I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 76

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(Thank you everyone for all your comments, for those who asked about the release schedule, i will probably release 4 to 5 chapters a week, and if i have the time probably more.)

... ...

After asking John Lasseter to bring the message to Steve Jobs, Eric put things on the side. In the present situation of Steve Jobs, Eric believe the chances of the other Party accepting the proposal are over 90% percent.

Even if the other side refuse to sell Pixar, Silicon Valley doesn\'t lake 3D Animators.

In January 21st, the shooting of 《》 officially finished, they originally planned to take three weeks to shoot the film, but it only took them two weeks to complete, for the crew members and the cast Eric reputation as a "fast shooter" was deeply ingrained in there minds.

In addition, Eric stayed up late at night working on editing a 59 second trailer for the Super Bowl, and in the morning he was shooting the movie.

Even with his vigorous young body, Eric after experiencing more than two weeks of high-intensity work, was feeling deeply exhausted. After completing the work, there was no party, and no touching parting scene. Everyone packed their things, and went their separate ways.

... ...

Tomorrow is the once a year Super Bowl opening night, even Eric a guy who has no sense of the Super Bowl, can feel the crowd\'s expectations for the day. Photographer Nicole Frank and several other crew members, regardless of how tired they were, after Eric shouted the end, went straight to the airport to fly to Miami.

If you are not an American, It\'s hard to understand the Americans mania for the super bowl.

In fact, in 1966 the NFL and AFL agreed to merge with a championship game between the two leagues to be played after that season. Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League saw his children playing with a Super Ball toy, so he decided to name the championship the Super Bowl as a joke instead of on the real name "AFL-NFL Championship Game" but the media immediately picked up on Hunt\'s "Super Bowl" name, which would become the official name later.

After decades of development, the Super Bowl has become a big carnival for all Americans. the Super Bowl TV broadcast become the highest-rated program of all time. This is the reasons why Eric insisted on putting the the trailer of 《》 on the super bowl.

Eric did not know how long he have been sleeping, when he woke up it was afternoon the next day, he stretched hearing the soft sound of his whole body bones crackling, he wore new cloths and walked downstairs.

In the living room a petite figure was busy, the coffee table in front of the sofa was full of food, the TV have also been replaced with new one. Seeing Eric appear, Drew took a red T-shirt and went straight to Eric.

"Hey, what are you doing, in broad daylight." Eric smiled and dodged drew harassment.

"Dirty minded smelly man!" Drew pursed her little mouth, took Eric t-shirt off, and forced him to wear a red football jersey.

"What does this mean?" Eric tugged at the small uncomfortable t-shirt.

"This Super Bowl night, i announce that you are now a fan of the San Francisco 49ers."

Eric asked softly: "can I refuse?"

"No!" Drew said, she turned around no longer paying attention to him.

Eric shrugged his shoulders, picked a bucket of fried chicken wings and a bottle of fruit juice, and turned upstairs to the study room, and let drew keep messing about in the living room.

... ...

Eric didn\'t com back to the living room for a long time. instead he waited until the game was about to start.

The finals were between the Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers. If Eric soul was of a 20 years young man, he may be interested in this game, but unfortunately he have the soul of an uncle, an Asian uncle no less, so there is not much interest. He was just sitting in the living room patiently waiting for his movie Trailer to start playing.

Finally, at the end of the second quarter of the game, after a Chevrolet car ad, the picture flashed, and for five seconds a carefully edited "logo" appeared on the TV screen.

The whole of North America at this time there are more than 100 million viewers sitting in front of the TV, when they saw the Firefly-film logo, most people\'s first reaction is that this intro was beautiful, but also produced a question, Firefly-film, What is this ad about?

Before this Super Bowl broadcast, there has never been a movie trailer, so ninety-nine percent of the viewers did not think about it.

After five seconds the title finished, a close-up of beautiful red lips said: "are you ready?" no one answered, a loud roar of the Lamborghini engine sounded, and a shot of the sharp lines of the silver \'Lamborghini Countach\' appeared on the screen.

"Cool!" In front of the TV many people thought this is a sports car ads.

However, they soon found they are wrong, the reason Eric add the engine sound is to attract the attention of the viewers. Next, the 《》 song sounded, and trailer Eric made began showing on the screen.

Although only a short 50 seconds trailer, however, Eric spent a lot of thought when making it, he divided the shots into four 10 seconds sections, Edward and Vivian meeting, getting along, Knowing each other, breaking up.

Although for more then 40 seconds there was no lines, but most TV viewers were able to understand, that this is a Cinderella love story, Of course, Eric will not be stupid to say everything clearly, a lot of the shots gives a contradicting feeling, as if to say: "If you want to know, go to the cinema.".

The 59 seconds of the trailer finally came to an end, in the last shot, Julia said with determination and hope in her voice: "I want a fairy tale!"

The trailer ended, the screen turned black, Julia\'s last remark left a huge suspense to all the viewers: "will she get a fairy tale?"

Finally, a line of text appeared on TV: 《》 director Eric Williams new work 《》. Release date in February 10th in North America, stay tuned!

In thousands of households in North America, People briefly lost interest in the ads and the game, they were discussing the trailer.

... ...

"A movie trailer ad in the Super Bowl, the guy who thought of this idea is really a genius, But isn\'t the Super Bowl ads expensive?."

"It must be very expensive. The ad lasted for nearly a minute, no doubt they have to spend at least 1 million dollars to take the spot."

"That\'s too extravagant. that\'s enough money to make a new movie. But I think the trailer were interesting, maybe we can go see it later."

... ...

"That Actress is so beautiful "

"I like better. This is his new movie?. I liked him in the 《》 movie series, I\'ve gone to see it five or six times."

... ...

"Eric Williams, he made another movie?"

"Yes, that\'s too fast. I hope he didn\'t ruin this movie."

... ...

"Mom, I know those words. 《》 Let\'s go and see Kevin again tomorrow, OK?"

"No, honey, you must have read it wrong."

"Mom you are lying, you taught me the two words."

... ...

"I have listened to this song, "Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman", a long time ago."

"Really, do you still have the album?"

"I can\'t find it. The album was bought by my grandfather. Who knows where he put it?"

"That\'s too bad, but after the movie is released, there must be a soundtrack. Buy it then."

... ...

"Cole, love let\'s go to see the film on "Valentine\'s Day"."

"That ...... Margaret, aren\'t we going to see new movie 《》"

"I think this movie is more interesting ... ..."

"All right, I\'ll listen to you."

... ...

"Hey, that girl said she wanted a fairy tale, you say she can succeed?"

"Honey, this is love movie schedule on Valentine\'s Day, the outcome is certainly going to be good."

"But I think, many of the shots hinted that the male and female will be separated, and many directors prefer to draw the audience tears with a tragic ending."

"Well, no need to think about it. Let\'s go see it on Valentine\'s Day."

... ...

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