I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 80

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They eat the birthday dinner slowly, was lazily leaning on Eric body, and he sometimes whispered words of affection to her.

They sung the birthday song together.

After singing they cut the birthday cake, and started eating there piece of cake, and quickly consumed a bottle of red wine.

"Did you finish eating?" Eric looked at the girl flushed face, and asked her with concern.

"Yes" nodded her head, she hugged Eric and said: "I\'m so tired, take me to the bathroom, I don\'t want to move."

"No problem, my little princess, but first" Eric got up and took two beautifully wrapped gift boxes from his luggage and said: "Well, one is a birthday gift, and one is a Valentine\'s day gift."

Aniston saw the two gift boxes, and suddenly become unhappy, she took the two gift boxes and put them on the table, then drilled into his arms.

"Don\'t you want to open the boxes first."

"I\'m Not happy, I don\'t want to see."

Eric touched Aniston blond hair as he said, "I\'m sorry, Anne. I made an appointment with someone before, So I have to leave early tomorrow morning."


"Anne, please go back to Los Angeles, I want you to stay with me."

"Tired, I wanna take a bath ..."

"All right, all right," Eric picked her up and walked into the bathroom. Letting the water warm up, he started slowly undressing her, She obediently raised her hand to let Eric remove her clothes. Soon she was standing only in her bra almost completely naked in front of him, her beautiful body exposed in front of him, Eric\'s breathing becomes rapid.

After a long time not seeing him, Aniston looked a little shy, with downcast eyes, she gently pulled at Eric\'s jacket: "let\'s bath together?"

Eric nodded and took off his clothes. And removed her bra, her beautiful breasts exposed, Eric wrapped his hands around them and kneaded them a few times, he felt he nipples gradually hardening in his palms, he could not help but lean down and kiss them.

"That tickle." escaped Eric claws, She smiled tenderly and helped him take off his pants, then fled into the bathtub, after squeezing in. she looked at Eric face expectantly. Eric took off his last piece of clothes his underwear, Aniston made a kind of high-spirited call out a cry, and suck out her tongue and said: "So ugly."

"The girl who say bad things often get punished." Eric smiled and stepped into the bathtub, he stretched out his hands to hold her waist and pulled her to his arms. Feeling how light she was, Eric said: "Jenny, you should eat more, i like you the way you were."

"Well, i don\'t want to please you." felt something aggressive beneath her, she wanted to scoot forward, but she couldn\'t move because Eric was hugging her tightly.

"Eric, let\'s start bathing, the bathtub will be flooded soon."

Eric big hands once again covered her soft breasts, and kissed her ear lobe, and whispered to her: "but I think this is more interesting?"

With him teasing her Sensitive earlobes, Aniston whole body melted down.

Eric stopped talking, slid his hands down, and lifted Aniston buttocks and spread them apart, then Pushed forward to squeeze in.

"ahh, you didn\'t put a condom on."

"Don\'t worry, this time is a safe period."

Feeling her body penetrated, coupled with the the wine from before, Aniston was confused, and hearing his words, she subconsciously asked: "Men have safety period?"

"Well ... ... I mean you. " Eric explained without words and slowly began to move.

Aniston silently started wriggled her waist, but her mouth still didn\'t let things go: "That\'s awful, how can you secretly calculate such a thing, you asshole."

Eric smacked her ass and said while laughing: "I only count your\'s."

After that they spent a wild night together.

... ...

The next day he woke up very late, exhausted by the tossing she got last night was still sleeping, probably having sweet dreams, the corner of her mouth was curved. he kissed her lips and started dressing cautiously without making any noise.

After making a simple breakfast, Aniston still didn\'t wake up, Eric looked at his watch, he put away her share, and started eating his share.

"Jane, I have to go." After breakfast, Eric went into the bedroom, gently kissed and teased her hair.

"Hmm!...... Don\'t make any noise. I want to sleep." she loudly protested, and impatiently pulled the quilt over her head.

"Well, I\'ll call you when I get back to Los Angeles." Eric said again, watching the lazy girl still did not response,

Thinking about it, he got a pen and paper, and wrote a note, and put it in a noticeable place, then reluctantly picked up his luggage and left the apartment.

Taking a taxi, Eric looked up at Aniston apartment window, but due to the backlight effect, all he saw was darkness.

She was behind the window, wrapped in a blanket, her hands clutching the note, watched the taxi gradually disappearing, she sighed, and moved back to the bed and tossed about in distress, then grabbed the pillow next to her and beat it a few times.

Go on you bastard, even while pretending to sleep, you couldn\'t stay a little longer, Damn it!

... ...

Shortly after getting off the plane, Eric contacted his private lawyer, and again left Los Angeles to go to California, to meet , at San Francisco Bay, due to the increasingly dwindling funds, Steve Jobs had to move headquarters into a small corner in California.

At the same time 《》 plundered the box office across all North America. After a hot three days weekend, the movie entered the working days, but the number of the viewers did not decline, especially in valentine\'s day, in many cinemas that screened 《》 have appeared a full house phenomenon.

In the envy, jealousy and hatred of other movie companies, one week later, the box office data of 《》 was officially announced.

16.05 million dollars in the three days weekend, and at the first week a total of 29.07 million, although regrettably it did not reach 30 million US dollars, but it surpassed 《》 first week box office.

The release of the second week, the box office of 《》 fell to $17 million, down by 43%, a lot of people felt relieved after seeing the data, fortunately it was not another 《》, otherwise some people will go insane.

But in the third week 《》 Box Office did not appear a sharp fall like the second week. and a month later the 《》 north america box office accumulated more than 75 million dollars, there\'s no suspense that the movie will break the 100 million mark, according to some statistic agencies estimates, as long as there\'s no box office dark horse appearing, the film is likely to once again exceed $200 million at the box office.

Under the operation of the Fox, 《》 has also been released in the overseas market, although most areas missed valentine\'s day, but under the influence of the North American market reputation the film\'s overseas box office is stronger than North American, within four weeks it broke through the $100 million mark.

In less than a year to shoot two movies that created a miracle at the box office, Eric once again became the focus of attention,

The "" wrote an article titled "The wonder kid who broke into Hollywood" that gave a detailed account of Eric\'s story in less than a year

Many well-known magazines tried to contact Eric but failed, they even contacted Jeffrey and Kapoor hoping to get an interview with Eric, but all were rejected.

Although Eric has not yet reached the heights of and , he believes that day will not be too far away. Eric ultimate goal is these big heavyweights, who are controlling the media while hiding behind the scenes.

losing hope of getting an interview with Eric, the media had to wait for the next time, and turned there attention to other people.

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