I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 7

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Chapter 007: Audition

Eric followed James and came to a small temporary studio, looking at all around familiar surroundings, Eric heart slightly excited, silently facing the film equipment said: “wait, kids, this time I must be the movie legendary film that all people look up to, I want future generations when people mention Eric Williams to say:! he is the Hollywood ”

As the author of the screenplay, since he had understanding to the role, they skip directly to the beginning.

Past Eric in the process of struggle for life, he also worked as an actor and appeared in small roles in many films and television shows which have exposed his face. After all, you never know when you can get an opportunity.

Penny Marshall choose to make a few scenes to Eric perform, the play is very simple in the first, Eric has been in private practice for some days, plus in the mind have a clear picture of the original film, Eric performed with ease.

Brooks and Penny Marshall were surprised, Eric’s performance was nothing like a novice with no experience, if this is taken as the standard, Eric would not need training , they can just start filming.

“Next, Eric, try this paragraph.” Penny smiled and handed Eric script. Eric saw in her face relaxedness, and his heart was relieved, he also feared that there is wrong with his acting.

Read the script in hand, this is in the school stage steps, Mike comforts daughter after she broke up with her boyfriend. This is also in this scene Mike says all movie classical lines that he most likes.

“Mrs. Penny, this scene I needed an actress to play with me.”

“Sure,” said Penny Marshall, right next to a female staff member said: “Terri Lisa, you come and rehearse with Eric . ”

This scene up to two minutes, so Eric and girl prepared for a few minutes . Terri Lisa probably only need to remember the lines , after all, she is just a ‘prop’, Eric was in a seriously experiencing this scene show various emotions, when saw crying daughter show concern, crazy when hearing his daughter might have gone to bed with Stan , clumsily comforting daughter, and helplessness when daughter hugs him happily.

When ready, a staff shouted action, performance has started.

Maggie sat on a box of props, pretending to cry.

Mike stepped forward, his face with a look of concern.

“Hey, Maggie, what’s wrong.”

“Go away .” Maggie hands shrink into sleeves, ignoring Mike continued to cry.

“Hey, what happened exactly ?” Mike sat down next to Maggie

, “What do you want, touch my head and say ‘I told you, right’?”

“No, no, no, I will not.” Mike said hurriedly:. “I just want to know what happened”

. “Stan dumped me,”

“Stan dumped you!” Mike wrinkled eyebrows, surprise on his face faded, followed by another anger and disbelief.

A father found his daughter broke up with a scum, of course, will be very happy. And that reaction, knowing that the man dumped his daughter, change into anger and disbelief. In a father’s view, daughter can dump a boyfriend but not the other way.

Watching Eric performing James Brooks and Penny Marshall at the moment are startled , if Eric’s performance can be regarded as just sixty points, then this change in facial expression, can raise Eric performance to ninety. James somewhat approves Eric now and did not have past animosity.

The performance continued.

Hear daughter might have gone to bed with Stan, Mike a moment become crazy, after determining that it did not happen, he comforts her by hugging and patting her head ,

organizes strange words to comfort her.

“When you are young everything seems like the end of the world. But it’s not. It’s just the beginning . And you might have to meet a few more jerks, but one day you’ll meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated…like the sun rises and sets with you.”

“Really ?”

” of course. ”

“you’re so sweet. “Maggie flew into the arms of Mike, Mike found her emotions are not normal, recoiling , grabbed his bag and stood up, while inviting the daughter to participate in his own party, while resisting her daughter’s.attempts to throw herself at him.

clap – clap – clap –

Two people had just finished performing, James Brooks and Penny Marshall could not help but applaud by their professional perspective, of course, can see Eric performed how outstanding. The staff seeing the director and producer of the movie, also echoed the clapping.

Michael Claus grinning clapped his hands, although he also felt Eric’s performance is very good, after all, not a professional, but he knew from James and Penny reactions, Eric passed the audition, This means that the “17 again” script sell well, at least he can get thousands of dollars of commission, though he have a small publishing house, and a good result, but also his entire net worth four to five million only, most are immovable. A one-time start of thousands of dollars, to him is also a huge sum of money.

Through the most critical audition, many things have became logical.

Eric respectively got $ 250,000 and $ 500,000 sale price for screenplay and actor and signed contract. Screenplay prices more than expected $ 50,000, this is result of Michael’s efforts, after all, and there is also half of his, as paycheck. Although Eric’s performance is very good, but after all he is new, five hundred thousand dollars is understandable.

In an instant Erik discovered one had 600,000 US dollars net worth, although for the actor salarymust wait till the movie to photograph to be completed .

Signing a contract, with check Eric left the FOX photographic base. The rest is preparatory work for the film, although he would like to be involved and accumulate some experience, but just got goodwill of producer and director, he did not want to change that by meddling .

Goes to bank with Michael Claus, after the check exchanges, he paid Michael 125,000 US dollars,regarding this Erik did not mind. After all Michael recommended script to correct person.

Next, resigning as expected by Jeff because worked together for a month, Eric invited his colleagues to a small party at home, Jeff and several older colleagues, after all older so they did not attend.

In this festive night, Eric and colleagues were dead drunk, and fell asleep.