I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 74

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The next day, Eric still came to work early after a night of rest, he didn\'t limp when walking. All the crew members have a tacit understanding and did not mention the scene that happened yesterday, but most of them didn\'t conceal there curiosity and speculation.

"Nicole, is Julia here?" Eric pretended to debug the camera while talking to Nicole Frank in a low voice.

Nicole pointed at the makeup trailer and showed a warm smile on his face: "Miss came early, she\'s in the trailer."

Eric patted Nicole shoulder, and walked toward the trailer, behind him the crew members who were pretending they are busy all looked at Eric back.

"The director will not be angry, right?" A stage manager asked a colleague quietly.

"Who knows, but rest assured, The movie is almost done, he certainly will not replace the heroine. Hey, why do you think Miss kicked the director yesterday? ...... High heels ah, he must\'ve Been in so much pain."

"You ask me, I\'m the one who is supposed to ask. But the relationship between the director and the actress must be deep, I kind of like miss , she is such a fierce girl."

"You came late, you haven\'t seen miss Julia when she come this morning, she looked distraught. I guess she did regret what she did last night. "

Leaving the waves of whispers behind, Eric stepped into the trailer, Julia was sitting in front a mirror, absentmindedly leaving Alison to put the makeup foundation on her, when she saw Eric in the mirror, Julia\'s body suddenly slumped in the chair.

"Alison, you go out first." Eric pointed to the door as he spoke to Alison.

Alison put down her make-up tools, looked anxiously at Julia, and turned to leave the trailer, Eric locked the trailer door, went to Julia side, pushed aside the cosmetic bottles, leaned back on the table, and looked down at Julia.

The girl looked haggard, she lowered her head slightly, with teary eyes, afraid to look straight into Eric eyes, her hands on her knees unconsciously rubbing and pinching her clothes.

Looking at the girl trembling with fear, Eric sighed, and took the lead to say: "You have anything to say, such as an apology or something."

head hangs even lower, pinching the clothes in her hands in her small fists, still stubbornly biting her lips without saying anything.

Eric reached out his hand to lift her chin, forced Julia to look at his eyes, with impatience in his voice: "Look at me and say something."

There eyes meet, Julia\'s body was visibly trembling, looking at Eric\'s aggressive eyes, She thought of that night again, That night this hateful guy treated her just like this. She didn\'t know why, that stubborn resistance in her heart instantly vanished, Instead, it produced a strange sense of expectation.

Eric withdrew his fingers, but Julia still kept her head up mechanically, her cheeks slightly red, and eyes filled with emotional fog.

Looking at each other for a few seconds, in Eric\'s mind once again emerged that blurred night scenes, unable to restrain his feelings he once again stretched out his index finger, gently stroked the girl\'s cheek and red lips.

Julia silently groaned: Yes... that\'s it.

This time she did not remain passive, but gently opened her red lips and warped them around his finger, her small tongue flexibly wriggling around it, then like a child she started sucking Eric\'s index finger.

After a while, Eric could not help but probe the girl\'s mouth with his thumb, catching the flexible little tongue and pinching it, Eric suddenly recovered, embarrassed at his own blunder, pulled out a paper towel to wipe clean his wet fingers, with a guilty conscience, he looked at the girl with an uncertain look: "Well, I seem to ... understand where the problem lies."

Julia leaned forward, her head leaning on Eric\'s lower abdomen, with her little hands sliding up to Eric\'s belt, about to move things to the next level, Eric reached out and prevented move : "Julia, not right here, there are dozens of people waiting for us outside."

"I ... ... I don\'t care. " Julia gasped softly, her hand movements still continuing.

Eric raised his hand to give the girl a little slap to wake her up, but he suddenly remembered that this not only will not wake up the girl, but will instead increase her emotions. Thinking about what to do, Eric went to the trailer door and pulled it open, the bright light and the voices of the surrounding crew members seeped inside.

Eric turned around and looked at Julia, her eyes had stated to restore some clarity, fortunately, her instinctive sense of shame can resist her emotions, that\'s a good thing, she wasn\'t completely gone.

"Well, Julia, about what happened yesterday? Let\'s wait until the film is over. For this i...... I\'m sorry, but you might need some psychotherapy."

Although Julia is 22 years old, but she did not fully understand what Eric\'s last word meant, she only finished high school, and did not accumulate a few decades of knowledge like Eric.

However, she was still in her submissive mood so she obediently nodded her head. At the same time, hearing the word psychotherapy, and then think of what she just did, Julia understood that she have problems for sure.

"Can you tell me what\'s going on?" Julia tidied up her messy clothes and asked.

Eric returned to Julia side, see a strand of hair hanging down her forehead, he wanted to lift it up but stopped his hand "I\'m sorry, Julia, you may be suffering from a mild Stockholm Syndrome."

Julia looked confused, she only knew that Stockholm was the capital of Sweden. But when she saw Eric guilty and awkward appearance, Julia did not pursue the subject any further.

Some crew members see Eric so quickly come out from the trailer, they all showed a look of disappointment, The trailer rented by the crew is not large, If a man and a woman do some repeated movements, the trailer will surely start shaking. Unfortunately, this kind of thing did not happen, the people who look forward to gossip were disappointed.

"What are you guys doing?, get ready to work." Eric feelings guilt, and seeing these guys unscrupulous stares made him angry: "Alison, where are you hiding, quickly go fix makeup. Nicole, Why hasn\'t the camera dolly track been paved?, Don\'t you want to do it?. Alan, where\'s my director chair ......"

With Eric\'s roar, all the crew members moved quickly, and a busy day of filming began.

... ...

That afternoon Jeffrey came back from New York. At the same time to inform Eric, production of firefly company title LOGO have been completed. After a day of shooting, Eric met with Pixar\'s employee at the firefly headquarters.

"Eric, this is Mr. Pixar\'s chief creative officer, John, this is Eric." With Jeffrey introduction, the two men shook hands.

"Mr. Lasseter, I\'m sorry for keeping you waiting until now." Eric apologized. arrived at the firefly headquarters at 4 p.m. and waited until 7 p.m. to see Eric. But at this time John did not dare to complain, because every single business that can get now is extremely important to the survival of the studio.

"It doesn\'t matter, Mr. Williams, I think we should take a look at your company\'s title LOGO that you commissioned."

"Of course" Eric nodded, and the three of them went to the firefly\'s show room, where put the video tape in the projector himself.

On the screen, a little girl wearing a red hoodie holding a glass bottle, standing in the dark wilderness under the night sky. The girl opened the lid of the glass bottle, A firefly in the bottle shook its wings several times, and quickly got out of the glass bottle, flow in the air and draw a "Firefly Film" in light, before flying further and further away, and finally turned into the brightest star in the starry sky.

The full length of the title logo is about 30 seconds, and it was repeated several times, Eric frowned and said: : "Mr. Lasseter, isn\'t the movement of the little girl too rigid?."

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