I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 71

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The annual Awards ceremony was broadcast on ABC television, the crew of 《》 admission time was arranged right after the most nominated movie 《》 crew, after being reminded by a staff member, Eric took to the red carpet.

Mocked by some media as the most business-minded Awards ceremony, the red carpet are small, only a dozen meters, compared to the more than 200 meters of red carpet.

After they come into the reporter\'s area, Originally Eric was just gently holding Drew but she suddenly changed her posture and leaned against him, just as the reporters started taking pictures. With her wearing a beautiful dress made by making the two of them look like a couple.

The media reporters started showing their excitement, The frequency of the camera flash speed-up a lot. If this was not the Golden Globe Awards site, these reporters would have already started asking him about the relationship between the two of them. For Drew charade, Eric was numb, the girl was always trying to seize every opportunity to suggest that they are a couple, in ways that does not touch his bottom line.

After taking the pictures, the two of them were supposed to go directly to the venue, but was stopped by a reporter from ABC, made a quick and pointless interview, got Asked some irrelevant questions, such as what is his mood like to participate in the Golden Globe Award ceremony for the first time. Of course, ABC\'s reporters are unlikely to ask any sensitive questions in this kind of event. As long as this young miracle Director show his face, they will get more ratings.

After the interview, when entering the venue, Eric inadvertently glanced behind him, the Runkle couple were still standing in the media reporter\'s area, because they were staying there for too long, they had to be reminded to leave by the staff. Eric heart once again felt a hint of disapproval, The Runkle couple is eventually going to pose a real problem.

Eric made up his mind to find time to talk to Stu. Stewart\'s is more mature and then his past life , He may listen to his advice, and not be at his parents mercy, so he doesn\'t go astray like the original Macaulay.

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony takes the form of a formal banquet, 《》 crew were arranged in the second row of tables near the podium.

"Stu, come and sit by my side. " Eric sat down and beckoned to Stewart.

The boy glanced at his mother, stood up and turned to Eric\'s side. Runkle and his wife faces showed a touch of displeasure, there son left their side, they certainly will not show-up in TV.

At five o\'clock sharp, the Awards ceremony officially began. The host took to the podium.

"Good evening everyone ... ... looks like there are a misbehaving 7 year-old child among us tonight."

The first sentence is 《》 ridicule, with a burst of laughter, the live camera quickly switched to Eric table, Eric smiled and waved to the camera, and Stewart showed his innocent big eyes looking curiously at the camera.

Morgan suddenly looked irritated: "Hey, Stewart, look at my shabby dress, I prepared three sets of long dress, the first dress got butter poured on it, the second dress was Dyed black, and the last set was covered with feathers, what do you have to say for yourself."

The scene once again sounded a burst of laughter, some people faces showed the expression of empathy, Many of the stars are 《》 victims. Every region the movie were released in, children imitating Kevin\'s mischief has become a trend.

This time, Morgan did not wait for Stewart\'s response, and soon turned the subject to other topic: "OK, just joking, let us look at the stars that come tonight ......"

The next five minutes, Morgan then one by one ridicule the finalists of every movie, but rarely mentioned any TV shows. Although the Golden Globe Award from 1956 began to give TV awards, But in this era TV drama actors are not like twenty years later, were they could shout out \'we-are-better!\' at the Golden Globe and no one will blink an eye. Now even there seats are in the corner where it\'s hard for the camera to reach them.

Like many other awards ceremony\'s, the Golden Globe started by issuing the less important awards, Eric like most people pay little attention to what\'s happening at the stage, only smiling at the camera when it sweeps in his direction. the rest of the time he was having a conversation with Stewart.

Stewart is a talent he Dug out, the fate of the boy has been impossible to separate from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Eric very much hope that this clever boy can embark on a healthy career path, unlike the previous Drew and his past life .

So Eric patiently explain to Stuart the in and out of the Entertainment industry, although the boy from time to time revealed a confused expression, But has been listening very carefully, with Stuart IQ, Although a lot of things in a short time he can not understand, but as long as he keeps the information\'s firmly in mind then there won\'t be a problem.

Over time, Eric finally heard a nomination about his film, and stopped talking and turned his attention to the stage.

with 《》 to obtain the best supporting actress nomination, several other nominees are for her role in 《》, for her role in 《》, for her role in 《》, and in 《》

Eric remembered in his past life the one to get this award is , he was able to remember, because in the original time and space, the 46 Golden Globes history is the most special session.

has become the first woman in history of the Golden Globe Awards to win two awards, and this was also the first time that an award was won by 3 people at the same time.

The presenter introduced several nominated actress, Opened the envelope in front of the watchful eye of everyone\'s, He leaned to the microphone and said: "The winner is for her role in 《》"

Loud applause sounded, excitedly stood up, hugged her crew members one by one, then got up on the stage. , sitting near Eric, showed disappointment on her face, but smiled in response to everyone\'s comforting her.

Eric has long been expecting this result. Although 《》 and 《》 both belong to fox studios, but 《》 has been released for nearly two months. And 《》 was released for just three weeks, in order to get good box office result, Fox will certainly take the lead in choosing 《》 in there public relations.

As for Sigourney Weaver\'s acting, who cares?

When Eric went to New York during the release of 《》, He and Aniston specifically went to see it, This is a standard chick-flick movie, it is very similar to his past life 《》, The plot is a newcomer girl lands a job as an assistant to a harsh female boss, she change herself Step by step, thorough a dramatic changes in appearance, Completing her Transformation she emerges like a butterfly from a cocoon.

In 《》 Miranda Priestly the icy editor-in-chief of a Runway fashion magazine, the indifferent arrogance and perfectionism interpretation by actress is perfect, Compared to in the 《》, who plays the female boss he really can not see any bright spots. It is estimated that when people see her performance, The only idea that can be produced are \'Alien Queen\'.

These things figured out, Eric had no more hope for 《》 two nominations. It is clear, the Golden Globe results rely heavily on public relations,

《》 and 《》 These two masterpieces supporting actress can\'t even win against a mediocre commercial film, It sounds ironic.

Moreover, Eric did not do any public relations activities for the 《》, On the one hand, he doesn\'t have the connections, Columbia and CAA are less likely to take the initiative to do the work. On the other hand, even if he spends a lot of effort to get the awards, The impact on the box office of 《》 is negligible, Seven or eight year old children don\'t care about how many awards the movie wins, The ones influenced by the awards are basically adults.