I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 8

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The moment he wake up, he felt that his head was stuffed with a piece of stone, shaking head few times. He quickly understood own situation, smiling, sat up, and its already more than nine in the morning.

This is Eric Williams family on the second floor bedroom, blazing summer sun, brazenly through the south balcony French doors falls into the bedroom.

Rebirth half a month, Eric has been busy with all sorts of things. Never even looked this brand new world, and now everything is off to a good start, his heart also lay on the room and took a look at it.

A large bedroom, more than thirty square meters, after moving his bed, then wardrobe, desk, some science and other messy things , still seemed spacious.

Ralph always wanted it divided in to two rooms, because there are only father and son in the family it never happened. and Ralph never made an attempt to find a wife again

Do not know that if every man drinking behind always have such piercing past.

Going down from the second floor, it took half an hour to tidy up messy living room after party, after finishing breakfast, Eric drove away from the house.

Spent several hours to go to the store for a Strauss piano, after leaving the delivery address, Eric went to the bookstore to buy a thick stack of books on music arrangement.

Eric not on a whim wanted to be a singer, he’d done just to prepare for a movie soundtrack, so many classic movies in mind, if you want to restore them perfect, must understand some basic knowledge of the arrangement, at least the mind can tune to a degree of existing song written in music sheet, other in the future he becomes joke in the eyes of music professionals.

Hollywood is different from the mainland(China) . In the mainland many directors when doing film, for soundtrack, usually find a music teacher, music teacher watching the raw footage provides some music, the director listens, approves and its done.

But in Hollywood movie music is a very important part, so they strive for perfection, do not say background music, just the theme song have sprung up countless classics.

Soon deliveryman came and the piano is set up in the west side of the living room studio. Though its studio there isn’t even a single bookshelf there just big desks and other goods. All his books are in his bedroom , Ralph never had a reading habit.

After the piano properly placed, as usual must try to tune something. Eric sat at the piano and hands on the keys, and then, in deliverymen eyes saw ridicule and contempt, but he just kept on playing some tune of the song “happy birthday . ” After Eric squinted at the transfixed deliveryman, they are frightened as dumb as chicken. On this level, even in the past circles be considered as somewhat skilled.

As a punishment for their contempt, he cut their tips in half.


” What audition ?” Eric puzzled and asked: “Penny, my role has not decided yet?”

In the family home for a few days he study music every day, practice basketball and practice performance, Eric think that this situation is likely to continue until shooting the film, but only for three days, received director Penny Marshall’s phone.

“Of course, Eric. I mean, you want to participate in the audition of other roles, after all, you are the writer, you can offer some advice on the role choice, right?”

Eric knows he only make comments but not the decisive power. But Eric readily agreed with Penny Marshall, he wanted to participate in the film production to gain some experience.

Drove to Fox photography base and saw Penny Marshall and James Brooks, the film casting is a big matter, of course the director and producer are present, , there are several other staff members involved in the casting, but Eric is only a young man.

There is more than ten minutes before the beginning of the audition, Penny Marshall on initiative with Eric chatted about the “17 Again” preparations .

“” BIG, ” success made Twentieth Century Fox to this film confident , out of a budget of $ 20 million, they hope that it is a Thanksgiving release, so they have to in two weeks concluded the preparations, and finish filming before the end of the school summer holidays. ”

Eric took the list of actors auditioning given by staff and said thank you, hear Penny Marshall’s words:” If everything goes smoothly three months is enough time for the movie, the movie only have a few simple scenes, not take that long. ”

Penny Marshall nodded:” indeed it is, but also to set aside some time for publicity. ”

” Yes, Penny, which roles we interview today? “Eric asked.

“Well, adult Mike O’Donnell and O’Donnell Scarlet, we have invited Dan Aykroyd and Susan Sarandon , James recommended a friend foe role of Ned, and today our main interview is for Mike’s children, as well as a number of other young actors in the film, so I think we should let you take a look. ”

Eric although already knew that he had no choice in actors but still hearing it somewhat depresses, but fortunately Penny Marshall said the two actors are in with expectations of Eric heart, as Ned role, James Brooks would not take $ 20 million investment as a trifling matter, presumably the actor is not too bad.

