I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 81

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There is no doubt that the one benefited the most is , with the continuous release of 《》 Julia felt like she have entered into an unknown world, in this new world everyone is humble and respectful to her, as if she were a princess.

When she recorded a talk show at , the entire production team was trying to please her, at every detail of the recording process, the program directors were seriously asking for her opinion.

At the same time, she got a lot of advertising offers, endorsements and invitations to become a spokeswoman for some big brands, her paycheck after the first weekend box office released, directly jumped to $5 million, this figure many stars can only dream of attaining.

also completely come out of the shadow of the failure of four years ago, he become high-spirited again, and many old friends that he lost contact with for a while started popping up again, so he started attending one party after another.

Of course, some people become frustrated after the success of 《》, With beginning to publicize his new movie 《》 Richard Gere is undoubtedly the one who lost the most. His agent who boasted before that Eric\'s new film will be nothing in front 《》 didn\'t show his face this days. Although know the reasons for his agent\'s doing so, but he also felt that by rejecting Eric invitation, he will be doing a favor to , So he chose 《》.

If 《》 didn\'t achieve such great success, even if only a small explosion at the box office, Richard Gere will not feel bad, but 《》 was successful, and it was a big success, only the first week of income is worth the total box office of many of his films. Seeing these, could no longer stay calm.

His anger made him forget that he made the choice to abandon 《》 on his own, if the artists themselves insist on doing a movie, although will try to put pressure on them, but they also can not force them to stop acting, But put all the blame on CAA, he felt like he was the victim of personal power play.

... ...

At headquarters in Atlanta, a crucial meeting about , was being held.

In the hands of Coca-Cola President , was the information of 《》 and 《》, next to him was sitting Colombian president Blount Cohen.

"The gambling agreement, that was your first mistake, of course with 《》 income Columbia share prices from the previous $12 rose to $14 now, this can be weighed against your mistakes."

said, after looking at another document: "But then, your bad behavior led directly to Eric Williams going to , according to the agency expectations 《》 North America box office could reach up to $200 million, and the overseas box office may be more than 50% of North America, 《》 can bring at least $80 million of pure profits for , which should have been Colombia."

Blount Cohen didn\'t dare reply, he was waiting quietly for the final decision of board of directors. In fact, he already known the result. being a film company executives look great on the outside, but few people can understand the enormous pressure behind them.

With tens of millions of dollars of investment at every turn, every time a film is released, the results wan bring great changes, some people because of the huge losses, directly packed up and left, never to recover. and some people because of the success of a project, suddenly was promoted to high places, enjoyed more power and interests, of course, they also continued to live in fear of the next project.

Blount Cohen also know that Eric Williams was only one of the causes for the situation he now faces. The most importantly thing is that he himself opposes decision to sell Columbia to the Japanese.

According to some channels that revealed the news, Coca-Cola board of directors has formally decided to open negotiations with Japan\'s . Him staying or leaving as the president doesn\'t matter anyway, will soon be sold to SONY.

But in order for him to secure his position he contacted many people to boycott the deal.

This kind of thing he can\'t hide from Coca-Cola executives, When he was successful no one said anything. But after his failure, he must face the bitter consequences.

"...... Therefore, I now formally announce the resolution of the board of directors to remove Blunt Cohen from the position of Columbia pictures president , effective immediately."

read the resolutions of the board of directors, and discussed some other topics before ending the meeting, Blount Cohen as the former president, still retained some decency, no security guards escorted him back to Columbia headquarters in Los Angeles to pack up his luggage.

After Blount Cohen left with a bleak face, Goizueta did not leave, but arrived at another reception room.

"Hello, Mr. Goizueta." Pushing the door open, the woman who was sitting on the sofa stood up and warmly reached out her hand to greet him.

Goizueta shook her hand and smiled: "Sorry for making you wait, Amy."

"That\'s OK. I have just arrived."

Not long ago this woman , angrily left Columbia.

"My assistant has told you what I want right, Amy, what do you think?"

asked: "Mr. Goizueta I think, now I do not need to return to , although I resigned, but I still did hear the news that Columbia will be sold to . In this case, what am I going to do when I get laid off again a few months later?"

"Of course not Amy, you\'re a talented professional manager, even if the Japanese take over Columbia, they won\'t dare make too much changes to the high-level employees. I\'ve learned about the cause of your departure from Columbia, if Blunt Cohen had listened to you before, there wouldn\'t have been a bet agreement that have cost Columbia tens of millions of dollars in profits. And there will be no chance for Eric Williams to switch to ."

Amy Pascal said: "Mr. Goizueta it doesn\'t make any sense to say that now. I want to know the real reason you want me to come back to Columbia."

looked at Amy and said: "Amy, you know Eric Williams, don\'t you?"

Sure enough!

confirmed the speculation in her mind and said. "Yes, but only on the surface. Maybe Eric won\'t remember me now."

"Oh, how could it be? If it hadn\'t been for your help, there won\'t be a 《》 box office miracles?"

"Mr. Goizueta, if you want me to convince Eric Williams to switch to Columbia, then it\'s almost impossible, as everyone knows, Eric has signed a three films contract with this year. And by the end of next year Columbia will already be in the hands of ."

Goizueta shook his head, and said: "Of course not. I also understand the contract. In fact the contract is not too tight, because FOX just wanted to get 《》 sequel rights, so there is nothing on the contract stopping Eric Williams from cooperating with other film companies. After opening negotiations with SONY, Columbia needs some good news to boost its share price, for example...... A big movie."


"Rest assured, Amy, I know some of your concerns, and in order to successfully cooperate with Eric Williams, the board of directors has removed Blount Cohen from ."

"Really?" said in surprise.

nodded: "of course, otherwise, with Blount Cohen connections, because he was in the position of the president for a long time, the board of directors is not willing to go to war with him. When you come into contact with Eric Williams, you can reveal this matter to show our sincerity."

Amy Pascal also thought of another question: "I think Eric Williams is very fast at shooting movies, but three should be regarded as the limit in one year, right? Any more than that, We won\'t be able to guarantee the quality?"

"We will put his new film on the summer stalls, with his current fame, as long as the film is not too bad, for the film to get $100 million at the box office is not a big problem. Moreover......" Goizueta lowered his voice slightly and said: "We\'ll give him a sufficient budget to make second film, and we can even get someone to shoot the film for him. and he only need to concentrate on making our movie."

hesitated for a moment, then nodded: "I\'ll try my best."

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