I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 73

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Although he heard Eric\'s praise, just nodded his head slightly, He was still immersed in the previous emotions, and did not intend to come out from the role.

This is just right, Eric no longer spoke with him, and quickly ordered the staff to prepare for the next shot.

Ending his piano solo, Edward thanked the audience, Vivian went up to him, As a girl who never finished high school, she didn\'t recognize the complex emotions contained in Edward\'s play. Leaning over the piano, Vivian give him a compliment: "I didn\'t know you could play the piano?"

Edward smiled and gazed at Vivian: "I only play for strangers."

Vivian paused for a moment, without questioning why, moved to Edward side: "I\'m a little lonely upstairs."

Edward quickly turned to the waiters still doing there jobs and asked them to leave, he didn\'t forget to say tank you to them, he was always so polite, Even when commanding others.

Vivian could not help but ridicule Edward\'s behavior:"Aren\'t People always willing to listen to your orders?"

Edward did not answer, pulled her to him, and rested his weary head on Vivian body. For the first time, she felt the man\'s weakness, and for a moment she was at a loss what to do. Only to follow her instinct by gently stroking Edward\'s hair.

Edward silently untied her robe, put her on the top of the piano. Vivian meekly let the man kiss and caress her, At this moment, she turned into a pool of spring water, Silently invading Edward\'s dry emotional world.

The camera slowly drew away, Until it was completely obstructed by the prepared obstacles.

But and Julie did not stop the show, the two of theme were still wrapped together. photographer Nicole Frank looked at Eric, After getting the hint, wisely turned off the camera. All the cast members at the scene silently looked at Eric, asking what to do next?

Eric knew he couldn\'t let things keep going, he clapped his hands lightly, Raised his voice and shouted: "Ok, cut!"

heard the sound on the top of the piano, got out from her confused state, with a look of shyness and panic looked at Eric, pushed Al away, Tidy up her messy dress, and placed the robe back on her body. Al also recovered, when he saw the crew strange looks, he smiled awkwardly.

In order to resolve the awkward atmosphere, Eric quickly dispatched the others to prepare for the next scene.

"I\'m sorry, Eric, I just forgot."

Eric came in front of Al, Smiled and said: "No, Al, your performance was very good, this is the perfect state of an actor, Oh, Julia\'s performance was also very good." Eric didn\'t forget to praise the girl.

Julia did not feel the joy of being praised, her eyes dodged Eric\'s eyes: "I ... I\'m going to fix my makeup."

Then the girl left in a hurry, Al had some doubts: "What\'s wrong with her?"

Eric said: "She may be shy, I also find it somewhat strange, we have taken several exciting shots before She has not been like this, a woman\'s thought process is impossible to grasp. Who knows?"

The next shot, Julia made a lot of mistakes that should not have been made. However, one of the most important scenes of the day made Eric satisfied, And saved him quite a lot of time. So Eric wasn\'t impatient with her.

At five o\'clock in the afternoon, the crew called it a day and started packing, Al smiled when he found Julia next to him in the makeup trailer: ", are you free this evening, a new French restaurant has just opened at La Cienega Boulevard, I would like to invite you to dinner."

paused, the makeup artist and assistant were about to temporarily leave them alone, Julia stopped them and sail to Al: "Mr. Pacino, can you wait a minute?"

"Sure, I\'ll wait for you outside." Al said, and walked off the trailer.

A few minutes later, Julia came out after removing her makeup, and waved to him, but first lead the way to Eric and his assistant Alan Fisman who were having a discussion.

... ...

"This scene, prepare a group of 50 people to play, find a professional polo team. Anyway, Our budget is still very adequate ... ... " Eric was saying, Alan caught sight of Julia walking toward them, Nodded slightly to the girl, And with a pencil signed The folder his hand.

"Eric, Al wants to invite me to dinner?" Julia\'s said in a low voice.

Alan raised his eyebrows slightly, He clearly sensed the uncertainty in the girl\'s voice. Eric had been absorbed in telling Alan something, Hearing what Julia said, Without thinking he blurted out: "Go ahead, don\'t delay the shooting tomorrow."

