I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 79

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This was her 20th birthday today, After this day her girlhood was over, she was walking around the streets feeling like a stray cat.

She has been wandering on Broadway in Midtown Manhattan all morning, passing by a small theater, She looked at the ad at the door, Students from a drama college in New York was doing a rehearsal of "The Lady of the Camellias" in a non-professional theater.

So she went in and watched the play, the performance was good, she was secretly touched and shed a few tears secretly.

It was noon when she came out, she bought a piece of chocolate cream cheese cake, and sat at a bench in central park eating it slowly.

Since her weight-loss success, she has stopped herself from eating these high calorie foods in order to stay in shape. But today was her birthday so she indulged herself.

After carefully eating the cake, she throw the box into the trash can, and carefully checked that she didn\'t touch her Chanel coat with any food residue, heaving a sigh of relief. She took out a paper towel and wiped her hands, picked her bag, and continued wandering.

Passing through the Hell\'s Kitchen, then into the Flatiron District, she took a long look at The Empire State Building, and turned back to go to Fifth Avenue.

She visited a few luxury shops, just looking around, although she didn\'t buy anything, when they saw her Chanel coat, the clerks was still very warm to her, and welcome her to come again.

She didn\'t plan an going back, every thing there was so expensive!

The one who give her the white Chanel coat was Eric, after that beautiful street shot they got together, she learned how expensive this coat is, the real price reach several times her paycheck. If she did know the price in advance, she will not have accepted it.

After walking around in a circle, she ended up buying a bottle of Dior perfume after a silver-tongued clerk persuade her, she spent more than 2000 dollars on it, she recalled that he like the smell.

Well, in the end she could not help but think of that ...... bastard.

After all, it\'s her 20 birthday, her parents and few good friends all called. And also sent her birthday gifts, that guy even sent her an expensive diamond bracelet. And called her on the phone purely to wish her a happy birthday.

At the same time her lover has not called her for four and a half days.

In her previous birthdays, even if there is no parents to accompany her, she will go with her close friends to get a meal and open her gifts.

Unfortunately, she did not find any new friends in the cast. "Mary in Action" is a woman\'s career love comedy, there\'s a total of four female protagonists, according to her number of scenes, she is female number two.

When she just entered the group, the other three female characters were very warm to her, they watched a few movies and eat dinner together, they got along for a few days, and then they started tempting her to introduced her boyfriend to them. Finally she understood the cause of the matter, she was an outsider, how could she be popular from the beginning?.

At that time she had unilaterally broke up with Eric, and that fellow didn\'t come to New York to get her back, so she told the truth, and then they stopped trying to get close to her.

Several girls on the cast thought they will get instant fame by virtue of NBC\'s new show, so they started trying to get more time on the screen, by Bribing the screenwriters, having sex with the producers ... ..., anyway she heard some of the girls had done some dirty things.

She was the prettiest girl in the cast, even more than the first female lead. She got harassed by a diversity director he blatant hinted to her that she can get more screen time as long as she accompany him at night to eat a meal. She decisively refused.

Until one day, the new handsome actor was driven out of the cast. In this circle, a lot of things pass quickly. After that no one dared to harass her, even the producers of the TV series were very kind to her.

After that she was even more isolated in the crew, several other actresses privately called her a scheming bitch, and that she lied about braking up, and deliberately hide it. She did not bother defending herself to that group of Jealous bitches.

Maybe because the audience lost there appetite for the show. the high expectations of "Mary in Action" ratings were very low, the average number of viewers per episode is less than 6 million, this season was going to be cut off soon. Her fame gained from this show, have not reached the fame she got from being that guy\'s girlfriend.

In the tabloids always appeared scattered news about her once every two or three days, her name was always Eric Williams\'s girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, rumored girlfriend and the likes, she didn\'t dare to look at these newspapers. They never called her "Mary in Action" heroine, and that hateful guy never done anything about it.

Unknowingly night fell, and she still didn\'t want to go back home, and go back to her old habits of making dinner for one person, then watching TV alone, doing laundry, then going to sleep alone ... ...

Across the street, at a cinema gate, there was a long line of people, she curiously walked closer, the 《》 poster was hanging high in the door, the two stars stood smiling back to back. The tall girl looks so sexy, damn her. she probably got the role by sleeping with that jerk.

- Click

- Click

She heard That familiar shutter sounds, and turned to look, A paparazzi calmly turned around as if nothing had happened. She obviously had showed a pouting expression while looking at the poster when she was photographed, she wondered if she should leave right away?

What would the other party say? 《ex-girlfriend of Eric Williams scoff at his new work》?

Unconsciously, she got in line to buy a ticket, Damn, I\'m even going to see your movie you bastard, see how much I miss you.

A few minutes later, holding a ticket, she walked into the screening hall.

After a full two two hours, she couldn\'t help but put herself into the heroine position, if she was the one playing the role, what will happen?.

The story went on. Oh dear, there\'s even a sex scene. In the darkness, she subconsciously covered her bulging chest.

If she played the role herself, with that guy\'s hateful personality, That scene will definitely be deleted. Well, that\'s good. It seems that he didn\'t particularly care about the woman called .

With that in mind,, She had the same feeling she gets when she successfully won a role, Or when she win a game of chess?. Or like when she was a child, and won the first place in a competition. Anyway, these feelings.

When she saw the heroine get her fairy tale. She wondered, what about my fairy tales?

With an empty heart, she left out of the cinema.

It was more than nine in the evening, she could no longer go shopping. She reminded herself more than once, not to wander wander alone at night, like her parents always told her, she has been very obedient girl.

after a day of walking and two hours at the cinema sitting, her calf began to ache, and she didn\'t want to walk anymore, so she decided to call a taxi.

... ...

Struggling to walk-up the stairs, she finally walked in front of her apartment door.

Her heart was inexplicably flooded with expectations when she saw a light coming out of the cat eye.

Trembling she took out her keys to open the door, and finally she saw that guy busy figure in the living room.

All her strength at that moment escaped from her body, she felt very tired.

leaning against the wall of the entrance, she gazed at his figure.

When the busy man looked up and saw her, a smile appeared on his Handsome face.

"I\'m so sorry, Jane, I arrived in the afternoon this day. Last night in order to wait for the box office data, I stayed up until two o\'clock in the morning. I forget to buy the airplane ticket, so I borrowed private plane. It was already over three in the afternoon when i got here, and You were not at home. So I had to decorate it myself, because I\'m not familiar with New York, I almost lost my way when I was buying things, So maybe I didn\'t get enough."

Her heart warmed as she listened to his chatter.

The man said with care, as he lighted the match, and lit the candles on the cake one by one: "Happy birthday!"

Getting rid of her bag, while still leaning against the wall, she raised her hands, and made a gesture for him to hug her, and said in a voice full with grievances: "Eric, my legs hurts ... ..."

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