I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 75

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explained: "Mr. Williams, the girl movements do appear slightly stiff, before the production, I have reminded Mr. Hansen of this problem, Mr. Hansen insisted that we do it and see the effect."

Eric looked at Jeffrey, and Jeffrey nodded.

"Can\'t you make it a little smoother?. Mr. Lasseter, Money isn\'t a problem, This logo will be used for many years, we have to strive for excellence."

shook his head: "Mr. Williams, I promise, this is currently the highest level of 3D animation, since last year started trying human motion modeling, and compared with the baby in our previous short film 《》, the little girl movement is a lot smoother, Other studios can not achieve this level."

When Eric heard the name 《》, a thought flashed in his mind, but he didn\'t catch it, his main focus was still on the Firefly\'s intro.

Since it is impossible to further improve the LOGO, Eric and Jeffrey started discussing in a low voice.

In the 30 seconds, in addition to the girls opening the cap of the glass jar to release the firefly being slightly flawed, Everything else is perfect. And after some editing the intro logo is going to be about 15 seconds, or shorter,

Intro Logos are generally about 15 seconds in length, or shorter, such as in the Super Bowl trailer they are going to make, they would perhaps use just five seconds. Therefore, 30 seconds of video materials is enough to cut out a more perfect logo.

In this case, Eric did not ask to start reworking, the next thing is a lot simpler, he signed some documents, and give the payment to . After everything was done, John refused Eric\'s invitation to dinner, and was about to leave, but was stopped by Eric.

"Mr. Lasseter, I remember you mentioned a short film 《》?."

John Lasseter nodded: "Yes, Mr. Williams, this short film is what we started working on in February last year, it\'s about five minutes long, it has been declared this year\'s Oscar\'s best short film."

Eric was completely convinced when he mentioned the Oscar.

"John, don\'t mind me addressing you like this, you can call me Eric. If you don\'t have anything urgent, can you stay and chat for a while? I\'m very interested in 3D animation."

looked carefully at Eric\'s face, and he suddenly remembered that Eric would become Hollywood\'s youngest multimillionaire by virtue of 《》 box office. Pixar is now at the end of its road and might collapse at any time. Maybe the young man could save pixar.

With all this in mind, John become eager, "Sure, no problem Eric."

In Firefly\'s conference room, John explained: "The idea of 《》 come from my little nephew, last Christmas, i saw him crawling into a pile of tidy toys, is just a shot time he upturned that pile of toys making a mess he even broke some of them. After that the animation was produced, Eric if you\'re interested, i can call my assistant and bring the video."

Originally, Eric thought there is still five or six years for him to buy , but if Pixar once again signed a contract with like in his past life, it will be very difficult and very costly.

In order for to know that he was truly interested in 3D animation, Eric agreed with John\'s proposal: "If it is convenient, then please ask your assistant to run a trip."

John made a phone call, and half an hour later the three of them returned to the screening room.

... ...

The new toy soldier looked curiously at everything in the room, a small baby crawled into the room. The toy soldier is looking forward to his new owner. But the baby\'s brutal treatment to the other toys make the toy soldier try to flee the baby\'s clutches, but it have musical instruments attached to it body, so whenever the toy soldier moved he made noise that attracted the attention of the baby. so a desperate chase begun ... ...

John sat on the right side of Eric, and as the animation played, John explained in plain words to Eric the technical difficulties of this seemingly simple pictures.

Eric listened carefully, nodding his head from time to time to show his understanding. Although he wanted to ridicule the baby animation style, but on the surface Eric Eric still praised the animation.

Whether it is animation, or video game, Westerners always tray to achieve a realistic look, but for an easterner guy like Eric all these animation and games look ugly. By contrast, the animations and games produced by the Orientals, regardless of their intrinsic quality, have beautiful characters. This is more prominent in the 3D games, as long as the characters aren\'t good looking, you can determine the origins of the game.

