I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 6

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Chapter 006: Good News

After Finalizing “Jurassic Park,” publication, Eric used all the spare time to write and modify the “17 again” .”17 Again” is mainly expressed discussion about family, love, friendship, and life choices, so it is not inappropriate to adapt it to this day and age, but have to change geek cultural references in movie and the mobile phones are not exclusively used today.

Erik modified Ned into a successful entrepreneur, as hardcore movie fan, likes to collect a variety of movie props. Of course, this year there have been limited to the film, the lines on the movie “Lord of the Rings” can only be modified into other movies, which filled the minds of the most people.

After completing the script, Eric accordance with the agreement, the script showed Jeff. Since read “Jurassic Park”, Jeff will no longer look down upon this friend . Earnestly read the script a few times, really found some details of the error, such as when the protagonist to return to school wearing Kevin Federline hippie t-shirt, resulting Jeff to ask Kevin Federline who is it. Eric careful searched memory, only to find that Britney Spears’s second ex-husband is now ten years old is too small.

After modifying some of the errors found by Jeff, Eric handed over to the script to Michael Claus.

After completing a novel and screenplay, Eric did not rush to the creation of the third work, but began to practice basketball, especially in the film to use fancy basketball, Eric did not know basics, so he must start fresh.

In movie there are lot of basketball scenes, although in the movie Zac Efron past performance is not great, but several scenes about basketball is remarkable, especially in the student cafeteria fancy basketball play against bad boy Stan is impressive.

A week later, after practicing two hours of basket ball in community hall basket ball court Eric returned practicing basket ball moves and then phone started to ring. These days Eric began to receive Michael’s calls, to inform “Jurassic Park” publication as well as “17 Again” script issues. “Jurassic Park” published very smoothly, quickly Eric can see the book, but the “17 Again” is not so lucky.

Although after reading the script, companies are interested, but heard the script writer conditions to star as lead most of the companies have simply abandoned movie script. It is also a very normal thing that no one can easily invest tens of millions of dollars of investment to risk. Eric even proposed to Michael not to set sights on six major film companies but can also try those second-tier film production company.

“Hey, here is the Williams family.” After Eric picked up the phone to adjust the motion under some shortness of breath, he said.

“Hello, Eric, I’m Michael.”

Eric smiled calmly: “? Michael, now almost ten at night, you called me this time there must be some good news from you.”

Michael could not help but complain about the phone and said: “Do not mention this, is really hell, I rang telephone several times, and you never lifted.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Michael to the community playground to play basketball. . “

“Playing basketball, wow Oh, Eric, you seem determined to win. Well, I remember the script does have a lot of basketball game scenes. “

” of course, I then again not only training in basketball, but also in front of the mirror every morning to practice my performance for an hour . ”

“Eric, I admire you a little, few people would be willing to do absolutely like this, prepare for a day off tomorrow , we have an appointment to attend. ”

Eric hands slightly flick, originally on the right index finger spinning basketball bang fell on ground, bouncing several times :”Is this …… good news? ”

” of course, lucky guy , I have received today Mr. James Brooks of twentieth century Fox’s phone, they are very optimistic about the script, but did not directly reject your condition, but you must pass audition . ” ”

“It’s …… Thank you, Michael. ” “

“you’re welcome, ” Michael laughed:” of course you have to understand the other party agreed to audition is equivalent to accepting your condition, but if your audition performance is too bad, can only say sorry. ”

“Absolutely not, I’ve been prepared. ”

Eric was fully excitement all night, the next morning, Eric drove to meet with Michael Klaus in agreed place.

“This is the Twentieth Century Fox film base?” Eric looked at the huge warehouse studio, with longing in eyes.

Michael pulled, also came over, stood side by side next to Eric, looked up at the studio said: “Yes ah, it is very spectacular studio, but Warner base more spectacular than this, ah, you must have seen? , have the opportunity to visit them in the spot. ”

Eric remembered movies produced by Warner , he nodded his head:.” I will, ”

Both followed by a staff member came to an office door , who lead the way knocked on the door to say a few words, then ushered two people inside.

Saw that two people came,two middle aged people a man and a woman who were discussing something stood up to meet them.

Michael Claus with them shook hands, then introduced:. “James, Penny, this is Eric Williams. Eric, Mr. James Brooks is producer, Penny Marshall is director ”

introduction to Michael Penny Marshall Klaus smiled and said:” you may not know, Mrs. Penny, a week ago, Eric said, you could become American Movies billions of dollars at the box office in the history of the first female director of it. ”

Eric first shook hands with James Brooks, James just shook it gently with Eric, less than a second has taken back the left hand.

Eric keen to discover the well-known producer does not seem to like himself, thought something to understand how it is for film production producer at the helm, he is not happy with voluntary actors.

Eric did not show any wrong look, turned to Penny Marshall, which is a forty-year-old blond Caucasian female, body is large , so although a director but at the same time also an actor.

“Hello, Mrs. Penny, I love your” BIG. ”

“Thank you for your appreciation, Eric. “Penny Marshall’s look did not change much with the “BIG,” the screening continued, everyone knows that the hundred millions at the box office the movie is already a certainty because of the recent week, the week box office has not diminished, but increased. But this movie is in the fourth week, a lot of movies to be released at this time, probably because of low attendance and forced the downside.

Introduction to each other, only to find James Brooks and Penny Marshall are sizing up Eric, obviously, cooperation is successful, James Brooks and Penny Marshall are the “17 Again “the producer and director. Eric did not tense, but his face with a confident smile, sits down with Michael Claus on the couch.

Beautiful female assistant served cups of coffee, withdrew from the office.

James Brooks did not drink coffee, but crosses his hands on the table, said:. “Mr. Eric …… your screenplay is indeed very good, but have to say, you have raised some harsh conditions , you’re just a high school student with no acting experience. so first we are going to refuse, but Mr. Barry Diller happened to see your script, he liked those ideas expressed in this play, specially approve your request, of course, you must pass the basic audition. qualified, then, but also for short-term performance training. ”

Eric nodded in agreement. But in the heart some surprise, did not expect own script Barry Diller actually approved. Of course he knows who Barry Diller is past Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Katzenberg of DreamWorks , assistants of Barry Diller at Paramount.

Barry Diller in Hollywood for more than thirty years. From Paramount’s rising to Twentieth Century Fox prosperous, from the film industry the world of architecture nationwide television networks, as well as the subsequent rise of the network media, has left his mark that can not be denied.

Cranky for a few seconds, until Michael Clause gently nudged him, Eric realized that he is now the office of James Brooks, James Brooks eyes him with a hint of dissatisfaction.

From the beginning he has very much resistance to Erik, in the Hollywood film makingprocess,usually is the producer centralized power,designated from the casting to the lateediting is the producer decides. Erik requests himself to play the lead, without doubt has eliminated part from his proper authority.

“I’m sorry, ladies, I got distracted.” Eric quickly apologized Road.

“Never mind, young man,” when it comes to word young James slightly increased the tone of the word, then said:. “Well, before you discuss anything else, we first auditioned for it” ,