However, Eric still somewhat unwilling, secretly vowed to have the right to speak in his own movie, this feeling of being marginalized is really bad.

Depressed Erik does not have the mood to chat with Penny Marshall again, Penny Marshallhas not seen Erik‘s difference, turned to another side to discuss with James Brooks in a low voice.

After the beginning of audition , in front all actors, demonstrating their youthful vigor, after 7 or 8 people, Eric finally found an acquaintance: Brad Pitt. He even auditioned for the role of Alex, Alex’s original film image is kind of weak and little. Eric thought in original it is excessive that a small physique guy shines brightly in the court.

According to his analysis, the reason they chose the skinny little boy instead of a tall, handsome male , in addition to the story needs, the director certainly also worried that he will dominate protagonist Zac Efron, because Zac Efron Long only 1.75 m tall and in western standard it is somewhat short , the film’s audience obviously can feel that.

Watches in the picture 25 years old but still likely is of high–school student appearance Pitt,Erik suddenly thought that makes Pitt play as strong and tall but still actually bullied everywhere, and after transformation he shines in the court is convincing . Moreover,Erik also completely had confidence that his performance is unable to be dominated by Brad Pit. When later Brad Pitt became famous, people say that he has played ErikWilliams‘ son, is a very interesting matter not?

With a smile at corners of his mouth he studied remaining list to see any previous life famous actor.

Followed by a dozen actresses information, sees the first audition actress information and his chin almost fell off, Angelina Jolie, ah, the whole family today is in attendance. Back from his thoughts for a moment, Eric found Jolie should have just graduated from a performing arts school in preparation for the high school ,next year will start her modeling career, he does not know why she will be at Maggie’s audition list.

European and American women are very early matured, the photo is of thirteen year old Jolie slim, blonde, iconic sexy lips, exudes a touch of the wild atmosphere. Eric is not optimistic about the results of Jolie’s audition, perhaps of her father Jon Voight she auditioned.

Continue to read, Eric has found a very interesting girl.

“Hey, Penny,” Eric took information turned and asked: “Drew Barrymore what’s the matter, the last two years she did the bad thing …… you also know that perhapsis not quite suitable ourcampus comedies?“

Penny Marshall looked, helpless smiled:.” Steven recommended that woman asked him shamelessly, and he was fed up recommend. Stephen also imply that we do not have to consider his factor, so you understand ”

?” Steven Spielberg, ”

Penny Marshall nodded:” Yes, you know, Stephen is Drew’s godfather. ”

Eric sighed, Penny mentioned with disgust that woman should be Drew greedy mother. But in this short period of a few minutes, Eric see the clues, he found Hollywood chooses actresses does not like the media says is fair and transparent, involves human contacts, all kinds of games.

Penny Marshall patted Eric said:. “Well, Eric, ready, auditions starts”

Eric had the actor list right order, waiting for the next audition.

He thought he became a decoration to provide optional comments, symbolically ask a few questions. He did not expect that when first young actor came and answer a few questions , Penny Marshall with a smile to Eric said: “Eric, you go and perform with Mr. Wolfson in the scene. ”

Eric shrugged, looked at shooting script, stepped forward.


Fifth actor out of the audition room, Eric sat back in seat, jokingly complained:. “Penny, I thought you called me to be the referee, did not think it would be on the basketball court.”

“Oh, very interesting analogy, do not complain, Eric its James’s idea, he complained that I canceled your acting class, and finally discussed that this method has made you exercise theperforming skill.“

Eric pretended to be angry and staring calmly at James Brooks, complained: “How didn‘tyou explain directly?“

“Don‘t you know now?“Penny Marshall said with a smile.

“Good.“Erik let go speechless.