I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 57

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Workaholics usually didn\'t take into account the changes in temperature when they traveled. Eric and Kapoor were as such, and the end result could be well imagined.

After buying two tickets for New York, the two men each packed a simple suitcase, boarded the flight in a hurry and landed at 7:00 pm. They had just stepped out of the plane that hey shivered in their thin coats as they were greeted by the freezing and blowing cold air, the warmth of L.A nowhere to be found.

"It seems we need personal assistants." Eric stated as he came out from clothes store after buying a suitable windproof jacket.

Kapoor quipped with envy: "Speak for yourself, UTA is still small-scale, I can\'t afford to hire one yet."

"Don\'t worry, things will turn around soon."

Kapoor simply smiled, he asked: "Are you going to the hotel with me, or will you go look for that girlfriend…"

"I haven\'t seen Jenny* in so many days, so I\'m going to see her first. The phone number I\'ve given you on the plane is the one to her place if you need me. Contact Al Pacino and set up a meeting as soon as possible."

"Alright." Kapoor shrugged: "I just hope you won\'t be driven out, judging by what you told me about her, you probably will."

"Ha ha, you don\'t need to worry about that."


Eric was sitting in a cab in Manhattan, on his way to the address that Drew gave him. He went around in circles for a long time before finally finding the apartment Jenny lived in. Coming to the door holding a bouquet of roses, he tidied his clothes before ringing the doorbell. He waited to no avail, and knocked several time before asserting that the girl wasn\'t back yet.

Looking around a bit, he found a big pot next to the door and smiled; it seemed like Jenny\'s habit hadn\'t changed, the girl always like to stash a spare key outside her door. Eric had once told her that it was dangerous and not safe, but the lass had just refused to acknowledge this and kept arguing his point of view.

Opening the door with the new found key, Eric went inside carrying his luggage. He turned on the lights and was faced with a cozy and warm design arrangement, the familiar scent of the girl still lingering in the air. Taking a deep breath, Eric wished she was in front of him already, he couldn\'t wait to take her in his arms and fondle her as he pleased.

Having gone five to six hours without eating, Eric\'s belly was empty as he opened the refrigerator and decided he would cook dinner for Aniston and himself. Putting on an apron, he took out some ingredients and busied himself.

Twenty minutes later, the clinking of a key was heard when Eric was putting the finishing touches on his dish. The youth hurriedly went past the living room, picked up the bouquet of flowers and hid behind the door.

The door opened, Eric had put on a smile and was about to speak, when the three people froze.

Yes, three people. Eric, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt as well….

"Eric, how are you…. here ?" After a few seconds of awkward silence, Aniston was the first to stammer. She couldn\'t help but loudly wail internally: Great ! Eric was sure to misunderstand.

Eric gave the bouquet to Jenny, and turned to face Brad Pitt with a slight smile, his eyes completely devoid of emotions.

"Hello, Mr. Pitt, we meet again."

"Hello, Mr. Williams…." Brad Pitt held out his hand, only to find out that Eric had no intention to shake it, and took it back, embarrassed.

Although they had only met during the 17 Again auditions, with Eric\'s sudden rise to fame, it would be hard for Brad Pitt to have forgotten about him.

His greeting done, Eric didn\'t step out of the door or bother asking why the man was here, he said: "Mr. Pitt, thank you for bringing my girlfriend back, if there\'s nothing else, you can leave now."

Pitt felt extremely embarrassed at Eric\'s rude attitude, he turned to look at Aniston. He knew Aniston and Eric had dated for several months, and could see that the man was on the verge of having a fit of anger. However, the lass seemed completely oblivious, she composed herself and retorted: "Eric, you can\'t do this, Brad is my guest…."

Once the word \'Brad\' came out of her mouth, Eric completely snapped, he glared at Aniston as he suddenly raised his voice and pointed to the apartment: "Shut up and get in !"

It was the first time Jenny had seen him so out of control, and she subconsciously shrunk back. Once Eric had seen her in the company of a man in front of her home, she had immediately felt somewhat guilty, so when he started yelling her remaining courage vanished completely. She muttered \'You don\'t have to scream like that\', but still obediently went inside.


Without caring about Brad Pitt who was still standing there, Eric reared the door shut.

"So, what\'s going on ?" Eric asked as he sat on the sofa and irritably pulled out and lit a cigarette before taking long puff.

If the man was anyone else, Eric would probably not have reacted that way, but it was Brad Pitt, and knowing about their past together, he couldn\'t bring himself to calm down.

If Eric had tried to smoke in her house before, Jenny would\'ve gone commando on him, but right now she was just trying to find the right words to say.

"He will appear in the next few episode of the TV show I\'m doing, he joined the crew a day before yesterday, we\'ve only known each other for two days, there\'s nothing between us." Aniston weakly said.

"You\'ve only known him for two days and you brought him home ?" Eric coldly snorted.

"Earlier, after the team decided to call it a day, he said it was unsafe for me to walk back home alone, so he offered to send me back, I…… I…… Why do I have to explain myself to you ?" Aniston was talking when she suddenly came to. She stared at Eric and said: "I\'ve broken up with you ! You womanizing bastard, I don\'t need a boyfriend like you….. Umph !"

Eric grounded his cigarette directly on the coffee table and pulled the girl into his arms. Preventing her from struggling he landed a scorching kiss on her lips.

"Mm….. you can\'t do this, you idiot….. Mm…. I….. I\'ll sue you for sexual assault…. don\'t, not here.…"

She struggled for a moment, before slowly quieting down as her legs became soft and she laid on the couch with her arms around Eric\'s neck, her eyes slightly narrowed as she enjoyed the man\'s kisses and caresses.

Slap –

Eric suddenly let the girl go, and unceremoniously slapped her butt before saying: "Alright, go take a shower, I made dinner. I\'ll deal with you after we eat !"

"It hurts…." Aniston rubbed her perky butt and looked at Eric cheerfully before obediently going to the bathroom.

Testing the water temperature, Aniston stood naked under the shower head as she sighed. She had initially decided to break up with the bastard, but had completely lost herself once she met him again.

Although she had wrote that break up note right after seeing Drew and Eric naked in bed that day, she just couldn\'t forget about the man after she came to New York. She kept reminiscing their time together, and his name would be constantly on her mind, just like a broken music box, going on and on and on.

She also started to unconsciously look for information about him on the newspapers or on TV.

When people scolded him, she was angry, when people praised him, she was ecstatic, when people plotted against him, she completely went past the angry stage and took the initiative to call the media in question to curse at them. When his affair with another woman was discussed, she was jealous and destroyed a few of her appliances in the process.

"Well, I’ll forgive him this time…." Wiping her snow white body, Aniston finally came to this conclusion, and after doing so, she felt like a burden had been lifted off her chest. She twisted her slim waist in front the mirror; her transformation was startling, you would definitely not be able to associate the word \'fat\' to her.

Putting on a bathrobe and getting out of the bathroom, she found Eric on the phone.

"…… Thank you, James, I\'ll buy you a meal when I come back to L.A….. Of course, of course, I know a meal is definitely not enough…. Ha ha, alright, good bye."

"Eric, who was it ?"

Eric hung up the phone and said: "James, I asked him to do me a favor. Alright, let\'s hurry up and eat, the food has already turned cold."

_ _ _ _

* Author suddenly changed her nickname to Jenny (I think it was about time honestly) instead of Annie, so I\'ll be using it from now on.