After the animation finished playing, The three of them didn\'t leave the screening room, but continued to talk about 3D animation, compared to who has little confidence in 3D technology, Eric is very familiar with the future development prospects of 3D animation, Eric could not help but reveal a little bit of 《》 concept to John Lasseter.

"Eric, you have seen the idea of 《》. I actually had the same idea of making 3D animated movie too, but you know, with financial situation, it\'s absolutely impossible to achieve this plan."

Finally they started talking about this subject, Eric said: "John, is having financial problems, right?”

This thing in the business world is not confidential, as long as you are determined, you can easily find this information. Nor did John Lasseter hide it: " has just sold the hardware department of Pixar, and now there\'s only the software animation department. If there is no miracle." As John spoke, he looked at Eric with expectancy, and continued: "The studio either will be dissolved or sold, but not many people are willing to take over."

"Why is no one willing to take over, Pixar\'s technology should be the most advanced in the industry?"

Looking at Eric this possible source of money he hesitated for a few seconds, But in the end, he was just a technician, he wasn\'t accustomed to dealing with businessmen. Finally he decided to tell the truth: "Because 3D animation technology cost too much money, and do not have much output. Unless you are one of the big Giants such as , or a special effects company like , looking for a small studio to complement your other departments...... Otherwise no one willing to take over this money burning studio."

Eric was very satisfied with John Lasseter\'s honesty, pretending to think for a minute, then he said: "John, I am very interested in 3D animation, after 《》, i have a lot of money to invest. So if possible, i am willing to buy , and investing in making a long 3D movie, Ah... The toy idea we talked about just now is good."

originally thought that Eric after hearing his explanation, will lose interest, but did not expect to hear such words, for a time he did not know what to say.

John had such a good time talking to Eric, he had a good opinion of the young man. So instinctively, he didn\'t want Eric to fall into the \'quagmire\' called Pixar like his boss did, have gone from a multi-millionaire to the edge of bankruptcy, that\'s because Pixar keeps drawing funds from him, But it did not create the corresponding economic benefits.

But on the other hand, he really loves 3D animation, otherwise he wouldn\'t have repeatedly turned down Disney\'s olive branch and stayed in a company where everyone isn\'t optimistic about it staying afloat.

Thinking about it, John decided to put forward a compromising approach: "Eric, I don\'t think it\'s necessary for you to buy . If you are interested in 3d animation, you can invest in Pixar Animation Studios, so it won\'t cost you too much, but if........ If Pixar fail, you Can easily withdraw."

But if he really did follow John\'s advice, he will be throwing millions of dollars to the wind, because in his past life After the success of 《》 Pixar stocks skyrocketed, went from the edge of bankruptcy straight into the ranks of billionaires.

Eric put on a willful look on his face and said in a tone that match it: "No, John, you give a message to Mr. jobs for me, tell him I\'m willing to buy Pixar for $20 millions, and if the deal is done. I\'ll invest $30 millions to produce an animated film."

"Eric, I think 20 million dollars isn\'t enough, Steve Jobs will not agree, over the past few years he invested no less than 20 millions into Pixar."

Eric said: "John, if you make a business, sometime you lose. if you invest a lot of money, it is not necessary you\'ll be able to recover back more, That\'s not how business work. You give my message to Mr jobs, 20 million, and not a penny more. I am very busy, i don\'t have the time to haggle over the price, if Mr. was dissatisfied with the price, then it is unnecessary to contact me, I believe he will make a wise choice."

"In that case, all right, I will tell Steve what you said."

After sending away, Eric said to Jeffrey who had been holding on for a long time, "Jeffrey, how did you resist not advising me this time?”

Jeffrey said: "I know it\'s useless, so why waste my time. But now that you ask, I\'m going to say that buying is certainly not a wise choice."

Eric laughed and joked with him: "Originally i wanted to play a bet with you, but you do not have anything I am interested in, so i let it go."

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