I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 59

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A thirty-year-old, petite and brown-haired white woman came out from the studio, the sound of her heels clattering on the cemented pavement only adding to her foul mood.

The tall and handsome Brad Pitt was dejectedly following behind her.

Once they got in the car, the woman slammed her door shut before turning to the man next to her: "Alright, Brad, tell me what the hell happened. Do you know how much effort it took to get you this role ? Two days, only two freaking days, and you\'ve been kicked out of the cast. I asked Henry, and he hinted that the fault lied with you and that the producer had personally made the decision."

Brad Pitt shook his head: "Lisa, I swear I\'ve done nothing wrong, the director even praised my performance yesterday, I don\'t get it. But anyways, haven\'t we signed a contract with them ? This is clearly a violation, we could…."

"Shut up ! Do you think you\'re Tom Cruise ?! If you were a top star, maybe we could argue with them, but you\'re just a small-time actor."

Brad Pitt clenched his fists tightly as he lowered his head. He and Tom Cruise were the same age and were born in similar environments, Brad even felt that, whether in terms of acting or appearance, they weren\'t that different. But reality was cruel, and while Tom Cruise was now a hot celebrity, he himself was still a nobody.

"Brad, if you did anything to anger the director or the producer, don\'t try to hide it from me. I\'m your agent, if you conceal things from me, I\'ll have to consider dropping you."

Brad Pitt anxiously raised his head. He had struggled for several years in Hollywood, and knew the importance of a good agent. He had signed with Lisa Cody for less than a year and had already played in several roles, so when he heard her last sentence, he couldn\'t ignore it.

He tried to think about what had happened in the past two days, then thought of something. He doubtfully muttered: "It couldn\'t be…. could it ?"

"What ? Hurry and speak up, stop dawdling."

Brad Pitt said: "Hm, you know Jennifer Aniston, right ? Well we finished quite late yesterday evening, so I…. I offered to take her home, and her boyfriend was at her place. He seemed very upset to see us together."

Lisa Cody was as an excellent and very well informed agent, "You mean, the young director of Home Alone ? Eric Williams ?"

Brad Pitt nodded.

Lisa rubbed her forehead in anguish: "Brad, what the hell am I gonna do with you ? A few months ago Mike Tyson found you in bed with his wife, if he hadn\'t held back, you would be lying in the hospital still. I didn\'t expect that not only you wouldn\'t learn the lesson, you\'d even make a move on Eric Williams\' woman."

"Didn\'t the newspapers say that they had broken up ? Besides, although Home Alone did well at the box office, he is just a newcomer in Hollywood, how could he have the means to pull something like that ?"

Lisa couldn\'t help but lament internally, the guy was a hunk, but why was he so stupid ? She explained in frustration: "Hollywood\'s circle isn\'t small, and there are countless connections between movie studios and television ones. Eric Williams is young and a genius, there are many people who want to be in his good graces. If he wants to deal with a small unknown actor, he only needs a phone call, I\'m sure many would be glad to do him this favor."

Brad Pitt fell silent. He weakly said: "Then…. what do we do now ?"

Lisa thought for a moment and said: "Didn\'t you say that Eric Williams\' is now at his girlfriend\'s place ? You better go there and sincerely apologize."

"I didn\'t do anything, why should I apologize ?" Brad Pitt was somewhat unwilling.

"Who cares about that ?! What matters is that Eric Williams thinks you did."

"Will I be able to get back the role if I apologize ?"

Lisa shook her head: "Of course not, the crew has already found an excuse to kick you out, do you think they\'d lower themselves to taking you back ? You just need to apologize to Eric Williams so that he doesn\'t fixate himself on you in the future. Unless you want to remain unknown for the rest of your life, I suggest you take a step back here, otherwise your future will be disastrous, you might even have to change careers."

Brad Pitt lowered his head and said: "Alright, I\'ll go and apologize…."


"Hey Jenny, you got a minute ?" After waiting outside the studio until well after seven, Brad Pitt and Lisa Cody finally saw Aniston coming out.

"Hello, Mr. Pitt, Ms. Cody." Once Jenny saw Brad, she subconsciously took a step back.

Although they had only known each other for two days, Aniston had a good impression of the guy. He was very good at sweet-talking women and since he wasn\'t as famous as Eric, she never felt inferior in front of him. So when he had offered to send her home yesterday, she had agreed.

But now, with Eric\'s reappearance, any good impression that she had of Brad had completely vanished. Having witnessed her boyfriend lose control of his emotions for the first time, she felt it would be wiser to keep her distance from Pitt.

"I\'m sorry you were thrown out of the cast, but I really need to go home, Eric is waiting for me."

When Brad Pitt saw the girl retreat step back after step back, he couldn\'t help but curse in his heart. However, he didn\'t show any of it on the surface, he charmingly smiled and said: "Jenny, I feel that Mr. Williams has had some kind of misunderstanding, so I would like to invite you both to dinner and apologize."

Jenny rolled her eyes. She had overheard Eric on the phone yesterday when coming out of her shower, so she could very well put two and two together and link it to Brad Pitt getting suddenly kicked out of the crew.

She was about to reply, when a taxi stopped in the street and Eric came out of it wearing a black windbreaker.

He made his way to the trio, and noticing Brad Pitt, he immediately wrinkled his eyebrow. James had called him at noon to tell him that things had been taken care of, so what was the guy still doing here ?

He arrive next to his girlfriend and asked with concern: "Jenny, what\'s going on ?"

Aniston dazedly looked at her boyfriend, she had yet to say anything that Lisa smiled and held her hand out: "Hello, Mr. Williams, I\'m Brad\'s agent, my name is Lisa Cody."

"Hello." Eric shook her hand and said: "Ms. Cody, is there anything you need from my girlfriend ?"

"Actually, it\'s you I wanted to speak with, Mr. Williams." Lisa didn\'t mind Eric\'s cold tone, she faintly smile and said: "I understand that Brad has acted out of bounds yesterday, we were wondering if you\'d agree to let us take you to dinner so that he can express his apologies."

Eric swept his gaze between Lisa Cody and Brad Pitt. Although the latter had forced himself to smile, it was apparent that he was unwilling. In comparison, the woman\'s expression was completely foolproof.

Eric couldn\'t care less about how Brad Pitt felt. In his past, the guy had been a notorious man slut during his early days, and had drawn the hatred, envy and jealousy of many. Even the two actresses who played Rachel\'s friends in Friends hadn\'t escaped his clutches.

Jenny\'s emotional state had been quite weak after the incident with Drew, if it wasn\'t because Eric had come back in a timely manner, maybe the lass would\'ve fallen for Pitt too. Moreover, with the girl\'s stubborn personality, Eric would\'ve had a hard time getting her back.

In order to prevent the two of them from interacting with each other, Eric had taken decisive measures, going so far as to owe James Brooks a favor in order to have Pitt kicked out of the cast.

"There\'s no need for dinner, I accept Mr. Pitt\'s apology. Just make sure he stays away from my girlfriend." Eric said, hugged Jenny close to him and couldn\'t help but add as he left: "You seem like an excellent agent Ms. Cody, for Brad Pitt to have you is his blessing. If you ever feel like coming to Los Angeles, I want you to know that my United Talent Agency will gladly welcome you."

Hearing that he had accepted Brad\'s apology, Lisa sighed with relief, and when she heard Eric\'s next words, she quickly revealed a flattered expression: "Thank you for the invitation Mr. Williams, I will consider it."