The girl stood in place for a few seconds, she stared at Eric, see the man still do not have much reaction, Julia suddenly became very angry, This anger made her throw caution to the wind, stepped forward two steps, and in front the astonished eyes of Alan, kicked fiercely at Eric\'s leg.

Eric let out a scream, and crashed down.

Alan, who had seen everything, had forgotten to support the falling Eric, Mouth trembling slightly, his calf muscle instantly become tight, That was high-heeled shoes, ah, how painful!.

This woman is not crazy, right!

Hearing Eric\'s miserable call, everyone who was still at the filming site quickly gathered, after the kick Julia immediately regretted it, But since she has done this kind of thing she blamed her Break down on him, Julia closed her lips and turned away to leave. Julia\'s assistant Alison Green, looked anxiously at Eric, who had been lifted up, and followed behind Julia.

Alison drove the silent Julia back to her apartment.

After entered the room, she sat down on the living room sofa, Alison carefully poured a glass of water for Julia and placed it in front of the girl, and asked anxiously: "Julia, we will not be fired, right?"

Think of that man overbearing arrogant character, Julia was not sure what the result would be, Holding the glass of water, she whispered, "I\'m sorry, Alison. you may get Implicated."

"That\'s all right, no big deal I can get another job." Alison is free and easy, Changing the job is no problem, she\'s only an Assistant, She will not suffer too much trouble: "But why did you kick Mr. Williams?"

Julia panicked and drink some water, but did not answer.

Alison said hesitantly: "did he stop you from dating Mr. , that\'s why you kicked him, right?"

still said nothing, Alison took Julia\'s silence as a what actually happened, Angrily said: "That\'s too much, You only had one or two relationships, You only had sex one or two times, You are not his property, how can he limit your freedom to love?"

Julia scratched her hair: "Alison, stop it, can ...... can you leave me in peace, please?"

"Oh, if there\'s nothing else, I\'ll leave first, call me if you need anything. Julia, cheer up, You are not a complete unknown actress, even if you leave that bastard, You can still get a movie role."


"Alright alright, I won\'t say anything, I\'ll go first."

... ...

The crew still remains at the site, Eric was sitting on a deck chair, surrounded by people. Leg lifted with his pants off, with a private doctor pressing from time to time on the bruise.

"Mr. Williams, there\'s no damage to the bone, apply some topical medicine to invigorate the circulation of blood and remove Blood stasis. However Do not move too much these days."

Eric said: "Thank you for coming, Dr. Galien."

"You\'re welcome, call me when you have something, I will leave first." Dr. Galien left a bottle of lotion, carrying his Kit he turned to leave.

"Well, everybody go back. I\'ll take a break."

The crew members around him gradually dispersed, and finally only Alan Fiseman and , Al feels that the matter is certainly related to him, so he decided to stay and explain.

He thought Eric and had no intimate relationships, Coupled with today\'s play with Julia, The old playboy got the idea of trying to seduce her, he did not expect this outcome.

"Alan, I didn\'t say anything wrong, right?"

Allen saw the bruise on his boss calf, quickly shook his head.

"So what\'s the matter?"

Allen was the only one of the crew close to him and Julia when things happened, he has no knowledge of the things between Eric and Julia.

"Director, I\'m not sure, but miss asked you a question. You gave her a casual answer, and then she......"

Eric rubbed his temples in agony: "What did she ask, I was looking at the film shooting table, and did not listen too clearly?"

Allen glanced at , he wondered if he should speak in front of him.

Eric followed Alan\'s gaze, and remembered that Julia\'s words seemed to mention Al.

"Eric, I\'m sorry, but I was just going to invite for dinner, did not expect to cause conflict between the two of you." Al calmly explained what had happened: "I thought you two didn\'t have an intimate relationship, so...... I was abrupt."

"Oh, I remember now." Eric suddenly said: "Julia has just asked me this question, Allen, how did I answer?"

Alan glanced at al and Eric and said truthfully, "you just said to , go ahead, do not delay tomorrow \'s shooting."

"Nothing else?"

Alan nodded with certainty: "No."

The three men at the same time looked strangely at Eric\'s calf.

Eric gave a bitter smile: "an accident."