I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 72

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The award\'s ceremony continued, This year\'s Golden Globes awards has not been affected by Eric \'Butterfly\' effect, In addition to his two films few nominations, There is no change in the list of winners.

As with the original time and space, the best actress of the class still appeared three winners, , who is responsible for announcing the winner looks at the list in the envelope, hesitated for more than ten seconds without reading the name, he thought the organizers made a mistake.

Until Michael received a hint from the organizers, Then safely read out the list: "The one won the best actress in a drama is: for her role in 《》"

The audience just burst into sporadic applause, Michael quickly accelerate the rate of his speech: "and for her role in 《》. And for her role in 《》"

Eric already expected this result, but other people were in shock, after a few seconds of stagnation, the thunderous applause resounded through the Hilton Hotel banquet hall.

After Continuous applause, the three heroines Hesitantly took to the stage, Confirmed the list in \'s hands together, Only to calm down.

After getting there trophy\'s, and deliberate handed over the microphone to the oldest one of them .

is a Hollywood legend, She is 55 years old, her first debut was in the fifties, her career was flourishing in 60s and 70s, she has already won the , , and the , she won the best Actress award in all of the four major movie event. But did not get the Best Actress award to achieve the grand slam dunk.

It can be considered a sad thing that Shirley MacLaine, at other film awards ceremony\'s to get a series of nominations and awards, but did not even get nominated in the Cannes film festival in all these years.

With a smile, holding her trophy she went in front of the microphone, started her award-winning speech: "This is really a surprising result ..."

After the best actress award, Best Actor and Best Picture like every one expected, 《》 indisputably won the two awards, with the movie getting the golden glob awards and using autism as a topic, the movie is sure to bounce back in the box office.

Unlike previous life, Now 《》 released for five weeks, it\'s easy for the movie to harvest more money from Christmas and New Year stalls, probably get 40 million dollars more in box office revenue.

In parallel time and space, 《》 although hasn\'t been amazing at the box office, with up to 25 weeks of long-term screening process, with the highest week achieving a $17 million dollar, with the rest of the weeks staying at the top 10 Rank.

For up to six months at the box office, 《》 not only did not encounter large collision with other movies, Also did not encounter any box office dark horse, with Tom Cruise\'s box-office appeal and winning some small awards, Ended up eventually creating a $170 million at the box office Domestically.

And now, That situation certainly will not happen again, 《》 start was still strong, but with 《》 and 《》 combined extrusion, the Box office will decline, In this case to get six months of long-term screening period is unlikely, Not to mention there is Eric new movie 《》.

In fact 《》, During this holiday season, should be located in the top ten box office of the year, but with 《》 and 《》, And tonight to get comedy class best film award 《》, all are going to shrink the movie box office a lot compared to his past life.

After all, 1988 Holiday stall for the last two months, achieved A total of about 600 million dollars, 《》 and 《》 directly scraped more 200 million dollers Over 1/3 of the total, Other movies box office situation can be imagined.

《》 director Barry Levinson came to the stage to receive the best film award, after that the Golden Globes broadcast of 3 hours officially ended. All the stars present are relieved, they let there stiff body\'s relax a little, they stood up to leave the venue. Of course, they are not going home directly. Next, they are going to attend the parties organized by major film companies.

Eric pulled Drew to leave, stopped him: "Hey, Eric, Fox has a party on the third floor, you should come"

"Thank you for the invitation, penny, but I\'m afraid I can\'t." Eric shook his head and refused.

looked at Eric expression: "Eric, you should not feel frustrated because you didn\'t get any award? You\'re only eighteen years old, There will be many opportunities for you in the future. Look at me, Tonight I\'m going home empty-handed."

Eric certainly will not feel frustrated, The ultimate goal of PR awards is economic benefits, Just look at the two best movies at the box office right now, In the final analysis, 《》 is the biggest winner the year.

"Of course not, Penny, Actually, I have to get up early tomorrow, 《》 schedule is very tight, I have no time to lose. "

Penny reluctantly said: "Then I\'ll see you later, You are so young, Why work so hard, I heard that you are busy at work until late at night every day. "

Eric and penny had a hug again: "You know what they say, when you are young try your best, don\'t wait until you are too old to start work."

"Wow, hearing you say those words in that tone, you sound just like a middle-aged man, I don\'t know why i get this mixed feelings.”

Eric smiled and did not answer, said goodbye to and the others one by one, and took a reluctant Drew and left the Hilton Hotel.

Starting the car, Eric looked at the unhappy Drew, Smiled and said: "Well, girl, no need to pout, You did not bring any spare clothes, If you join the party and accidentally dirty your dress, Then we can only compensation for the dress original price. "

Drew wrinkled her little nose, used a tone just like teasing him: "Oh wow, hearing you saying these words, you sound Just like a middle-aged man, I really don\'t know why do you make so much money. ”

"You say, I remember that." Eric frowned slightly, and looked Drew up and down: "The day before yesterday, I received the bill of the credit card that I gave you, I think you spend too much money. Tomorrow, I\'ll have Kapoor take you to do a drug test, If you let me down, then ...... "

Drew showed no sign of concern, her small body leaned over, With eager eyes: "Eric, what are you going to do?, Shut me up in the basement, With no clothes, Not allowed to eat, There are whips, dripping hot wax, Trojans ... ... Wow, I never thought you were so evil, I\'m still underage."

"... ..."

"All right, all right." I\'ll just be honest. Before Christmas, When you were not at home, I invited some classmates to party, And accidentally spent a little bit more money."

Eric\'s expression relaxed a little, asked: "How much money does it cost for a party?"

"It\'s all your fault," The girl instantly became righteous: "you and Aniston got a nice Street shot to annoy me, on impulse, i called a store to send a box of 53 years old Pétrus wine."

Pétrus wine, 53 years, And also a box!

And the way she say it\'s his fault she gone crazy spending money, this little bitch is crazy.

Eric unconsciously licked his dry lips: "all ... ... finished?"

Drew rolled her glittery green beautiful eyes, And gently nodded her head: "no."

Eric took a deep breath, Finally felt relieved "Good thing, good thing."

... ...

wilshire hotel restaurant.

Edward playing the piano in the restaurant, this scene took place late at night, after consulting with the hotel crew, They temporarily replaced the curtains with completely opaque thick curtains, The lighting engineers were very busy creating the night scene.

"Actors in place, ... action.”

Panoramic lens, a few attendants were sitting in the dining room, the waiters doing their Boring work, Smoking, talking in a low voice.

Edward did not care whether these people were really listen to his playing, with a deeply hunched waist, slightly pursed lips, The man exudes a deep sense of fatigue and boredom.

The hurried sound of the piano indicated the depression in Edward\'s heart.

Eric watched carefully the performance of in the monitor, Eric music literacy is not high, he did not know if Al Pacino playing level is good or bad, he just felt that Al\'s piano playing is fluid, The emotions he shows in front of the camera is also quite in place.

He Looked at the music teacher Howard Norton, The other party was specially called to guide the shot. If Al\'s playing isn\'t up to par, Later Howard will personally be responsible for the soundtrack. However, from the look of Howard nodding frequently, he is very satisfied by Al piano playing.

As time goes on, Vivian Wearing a nightgown and a robe quietly walked up behind Edward, Edward\'s piano play also reached the end. Vivian had a smile on her face, with her arms crossed quietly listening to Edward\'s play.

"Cut, very good!" Eric shouted, At the same time he can not help but applaud.