm, she even let out a small sob.

In accordance with the normal plot in times like this, a woman need a shoulder to cry on, and then he will say a few affectionate words, And then he will find a dark room with a fireplace on, to start a session of lovemaking.

However, it looks like he was the one who made Julia cry, so he felt he shouldn\'t try to execute the plot.

So he didn\'t know what to do.

He sat there looking helplessly, Watching her tears fall from her beautiful eyes.

As a woman, she felt stupid, ashamed, and angry. All those emotions made her lose control of her tears, and the bastard was just sitting there awkwardly, he didn\'t even try to comfort her.

How can you feel so embarrassed now?

A few minutes later, she had to take the initiative to stop crying, wiped her face, and crumbled the paper towels and throw them at him, and said: "you\'re such a jerk!"

She then stood up, and hurried to go to the bathroom. To fix the makeup she ruined with her crying.

She stayed in the Restroom for a while trying to Patch up her makeup, and only come out after there was no traces of her crying left. And sat back in her original position.

"I will pay attention to your script as soon as possible, you don\'t have to hurry. If you feel bored, you can go attend some simple college courses, this will help shape your image, the public still prefer ambitious actress. Of course, it\'s OK to take part in variety shows. And if you want to do something else you can ask Kapoor to arrange things for you, he is a very good broker.

"Ok" said Julia with a nod.

"By the way, have you ever been to a psychiatrist?"

Julia shook her head, bitterly stared at Eric, and blamed the bastard.

She had some free time after the film was released. So she took some time to look up information on what exactly the so-called Stockholm syndrome is. The examples in the book seemed absurd in her view, but she has to admit that they can be linked to her abnormal behavior.

At the same time, with the release of 《》 she quickly went from a small actor to a big star, So she was afraid to find a psychiatrist, if a psychiatrist accidentally revealed her illness, she may ruin her fledgling acting career. How can the public accept an actress who can become a sex slave at any moment? So Julie was afraid to tell even the closest people to her, at present this kind of thing, only Eric and she knows.

Eric also quickly understood Julia\'s concerns, this thing was really tricky. Once outsiders know a big scandal is unavoidable.

"I think this kind of thing have something to do with confidence, when you have just arrived at my house, your condition were good, your body was giving a domineering appearance, you should continue doing that, you may recover from this illness without any medical help."

"You ... ... nonsense, I checked the information, I blame you for this thing, If you hadn\'t treated me like that, that night, I wouldn\'t have this problem."

Eric raised his hand in surrender: "Okay, it\'s may be my fault."

"It was your fault."

Seeing Eric look embarrassed, Julia was quite pleased with herself: "Yes, that ... ... Why isn\'t here? Is it not the weekend?"

"She lives in a boarding school. And sometimes she come home on the weekends. She May not know that I come back today. The girl likes playing, and when I\'m not at home, she rarely stays at home alone."

Julia said in a sour tone: "you\'re so kind to her."

Eric laughed: "You are not the first to say that. The girl is now my creditor and owes me one million dollars. These days, you have to take care of your creditors to get your money back."

"Oh!... ..."

"Are you going to celebration party at the Hilton Hotel in the evening?"

"Of course," Julia nodded and looked at her watch: "It\'s getting late now. I have to go back."

Eric helped her put back her disguise, and sent Julia out, and returned to the villa.

He watched TV until sunset, Then went upstairs to change his clothes, and then drove to the Hilton Hotel.

The celebration party of 《》 this big box office movie, is certainly the focus of attention of the paparazzi. Eric didn\'t like dealing with the paparazzi, so he planned to take the parking lot elevator directly to the banquet hall. But he found that he forget to ask on which floor the party was on.

He looked around the parking lot, and found no one around to ask, Eric reluctantly to waited in the parking lot, in hope of meeting a guest who came to the party. But unfortunately, his luck wasn\'t so good, after waiting for a few minutes, no one appeared, if he waited for so long, it is estimated that the ones watching the overhead cameras, will think that he was as malicious car thieves.

After a while he Reluctantly decided to get out of the parking lot, and be surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi.

The Hilton\'s security guards were doing their best, they quickly came over to help Eric block the crowd. While frantically pressing the shutter, the paparazzi was shouting their throat raw, asking their messy questions.

"Director Williams, you disappeared for a week. Are you preparing for the next movie?"

"Eric, did miss sleep with you to get the heroine role of 《》?"

"Lamborghini announced that their latest Countach car within a week the number of pre-orders reached 153%, Eric, are you going to continue to put ads in your next movies?"

"Eric, why didn\'t miss come with you? Aren\'t she living with you?"

"... ..."

Good, malicious, full of traps, all kinds of out-of-order questions drifted into his ears, it is very difficult for Eric to give the appropriate answer, so he chose not to answer at all, under the protection of the security guards he finally was able to walk into the Hilton Hall, leaving the crazy paparazzi behind.

After entering a Hilton\'s manager greeted him with a smile

"Mr. Williams, welcome. The celebration of 《》 is on the fourth floor. Shall I take you there?"

Eric hurriedly shook his head: "No, I\'ll do it myself."

He Entered the elevator and pressed the button to go up, only to see the manager still standing there smiling at him. What\'s going on?

In fact, this matter is very simple, Eric in 《》 portrayed a very cool hotel manager named Bernie Thompson, because of that he had a very good impression of Eric.

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